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Danny Jones Middle School Bulldog and Lady Bulldog Athletic Program

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1 Danny Jones Middle School Bulldog and Lady Bulldog Athletic Program
“Our mission is to develop quality student/athletes and successful programs by being the most professional, dedicated, and ethical staff in the State of Texas.”

2 Goals and Expectations:
The goal of the athletic program at Danny Jones is to help in the development of young people. We want to teach skills and knowledge of sports, but most importantly, we want to teach discipline, respect, and commitment to the team. Participation in the athletic program at MISD is a privilege and as such, the student athlete is held to a much higher standard than that of the general school population; therefore, the guidelines and rules that each coach sets for the team will be more strict in nature than those in the Student Code of Conduct. The Danny Jones Athletic Program will adhere to the UIL mandated “NO PASS/NO PLAY” policy.

3 Danny Jones Athletic Booster Organization
Vision: To re-organize and implement a structured Danny Jones Middle School’s Executive Board. This will align Danny Jones athletic booster volunteers making them more conducive with the Lake Ridge High School (LRHS) booster organization and the district’s standards. Objective: To add various positions to the board, so that overall tasks would not be accomplished by only 1 or 2 individuals. Add positions that are already implemented at LRHS. LRHS Booster President will work directly with the Danny Jones Booster President to ensure all procedures and rules are properly executed. Goal: By accomplishing the above objectives, it will enable more volunteers to obtain the experience needed to volunteer at the High School level; Training and experience would already be in place and established. Therefore this would help create a pool of volunteers that would require minimal transition time into the High school level. This would in turn help the High School level to find the required candidates.

4 New Executive Board Positions: President 1st VP Membership Chairman
2nd VP Meal Coordinator Treasurer 7th Grade Rep 8th Grade Rep

5 Job Descriptions 5th VP Middle School Coordinator - Danny Jones Booster President: President works directly with the Danny Jones Athletic Directors on up-coming booster events. Works with board officers and reps to ensure all duties and tasks are being completed accurately and in accordance with the district’s and UIL rules. Prepare “Plan of Work” with the Campus Athletic Coordinators. Attends monthly booster meetings at LRHS and relays information from Coaches to grade and team representatives. Membership Coordinator: Danny Jones Booster Membership Will attend all sport parent meetings to promote, explain and collect booster memberships. Set yearly goal and keep track of all Booster memberships by sport. Meal Coordinator: Will work with coaching staff, grade and team representatives to organize and coordinate pre- game meals for; football, volleyball and basketball. Coordinator works with person in charge of preparing food; Also responsible for schedules, meal counts, payments and delivery. Secretary/Treasurer: Handles all deposits; from concessions, donations, spirit wear/ sportswear and memberships. Makes sure all accounting statements and forms are correct and by district standards. Grade Representatives: 7th grade reps & 8th grade reps Will work with Danny Jones Campus Athletic Coordinators and their staff; be responsible for obtaining sport/team reps and volunteers for concessions, supplies, Dr. Pepper account, food and scheduled tournaments. Be available for all Booster events.

6 Structure: Example of Structure For 7th and 8th Grades
7th Grade Rep (overall 7th grade) – may also be a team rep Team/Sport Reps Football, (3 to 4 committee) Volleyball, Girls Girls Basketball Boys Basketball, Golf Track:. 8th Grade Rep (overall 8th grade) – Example of Structure For 7th and 8th Grades 7th or 8th Grade Rep Coordinator Boys Football Reps Track Reps Golf Reps Boys Football Reps Boys Basketbal l Rep Girls Basketball Rep Girls Volleyball Reps

7 Booster events required:
Schedule pick- up event. Attend parent meetings. Uniform sales night. Home games only, concession stand. Danny Jones district track tournament, concession stand: in March at LRHS. Work concession stand and provide a courtesy coach’s suite, if your sport is hosting a tournament. District golf tournament in May at Walnut Creek or Mansfield National; help coaches with various tasks. Other Booster responsibilities: Become a liaison between the parents and coaches (for your sport). Promote booster memberships and parent involvement.

8 About the Class The focus for the athletics class is the development of strength, speed, agility, conditioning, and some sports specific skills that we feel will benefit athletes. For strength, athletes will be introduced to weight lifting that is appropriate for their age level and body development. For speed and agility, we engage in many drills that promote good overall quickness and foot speed. Conditioning is probably one of the toughest parts of being in the athletics class for all athletes. We do quite a bit of running. The conditioning load is very high. It usually is the activity that takes the most adjustment for our athletes. We expect athletes to be able to run a mile without walking the first month of school and then work to improve their overall aerobic conditioning throughout the year. We feel it is not only important for our sports, but vital for their health.

