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MCHS Spartan Football 2013 Spartan-Family-Win. Head Coach-MCHS Jerry Verde 1995 Alumnus of Marian Catholic Defensive Coordinator 2001-2002- University.

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1 MCHS Spartan Football 2013 Spartan-Family-Win

2 Head Coach-MCHS Jerry Verde 1995 Alumnus of Marian Catholic Defensive Coordinator 2001-2002- University of St. Francis 2003- Marian Catholic High School 2004-2006- HF High School Head Coach 2007-2012-Crete-Monee High School 56-14, 2012 6A State Champions Contact-

3 Freshman Staff Head Coach Josh Howe 07 Tony DeCarlo Matt Dee 07 Josh Forney 09

4 Sophomore Staff Head Coach Dave Seneker Bob Novak Milt Seaton Tom West 75 Dan Jordan

5 Varsity Staff Jerry Verde 95 Mike Taylor Nick Novak Andy DeLaurentis 95 Mike Turay Terry Barney

6 Spartan Tradition Hall of Fame Coach- Dave Mattio 20 IHSA Playoff Appearances 1993 4A State Champions 1999 5A State Runner-Up 2000 Prep Bowl Champions Multiple NFL Players Currently Dennis Kelly with The Philadelphia Eagles

7 Rebuilding The Program 2012- Program 1-26 Emphasis moving forward 2013- – Program Numbers – Player Retention – Youth Program Awareness This program will return to its former dominance, this will not happen overnight, but weve already taken a step in the right direction Spartan-Family-Win

8 Spartan Coaching Staff Expects Total Commitment Help Build Players Character Issues with- Academics/Social/Substance, We are here to help, whenever possible Playing Time and Strategy is non-negotiable We are here to win- Best players, that earn trust, play

9 Spartan Philosophy Football is a privilege, not a guaranteed right. Academics, Commitment and Discipline inside and outside the classroom is an expectation. We will not throw away the whole to make exceptions for the few.

10 Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Blogs…etc. For many now it is a way of life, but anything written lives on forever… Any post that embarrasses the program or taunts an opponent= loss of 1 Quarter Any post where a player is depicted with Alcohol, Drugs, Weapons, Gang Affiliation, or of a Graphic Sexual nature=Removal from program

11 1 st Class Costs $ Equipment, Helmet alone costs $250 Quality Camp Gear Technology- DVD Burners, Cameras Team Meal Coaches- Summer Unpaid… Camp/TPC Funding Sources

12 Safety The Spartan coaching staff reserves the right to hand out equipment only when a young person has proven to the best of our knowledge and observations that they will be putting themselves in a competitive situation and not a dangerous situation. Freshman/Sophomore Levels have a non-cut approach, as long as rules are followed and commitment is shown. Varsity too welcomes all, but has less chances as under- classmen teams

13 Dates to Remember/Requests June 5 th Day 1 for Varsity June 11 th Day 1 for Fresh/Soph June 10-12, 9:30-11:30 Youth Camp ALL Physicals Must Be Updated! August 14 th begins FALL season Tail Power Classic-TBA Varsity Team Meal Organization- Participation All Soph/Varsity Players 2013-2014 All School Physical Thursday, May 30, 2013 6:30 AM West Gymnasium Cost $20

14 Other Purchases Players will be required to purchase their own Girdles Lansing Sport Shop will be here on Day 1 of Varsity/Soph/Freshman Camp Cost $25-$45 Car Decals $5 Other Clothing LSS

15 College Recruiting Dispel Myth and Misinformation Recruiting is based upon – 1- Talent/Size/Speed/Strength – 2-Grades/ACT – 3-Character – 4-Exposure- Quality Programs draw interest.

16 Myths/Truths 1- High School Coaches give out college scholarships- NO. 2- I would have received a scholarship, but Coach doesnt like me- False 3- I can get my grades right- my Senior year- Its Too Late 4- My Stats are so good that my size doesnt matter- It does (Season Honors dont help...) 5- You must have the grades to be considered!

17 Size vs. Talent Size and Speed are often more important to college coaches than statistics- sometimes even talent. Division 1 Average sizes, there are exceptions but they are few Position Needed Size Needed Speed(laser) QB62+4.8 sec. RB60- 175+4.6 sec. WR624.5 sec. O Line64- 275+5.0 sec. D Tackle62 275+4.9 sec. D End63+4.8 sec. Linebacker 62 or more4.7 sec. DB604.5 sec.

18 College Core-Course Requirements 4 years English 3 years math (Algebra I or higher) 2 years natural/physical science ( 1 year of lab if offered by high school) 1 year additional English, math or natural/physical science 2 years social science 4 years additional courses (from any area above, foreign language or nondoctrinal religion/philosophy) 16 Core Courses

19 Grade Point Average Core course calculation: – Calculated the grade point average of your core courses on a 4.000 scale. Only the best grades will be used. The Clearinghouse assigns the following values to each letter grade: A – 4 points C - 2 points B – 3 points D – 1 point Plus or Minus will not be used to calculate your core-course grade-point average.

20 To be certified by the Clearinghouse, a student must: 1. Graduate from high school. Interested students should apply during the senior year for certification before graduation if they wish to participate in athletics as a freshman in college. The Clearinghouse will issue a preliminary certification report when all materials are submitted. After graduation, the Clearinghouse will review final transcripts to make a final certification decision according to NCAA standards.

21 To be certified by the Clearinghouse, a student must: Meet the NCAA Qualifications Takes Your Core GPA + your ACT score It is a Sliding Scale Aiming points--- 3.0 Core GPA with a 20 ACT.

22 Scholarship Ratios Approximately 6.0 percent, or less than 1 in 16 of all high school senior boys playing interscholastic football will go on to play football at a NCAA member institution (all levels of competition -D1, D2, D3 & NAIA). NCAA FBS schools are allowed 85 total scholarships per year. There are 120 NCAA FBS schools Maximum of 10200 scholarships

23 Availability On the average, each NCAA FBS school will offer 25 scholarships per year That means there are 3000 scholarships offered each year to high school seniors and Junior College transfers There are 71 NJCAA football programs with approximately 60 players on each team. Thats over 4200 more athletes competing for scholarships In the U.S., there are approximately 300,000 Seniors in high school playing football each year. That is 304,200 possible scholarship athletes in the U.S. each year competing for 3000 scholarships. Less than 1% chance of being offered a scholarship by a NCAA FBS school.

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