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COMENIUS PROJECT European dimension in education WROCŁAW, POLAND About the school.

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1 COMENIUS PROJECT European dimension in education WROCŁAW, POLAND About the school

2 Wrocław, Poland Wrocław is the capital city of historical region of Lower Silesia in south- western Poland.

3 Wrocław, Poland It`s population is over 600,000 people, making it the fourth largest city in Poland.

4 There are many sights in Wroclaw: Cathedral Island (X th -XIII th c.), Market Square with XIV th c. Town Hall, World Heritage Site- Centennial Hall and many more. Wrocław, Poland

5 Our city is famous for its dwarfs. There are over 130 little people visitors can meet in different places of Wroclaw. Wrocław, Poland


7 Brochów- the place where our school is. Brochów- a district in south-eastern part of Wrocław. There`s one of the largest cargo railway junction in Poland.

8 Brochów- the place where our school is. About 5000 people made Brochów their home, 22% of them are Gypsies.

9 Primary School no 80 Our school is quite small, there are only 260 pupils (among them 13 Gypsy children) and 24 teachers.

10 Everyday school life Apart from everyday subject lessons...

11 Everyday school life...our students take part in after-school trainings of different kind.

12 Everyday school life They learn through experience...

13 Everyday school life...and use technologies to make learning easier.

14 Everyday school life Children get to know the world not only by books.

15 Everyday school life There are lots of different kinds of affairs in our school.

16 Everyday school life For years, pupils rescue chestnut trees from...

17 Everyday school life... a dangerous parasite Cameraria ohridella

18 Everyday school life They clean up the world

19 Everyday school life Every year eco-action takes place -Animals-our dear friends.

20 Everyday school life Every June the competition for the coolest animal is organised.

21 Everyday school life Pupils show off their pets.

22 Everyday school life Both the students and the teachers cooperated in Comenius project in the past years.

23 Everyday school life The project enabled them to realise their ideas.

24 Everyday school life Children learn by making experiments.

25 Everyday school life There are many contests during the year...

26 Everyday school life eg recitation contests

27 Everyday school life mathematical and logical competitions

28 Everyday school life Children can present their musical and vocal abilities on School`s got talent contest.

29 Everyday school life There is also Actor`s Club in our school. Pupils prepare plays on different occasions.

30 Everyday school life Art classes are very popular.

31 Everyday school life Children remember of Brochów railway traditions.

32 Everyday school life Fun and games are important part of pupils` life.

33 Everyday school life Our Gipsy students willingly show their culture.

34 Everyday school life Ponieważ jesteśmy grzeczni, Every year, on Dec. 6 th Santa Claus comes to visit us.

35 Everyday school life There is a special group of teachers and local authorities who help students with fighting against violence.

36 Everyday school life Little Rescuer`s Club teaches pupils how to apply first-aid.

37 Everyday school life Sport plays an important part in school life.

38 Everyday school life At the end of summer term Football Championship is organised.

39 Everyday school life Pupils are fond of bicycle trips around Wrocław.

40 Everyday school life Cheerio! Salve! Merhaba! Hola! That`s our school!

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