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South Brunswick Police Athletic League Football & Cheer Orientation

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1 South Brunswick Police Athletic League 2012 Football & Cheer Orientation

2 Orientation History of South Brunswick Police Athletic League (SBPAL)
Overview of the SBPAL rules and regulations Cheer Overview Football Overview

3 SBPAL History & Vision Began as Recreational Flag League. Programs now include: Pop Warner Flag and Tackle Football and Cheerleading, Travel Basketball, Wrestling, Township Flag Football (8-13 years old) The purpose of our organization: Providing children of South Brunswick Township or eligible children from surrounding communities with opportunities and activities for constructive use of leisure time. Develop a friendly relationship between community, its youth and the police officers and engender a spirit of respect for law and order. Establish developmental and competitive sports within the community.

4 New for 2012 Reduced Fees: SBPAL is offering a reduced fee for early registration this year – fees will increase starting July 1 – so register early! Professional Speed, Strength and Agility Trainer: SBPAL has contracted a professional trainer who will be conducting pre-season speed, strength, and conditioning training for all SBPAL football players (included in the cost of registration). We’ll have more information on the pre-season conditioning in the upcoming weeks. Tiny Mites are coming to S. Brunswick: Lastly, SBPAL will continue to offer the flag football program for ages 5-7 this season, but will also be offering Tiny Mites tackle football for ages 5-7. We'll have more details for anyone interested at the Open House. Equipment Storage at Rowland Park!

5 Unloading the Container



8 South Brunswick & Pop Warner
SBPAL Pop Warner is one of 27 associations within the Central Jersey Pop Warner organization Central Jersey Pop Warner has over 140 tackle teams, 51 flag and 94 cheer teams Over 6,000 youth Pop Warner is a national organization, divided into 8 regions covering over 42 states, 400,000 participants, over 7,000 tackle, 1,000 flag and 6,000 cheer teams Participants must maintain academic standards to participate Central Jersey Pop Warner is part of the Eastern Region (NY to Maryland) National website - SBPAL Football adheres to both Central Jersey, Eastern Region and National Pop Warner guidelines and rules

9 SBPAL Rules & Regulations
Registration / Financial commitments Registration is first-come, first-serve basis. Full payment is expected at time of registration unless otherwise arranged Checks returned for insufficient funds will result in additional $25 fee and a Cash or money order is required to replace the bounced check(s). Failure to remain current with financial obligations will result in player’s suspension

10 SBPAL Rules & Regulations
Absences Unexcused absences from regular season or post-season events are grounds for dismissal from program Dismissed participants may apply for re-instatement next season but are not eligible for pre-registration Participants who are absent (unexcused) for more than 50% of practices are not permitted to compete in that week’s event Arrive on-time, unexcused lateness may result in dismissal from practice or game Parents/guardians must attend flag practice – no drop-offs Vacations Football, only 5 consecutive excused practices are allowed Cheer, only 5 excused practices are allowed for the season

11 SBPAL Rules & Regulations
Equipment / Awards Maintain uniforms properly and return in clean condition; uniform deposit required All post-season awards are sole responsibility of SBPAL Only SBPAL Regional Champions are eligible to compete in National Competition Individual or team fundraising without SBPAL permission is prohibited

12 SBPAL Rules & Regulations
Coaching / Practices / Games Notify Coach / Director of any medical, behavioral, or dietary conditions Only players, coaches, and SBPAL Executive Board are allowed on field of play or practice field Parents must remain outside the field of play in designated areas Coaching by parents from the sidelines during practice or games is prohibited Coaches may designate parents to perform certain ‘on-field’ functions (play count, chains)

13 SBPAL Rules & Regulations
Coaching / Practices / Games (cont.) Coaches must be safety-certified: Rutgers or NYSCA Any coach or parent who violates Code of Conduct will be brought before the SBPAL Executive Board Coaches are not permitted to request contributions, solicit business or use their position to represent any business entity to our SBPAL parents for any reason without prior authorization from SBPAL Board The SBPAL Board is responsible for all facilities issues. Coaches must refer all matters to the Football Director.

14 Documentation Below is a list of the documents you will need to provide to your athlete’s coach during the first week of practice. Child’s original, raised seal birth certificate For both returning at new players as mandated by the CJPW Copy of LAST report card for the school year Small photo (head and shoulders) Little Scholars Pop Warner Doctor’s Authorization form (only acceptable form stating the child is eligible to participate in football/cheer. Note must be dated after January Each sibling must have his/her own note.) Equipment Deposit ($150 – Football, $75 – Cheer >> check made out to SBPAL) Parent and Player Consent Form Parent Code of Conduct Player Code of Conduct Consent for emergency medical treatment 14

15 Pop Warner All-American Scholar Program
Each year, the most academically accomplished Pop Warner kids compete for Academic All-American status. This process begins at the association level and up through each of the eight Pop Warner regions to the national level. The PWLS All-American Program requires a minimum 96% grade point average and fifth grade completion to apply for All-American status. After the applications have been processed, Pop Warner determines National First Team All-Americans (35 football, 35 cheer per grade), National Second Team All-Americans and National Honorable Mention Scholars. Pop Warner hosts an awards program each year to celebrate the accomplishments of our participants. Scholarships are awarded and we recognize those that have contributed and served as exemplary ambassadors for Pop Warner. All Scholar All-Americans (1st Team, 2nd Team & Honorable Mention) are eligible to attend the PWLS National All-American Banquet.

