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Crockett Football Parent Information Kick-Off 2013 W.I.N. Work Intensity Never Surrender.

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1 Crockett Football Parent Information Kick-Off 2013 W.I.N. Work Intensity Never Surrender

2 Crockett Football Booster Club Non-Profit Organization – Supports Crockett Football AISD Budget = $17,0002012 Booster Club Contributions = $11,112 President - Bobby Wilhite Co-Vice Presidents – Berti Garcia Servando Varela Augie Ruiz Treasurers - Paul Rios Sandy Riojas Secretary - Cathy Mata-Lindegren

3 University Interscholastic League Booster Club Information UIL Athletics Concussion Information

4 One TEAM – One Theme Sportsmanship Expectations of Coaches, Players & Parents Be Here On Time & Ready to practice. Every CLASS – Every Day Be Positive Cougars dont beat Cougars Be Respectful Players – Coaches – Parents Be a Fan not a Fanatic

5 Athletic Code of Conduct

6 Social Media ie…Johnny Manziel

7 Bill Parcels 2013 NFL Hall of Fall Inductee Losers assemble in little groups and complain about the coaches and the players in other little groups, Parcells said, echoing a quote from Hall of Fame safety Emlen Tunnell. But winners assemble as a team, and tonight I get to do just that."

8 Reminder: Physicals are Due!! Prior to the start of fall practice ALL athletes must have a current physical. Please turn the physical in prior to August 10th with all student and parent signatures completed. Athletes without a current physical will not be allowed to participate until a new physical has been completed.

9 Crockett Football Practice Varsity & JV: 6:30am-6:34amCheck-In 6:35-6:59amIssue Locker/Helmet/T-Shirt & Shorts 7:00-7:55am Walk-Through 7:55-7:59am Spell Out 8:00-10:30am Practice 10:30-11:00am Walk Through 11:01-11:29am In Season Weights 11:30Locker Check & Dismiss through position coach Freshmen: 2:30-2:34pmCheck-In 2:35-2:59pmIssue Locker/Helmet/T-Shirt & Shorts 3:00-3:25pmWalk-Through - Offense 3:26-3:29pmSpell Out 3:30-4:50pmOffense Practice 4:51-4:59pmWater & Rotate 5:00-5:25pmWalk-Through Defense 5:26-6:46pmDefensive Practice

10 First Day of Contact: August 16th NOTE: per UIL Rule athletes may have contact only after four consecutive days of acclimatization.

11 Crockett Football Team Picture Saturday August 17 th Varsity – 11:30am Junior Varsity – 12:30pm Freshman – 1:15pm

12 U.I.L. Eligibility Calendar Tutoring Times: Before School At Lunch During Tutorial Period in Athletics NOT DURING PRACTICE TIME AFTER SCHOOL

13 Crockett Football 2013 – Four Teams One Goal

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