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1 + Gearing towards a strong partnership for the building industry !

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1 1 + Gearing towards a strong partnership for the building industry !

2 MIGUA. Market Leader in Europe for more than 50 years. 07.06.20142 MIGUA is completely focused on one topic: Expansion joint systems MIGUA is used in: Shopping malls Airports and railway stations Exhibition halls Hospitals Industry-, production- und storage halls Car parks and underground parking Pedestrian bridges Large or industrial kitchen

3 07.06.2014 MIGUA – The Company 1920Founded under the name of MIGUA Hammerschmidt GmbH in Blankenburg in Germany, as a personal company with few employees 1950 – 1960Specialization as a supplier for the building and construction industry 1965-1970Establishing more and more cooperations with European partners 1970-1981MIGUA has partners in 32 European countries 1980Developing of patents for our watertight systems MIGUTAN 1981Developing of patents for systems for heavy loads MIGUTRANS 1978 – 2012Extension of European and Oversea activities, with nowadays partners in 60 countries worldwide Deliveries for all bigger airport projects such as King Abdul Aziz International Airport, Jeddah, 1978-1980 SPATA Airport in Athens, Greece1997-1998 BARAJAS Airport in Madrid, Spain2003-2004 Delivery for all stadiums and each airport extension of the 2010 Football World Championship in South Africa2009-2010 ROISSY Airport, Paris, France2011 New Berlin Airport in Berlin, Germany2011-2012 2012appr. 60 employees, 3.000 products, turnover 16 Million (76 Million SAR) Since 2005Member of the Group INDUS Holding AG, Germany, a group with more than 40 companies and approx. 70 branches worldwide in building, metal, machine, medicine and automotive industry with a total turnover of more than 1,1 Billion (approx. 5,3 Billion SAR) 3

4 07.06.2014 Unitech & MIGUA – The History Until 2002Single projects but no area covering cooperation in KSA and MENA area September 2002Visit to and discussion with Mr. Abdul Karim Rajab Start of cooperation and business development for Unitech and MIGUA March 2007Visit of Mr. Fahmi Abdel Qader to MIGUA factories in Wülfrath, Germany Ignition for fast growth of common activities April 2008Common visit to different architects and construction sites in KSA Training of Sales Managers of Unitech on site November 2009Exposition Big 5 with common participation of Unitech + MIGUA followed by realisation of 2012Common turnover has grown up from 95.000 (453.000 SAR) in 2002 up to 550.000 (1,42 Mio. SAR) in 2012 2013 - ?Business development on a wider base Training, formation and common visits Secure establishing of brand MIGUA in the building industry 4

5 The multiple answers from MIGUA 07.06.2014 We subdivide our system solutions in different categories : 5

6 Special solutions – a standard for MIGUA 07.06.20146

7 Realizations YAS-Hotel, Abu Dhabi 07.06.20147

8 Realizations 07.06.20148 Al Qassim University Princess Noura University King Abdul Aziz UniversityDifferent Carrefour markets

9 07.06.20149 MIGUA – The global network

10 Thank you for your kind attention !

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