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Life in a war zone Full lesson plan from

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1 Life in a war zone Full lesson plan from


3 Q1 Where is this game of football happening? a) In Europe, in Scotland. b) In the Middle East, in Syria. c) In Africa, in Sudan. Q2 Why are the buildings damaged and the road not in use? a)It is a war zone. b)There's been a natural disaster. c) Economics - lack of money for repairs and maintenance. Q3 How have civilians in the parts of Syria that have seen the fiercest fighting responded? a) Carried on as normal. b) Most are still deciding what to do. c) Some have fled their homes, some have been trapped and are surviving with great shortage of essentials.

4 Q4 Which of the following is the priority for humanitarian organisations? a) Finding out who started the conflict. b) Relieving and putting an end to the suffering of civilians c) Setting up peace talks between the warring parties. Q5 A distinctive emblem is used to mark and protect the medical services of the armed forces and authorised providers of medical and humanitarian assistance in armed conflicts. What is the emblem? a)A red cross or red crescent. b)A black saltire, or diagonal cross. c) A blue circle.

5 Correct answers 1b, 2a, 3c, 4b, 5a The photograph, taken on 26 April 2014, shows children playing football in Aleppo, one of the largest cities in Syria. Before the conflict Aleppo was a famous historic city, much visited by tourists. Many of the residents are now cut off from the outside world. Main roads out of the city are closed or too dangerous. Crossing between government- and opposition-controlled areas isn't possible. It is hard for people to get access to health and medical care, food and other essentials. Electricity shortages mean access to clean water is limited. There have been many civilian casualties and widespread damage to buildings they depend on. Discuss students' thoughts.

6 Create a caption for the photograph using at least two of the following words: normal life, adversity, hope, resilience, stress, relieving tension boredom, physical activity, energy, distraction, fear.

7 Photo credit and caption Photo: Children play football beside Al-Sakhour frontline in Aleppo April 26 2014 © Hosam Katan / Reuters Important legal note This photograph is fully protected by copyright. Schools and other educational organisations are free to use it for educational use. The licence does not extend beyond this use. This means that anyone wishing to put the image on a website, crop or edit it, or use it in any other way, must first contact the copyright holder and negotiate a licence for the use they require. This resource and other free educational materials are available at The British Red Cross Society is a charity registered in England and Wales (220949) and Scotland (SCO37738).

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