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Engineering Mentors Alyse Ridpath Graduate Coordinator.

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1 Engineering Mentors Alyse Ridpath Graduate Coordinator

2 Engineering Mentors E-Mentors: Graduate/Undergraduate Intercultural Mentoring in Engineering Goals: Enhance participants cultural adaptability Increase interaction opportunities Promote international integration & domestic education

3 Background Deans Education Initiative Engineering International Engagement Annual funding: $30,000 Iowa States International Student Population

4 Initial Implementation Recruitment & Training Event Format: large & small group interaction Clusters: 2 graduate mentors & 3-5 undergraduate mentees Mentors: Graduate International Students Mentees: Undergraduate Domestic Students Mentors: Graduate Domestic Students Mentees: Undergraduate International Students

5 Program Expenditures Graduate support Mentor training Large group events Cluster meetings

6 Event Format Cluster MeetingsLarge Group Events Interaction opportunities for students from different clusters Clusters meet every 2-4 weeks throughout the academic year

7 Cluster Meetings Clusters meet every 2-4 weeks throughout the academic year Coordinated by mentors Opportunity for discussion Meeting Reports E-Mentors website Program communication Activities Lunch, dinner Laser tag Bowling Movies

8 Large Group Events Program wide engagements Planned by coordinators Interaction opportunities for students from different clusters Events Kick-Off Event Football Game and Tailgate Hockey Match & Pizza Mens Basketball Game Virtual Reality Application (VRAC) Demonstration & Dinner

9 Program Assessment Surveys Pre Post Focus Groups 2012-2013 Participation: 32 clusters 64 graduate mentors (15 domestic/49 international) 125 undergraduate mentees (100 domestic/25 international)

10 Feedback I learned about some of the issues that affect foreign undergraduates, such as language barriers, customs / traditions, etc. It is a great opportunity to share different cultures with American students. I also got the opportunity to be more involved in American society. It would be nice if the individual group meetings were more structured. Clear goals of the program would help the mentors. Help mentors develop mentoring skills.

11 Lessons Learned More Structure Increase planned events Large & small Prompts Training Sessions Facilitate education Development of community Encourage retention Pairings Co-mentors & clusters Time availability

12 Current Implementation Mentor Training 3 detailed sessions Big picture, program goals & details, culture sharing Mentor empowerment

13 Current Implementation Program Structure Monthly large group events Graduate student interaction Semi-structured activities Funding incentives

14 Current Implementation 2013-2014 Participation: 30 clusters 60 graduate mentors (12 domestic/48 international) 215 undergraduate mentees (176 domestic/39 international) Clusters 2 international graduate mentors & 5-8 domestic undergraduate mentees 2 domestic graduate mentors & 5-8 international undergraduate mentees

15 Alyse Ridpath & Ben McCarty Engineering Mentors Program Coordinators College of Engineering 112 Marston Hall Iowa State University Ames, Iowa 50011 515-294-1884 (phone) 515-294-9273 (fax)

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