9 Criteria for Athletics
* MUST have a COMPLETED MISD Athletic Participation Packet in order to participate in athletic class and all sports. * We strongly encourage participation in at least 2 sports or have tried out for said sports during the school year. If you do not plan to participate in a sport, you do not need to be in an athletics class. * Admission into 8th grade athletics requires prior approval from the boys or girls athletic coordinator. (Completion of the above will not guarantee admission into 7th or 8th grade athletics class. Factors such as class size, scheduling, sports interest, and recommendations of teachers and coaches may also be considered.)

10 Required Attire for Class and Practice
* Students are REQUIRED to dress out every day for class in their DJMS workout attire. 7th and 8th grade athletes will wear grey t-shirts (no cut-offs) and green shorts. Uniforms will be sold by the Danny Jones MS coaching staff. * Athletic shoes MUST be worn. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. * Hair must be pulled back appropriately for class, practice, and games. * Absolutely no jewelry is to be worn during class, practice, or games. An athlete will be asked to remove any jewelry upon entry to the gym (i.e. ear rings, even if they are newly pierced!) * Lockers are provided. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. DO NOT share lockers. * If an inhaler is necessary, athletes need to have it with them during every class, practice and game.

11 Grading Procedure Dressing out 30%
Weekly averages for dressing out in DJMS workout attire and athletic shoes (see Required Materials). Participation 70% Weekly averages for participation in warm-up, class activity, and cool-down.

12 Class Organization As students are coming to Athletics from their previous class, they will immediately go to the locker room to dress out, use the restroom, etc. (unless a coach gives them other instructions). * Students will be given 5 minutes to dress out after the bell rings. * At the end of the 5 minutes, students will go to their assigned roll call spot and begin their workout routine. * At the end of the class period, students will be allowed 8 minutes to change back into their school clothes.

13 Excuses * A parent note will excuse a student from one day of participation. * If a student cannot participate for two or more days, they will need a note from a medical doctor or the athletic trainer. * Students are still required to dress out for class, regardless of the excuse from daily participation.

14 Placement on Teams * In order to earn a place on a team, an athlete is given a five day tryout period involving athletic and sport-specific skills. * The number of members on the team is not restricted in football, cross country, or swimming. The number of members on the team is not restricted in track; however, only the top three athletes in each event will be eligible to compete in track meets. * Volleyball, basketball, tennis, and golf have a restriction on the numbers of athletes that are able to participate. * Admission to athletics is not required in order to tryout; however, every effort is made to have students participating in football, volleyball, basketball and track enrolled into the athletics class. * Students wishing only to be involved in cross country, tennis, golf, or swimming are not required to be in athletics.

15 Role of the Athlete * Never talk back to a coach.
* If athletes have a problem, talk to a coach before or after class/practice, not to other athletes. * A coach/athlete conference should come before a coach/parent conference. * When a coach is talking, all eyes are focused on the coach. * Remember, you are part of a team. Support the DJMS athletic program and each other as teammates. * Athletes should be role models for other students. Set a good example AT ALL TIMES! * Always be on time. * Treat parents, faculty, staff, and peers with respect. *Athletes should perform and work hard in both classroom and athletic settings.

16 Role of the Athlete -Grades
* We place the greatest importance on grades, so our athletes are expected to pass all of their classes. * We monitor progress reports and report cards and regularly contact teachers about both grades and classroom behavior. Our coaches help motivate our athletes to do their best. When they don’t, we make sure there are consequences. * Additionally, we adhere to the U.I.L. No Pass, No Play Policy. If an athlete on a team in season does not pass, they are not able to play.

17 Role of the Parent * Parents are an important part of the team and the coaching staff appreciates support in getting athlete to and from practice in a timely manner. * Parents should support and cheer their athlete on as he or she learns and achieves new skills. * We encourage parents to strongly emphasize team concepts as opposed to an “I” or “Me” concept to your athlete. * If parents desire a conference with a coach, they should contact the coach and make an appointment during the coach’s scheduled conference time. Parents should encourage their athlete to speak with the coach first.

18 Sport Football Cross Country Basketball Track Tennis Golf Swimming
BOYS SPORTS GIRLS SPORTS Sport Length of Season Practice Times Football August-November 7th—Before School 8th—After School Volleyball Cross Country September/October Morning and Afternoon Sessions Basketball November-February 7th—After School 8th—Before School Track February-April Both grades— After School February--April Tennis Both grades—After School Golf April/May Swimming Both grades—Before School

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