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2 SCALARS 35 km long 35 mm wide 3 hours 35 minutes 35.8 kg 2000 kcal 20% efficiency

3 Vectors 5 km south 35 m/s south-west 45 N upward 9.8 m/s2 downward

4 Symbol for vectors: Typed: v, a, F, x Written:

5 Multiplying vectors by scalars
Vector x scalar = vector

6 Multiplying vectors by scalars

7 Comparing vectors Which vectors have the same magnitude?
Which vectors have the same direction? Which arrows, if any, represent the same vector?

8 Adding vectors

9 Subtracting vectors (+ negative)

10 Subtracting vectors (“fork”)

11 Check your understanding
Construct and label a diagram that shows the vector sum 2A + B. Construct and label a second diagram that shows B + 2A. Construct and label a diagram that shows the vector sum A – B/2. Construct and label a second diagram that shows B/2 - A.

12 Adding vectors algebraically

13 Adding vectors that are perpendicular

14 Example A person walks 5 km east and 3 km south. What is the person’s total displacement? Hint: displacement is a vector quantity, the answer should have magnitude (km) and direction (degrees)


16 Relative Motion A person is sitting in a bus that is moving north 2 m/s. a)What is the passenger’s velocity relative to a person standing on the sidewalk nearby? b) What is the passenger’s velocity relative to the person sitting next to him? c) What is his speed relative to a car moving at 4 m/s in the opposite late towards the bus?

17 Relative motion A swimmer moves at 2 m/s in a pool.
a)What will be her speed relative to a person on the river bank if she swims downstream and the current is 5 m/s? b) What will her speed be if she tries to swim against the current?

18 A boat is crossing a river moving south with a speed of 4
A boat is crossing a river moving south with a speed of 4.0m/s relative to the current. The current moves due east at a speed of 2.0 m/s relative to the land. How far across the river will the boat be in 2 seconds? How far down the river the boat be in 2 seconds? What will the boat’s total displacement be (from the place where it started).

19 (more than one way to solve!)
Relative motion A motorboat is crossing a 350-m wide river moving 10 m/s relative to water. If current is 3 m/s east, how far down the stream will the boat end up when it reaches the opposite bank? What will the boat’s total displacement be? What will the boat’s velocity be relative to water? (more than one way to solve!)

20 Adding vectors that are NOT perpendicular

21 Adding vectors algebraically

22 Adding vectors

23 Adding vectors


25 How fast must a truck travel to stay beneath an airplane that is moving 105 km/h at an angle of 25° to the ground?

26 Practice finding components
35 km/h 20o NE 120 m 35o WN 3.2 m/s2 40o SW 65 km 70o ES X: 33 km/h Y: 12 km/h X: - 69 m Y: 99 m X: m/s2 Y: m/s2 X: 61 km Y: - 22km

27 In groups, on big graph paper, illustrate the following
One of the holes on a golf course lies due east of the tee. A novice golfer flubs his tee shot so that the ball lands only 64 m directly northeast of the tee. He then slices the ball 30° south of east so that the ball lands in a sand trap 127 m away. Frustrated, the golfer then blasts the ball out of the sand trap, and the ball lands at a point 73 m away at an angle 27° north of east. At this point, the ball is on the putting green and m due north of the hole. To his amazement, the golfer then sinks the ball with a single shot.

28 Use algebraic formulas to find the x and y components of each displacement vector.
Shot 1 x component _____________ y component _____________ Shot 2 x component _____________ Shot 3 x component _____________ Shot 4 x component _____________

29 Calculate Find the total displacement (to the nearest meter) the golf ball traveled from the tee to the hole. Assume the golf course is flat. (Hint: Which component of each displacement vector contributes to the total displacement of the ball between the tee and the hole?)

30 Adding vectors

31 Adding vectors algebraically

32 Example, p. 94, #1 A football player runs directly down the field for 35 m before turning to the right at an angle of 25° from his original direction and running an additional 15 m before getting tackled. What is the magnitude and direction of the runner’s total displacement?


34 Example 2, p 94, #4 An airplane flying parallel to the ground undergoes two consecutive displacements. The first is 75 km 30.0° west of north, and the second is 155 km 60.0° east of north. What is the total displacement of the airplane? Answer: 171 km at 34° east of north

35 Table hockey lab

36 Free-falling while moving horizontally
Projectile motion Free-falling while moving horizontally Moving in two directions at the same time

37 Projectile motion

38 Parabolic trajectory Vertical motion: with acceleration of -9.8 m/s2 and initial velocity vy and vertical displacement Δy Horizontal motion: constant vx and horizontal displacement Δx

39 Projectile motion Vertical Horizontal Accelerated Constant speed

40 An object launched horizontally

41 Find the initial speed of the bike
Given Equations / Substitution Solving Horizontal Vertical

42 Lab – Launching a Projectile Horizontally
Work in pairs Each person should have his / her set of data Each student turns in a report with his / her name on it.

43 Projectile Launched at an angle
Projectile has initial velocity in both directions

44 Example A football is kicked 22 m/s at 40o to the horizontal. Calculate the maximum height and horizontal range the football will reach before it falls down (providing no one catches it).

45 1st step:

46 Example 2 (p.110, #35) A place kicker must kick a football from a point 36.0 m from the goal. As a result of the kick, the ball must clear the crossbar, which is 3.05 m high. When kicked, the ball leaves the ground with a speed of 20.0 m/s at an angle of 53° to the horizontal. a. By how much does the ball clear or fall short of clearing the crossbar? b. Does the ball approach the crossbar while still rising or while falling?

47 Given Units Equations Substitute/Solve


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