16 Joann Campisano, Cheer Director
PAL Cheer Overview Joann Campisano, Cheer Director

17 Cheer Head Coaches Tiny Mite Head Coach: Open
Mighty Mite Head Coach: Melissa Wojaczyk Assistant Coach: Catherine Oliver Jr. Pee Wee Head Coach: Robyn Vitelli Assistant Coach: Kim Spinelli Pee Wee Head Coach: Autumn Frock

18 Cheerleading Age Criteria
Team Age (as of July 31st) Tiny Mite 5 – 7 Mitey Mite 7 – 8 – 9 Junior Pee Wee 9 – 10 – 11 Pee Wees 11 – 12

19 Uniform Deposit $75 uniform deposit required
Uniforms will be distributed in August.

20 Goals for our Cheerleaders
Our Goals are: Safety Fun Progression Teamwork Our coaches are volunteers Positive & respectful communication is the key to providing the best possible experience for all of us!

21 COMMITMENT With great anticipation, this year our Jr. Pee-Wee & Pee-Wee squads will take the National Route. Our competition days are full days! In order to be a success, it is imperative that the parents get involved to assist with planning & fundraising. Further details once we reach that point. If anyone backs out if we make the Competition route, there will be a 1-year suspension from cheer.

22 Practice & Attendance Policies
Practice starts the first week of August. The start date, days & times are determined by your Coach. Coaches will not schedule practices on Fridays in August so you may plan long weekends with your family. Cheerleaders are required to dress appropriately for practice, that means attire that is appropriate gym class and athletic activities. Coaches will review this policy prior to the first practice Attendance is as follows: 5 unexcused absences are permitted before removal from a team. 3 lateness’s of more than 10 minutes each, equals one absence – excused absences are ONLY religious education class & prolonged illness with a doctor’s note.

23 2011 Cheerleading Competition Schedule
JR.PW'S & PW'S 1. October 20, 2012 2. To Be Announced

24 2012 Cheer Apparel Order Process
Each cheerleader will need cheer sneakers, white no show socks, black cheer bloomers and a black cheer bodysuit for games. In order to facilitate the apparel order process we have partnered with Team Cheer and developed on on-line order site. Directions will be provided at your fitting.

25 Cheerleading Communications
JoAnn Campisano Schedules News Contact Info Directions

26 Cheerleading Communications
If you have an issue, problem, concern or suggestion, the proper steps are: Speak to your head coach after practice or arrange a time to get together If needed, escalate to a Cheer Co-Director If needed, escalate to Cheer Committee If needed, escalate to SBPAL Board

27 Football Program Overview Rich Boulware and Don Parlow, Football Directors

28 Certification Weight Range
Pop Warner Football Age/Weight Division Age(s) Certification Weight Range FLAG 5-6-7 No weight limits TINY-MITE (older/lighter) 5-6-7 No older/lighter 35-75 lbs No older/lighter MITEY-MITE (older/lighter) 7-8-9 N/A 45-90 lbs N/A JUNIOR PEE WEE (older/lighter) * lbs lbs PEE WEE (older/lighter) * lbs lbs JUNIOR MIDGET (older/lighter) * lbs lbs MIDGET (older/lighter) * lbs lbs UNLIMITED (older/lighter) No older/lighter 105 lbs+ No older/lighter *The asterisked (*) provisions in each division allow the so-called "older but lighter" player to also qualify. The last year of eligibility falls under more stringent weight restrictions, per above. A child's age on July 31 is his/her age for the season. A player may gain 1 pound per week after the second game, up to a maximum of 9 pounds.

29 Football Schedule Practice begins Wednesday, August 1st
Flag and Tiny Mite Practice 3 nights a week in August; 2 nights a week during school Tackle Week 1: 10 hours conditioning 5 nights a week in August 3 nights a week during school with Saturday walkthroughs Arrive 15 minutes early for practices Scrimmages – 2 to 3 in August First Game – Last weekend of August Games on Sunday Flag and Tiny Mite 9:00am (subject to change) MM 10:00am JPW 11:30am PW 1:00pm Post-season – Bowl Games/Playoffs

30 2012 Viking Camps Non-contact instructional camps
SB school coaches and guest college coaches will teach young players the safe & proper way to play football Registration forms are located on the

31 PAL Football Committee
Jake Rodriguez – SB PAL President Mike Muha – SB PAL Vice President Rich Boulware – Football Program Director Don Parlow – Football Program Director Ed Young – Football Committee Doug Cooper – Football Committee & Snack Shack

32 Football Coaching Staffs
Pee-Wee Head Coach: Andy Goldsmith Assistant Coaches: Dave Seavers, Doug Cooper, Richard Boulware Jr. Pee-Wee Head Coach: Don Parlow Assistant Coaches: Andy Fellouris, John Elko, Phil Campbell, Jake Rodriguez Mighty Mite Head Coach: Ed Young Assistant Coaches: Sean D'Angiolillo, Jim Woisznies, Rich Rubin Tiny Mite Head Coach: Rich Hoff Assistant Coaches: TBD Flag Head Coach: TBD  

33 We Can’t Do This Alone! All coaches need your support
‘Dinner table’ conversation must be positive & supportive Volunteer!!! If you have an issue, problem, concern, suggestion, the steps are: Speak to your head coach after practice or arrange a time to get together If needed, escalate to Football Director If needed, escalate to Football Committee If needed, escalate to SBPAL Board

34 Football Communications
Schedules Contact Info Directions Rainouts us at:

35 South Brunswick Police Athletic League 2012 Football & Cheer Orientation

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