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Competitions Review Committee Report 4 September, 2013 Mike Quarmby.

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2 Competitions Review Committee Report 4 September, 2013 Mike Quarmby

3 The Competitions Review Committee was set up at the request of the Clubs and Football Brisbane Executive. Its role was to review the outcomes of the previous Committee and recommend amendments where it deemed appropriate. Nominations for the Committee were sent out via communication to Clubs, on our Website and through a Clubs meeting with Football Brisbane. Members were also advised that Football Brisbane would welcome reports from Clubs and / or individuals. 32 nominations were received, and by using a criteria that covered all facets of Football Brisbane, the following Committee Members were chosen. Preamble

4 ChairmanMike Quarmby Football Brisbane representativeRob OConnor AdvisorReuben Robertson SecretaryRobyn Bentley Football Queensland representativeGeoff Foster Kevin Vedelago Len Catalano Wendy Spencer Kieran Cooper Pedr Kilpatrick Daniel Perna Tony Skinner

5 A set of eleven Terms of Reference were adopted to be undertaken by the Committee. Terms of Reference

6 1.The long term viability of competitions at all levels – What is the correct number of Clubs in each competition and the number of teams in each league – Rob OConnor 2.Promotion and relegation from one League to another -Daniel Perna 3.Problems faced by any newly promoted club, especially into BPL, being able to hold its place (i.e. not be relegated after its first year) while it adjusts to its new status – Ryan Stuart 4.Facilities and venues – Standard of venues for all competitions. Is there a way of rationalizing the use of venues/grounds between various clubs? – Kevin Vedelago 5. What competition structure in elite player development best supports the current FFA National Curriculum? Competition structures must support and be consistent with the National Pathways into Elite football and the A-League environment – Geoff Foster 6.Should the Youth League competitions be linked/connected with the results/operations of the Senior Mens teams or independent? – Pedr Kilpatrick 7.Should there be a recognized system set for competitions similar to existing hubs – Len Catalano 8.Address and recommend amendments to any rules of competition where appropriate – Kieran Cooper 9.The structure and environment of all current zone Competitions – Robert OConnor 10.A review of player registration fees – Tony Skinner 11.Futsal and the relationship between outdoor clubs and indoor centers – Wendy Spencer Terms of Reference

7 Special thanks to Claude Sorbello and Ken MacDougall for providing their reports to the Committee. Also a special thank you to Lions FC for allowing our Committee their Boardroom for meetings. On behalf of the President, Rob OConnor, the Zone Council and I, a very special thanks goes to everyone on the Committee for their professionalism, dedication and willingness to help Football Brisbane in its continued quest to strive for best practice. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND THANKS

8 Juniors at Football Brisbane Top Level Brisbane Premier League Promotion and Relegation Emerging Competitions Venues and Facilities SSF Review Womens Competitions FB Competition Structures Competition Rules Club Support Glossary

9 There are 35 resolutions from the Zone Council. Resolutions


11 Resolved – No link between Seniors & Juniors in BPL from 2015. (As background, this was a major discussion point. The Committee was mindful of the current decision/review in linking the seniors to the juniors). Strengths. Carnival type days/weekends with U12 to first grade, playing 8 games in total. NB. Clubs are playing different age groups on different days and out of order. Creates a whole new level of inter Club support. If the Junior performance is strong they will stay in the top division. Easier for Clubs to manage competition days. Again some fixtures are played on different days. JUNIORS AT FOOTBALL BRISBANE TOP LEVEL

12 Weaknesses. Perceived funding of the top team. There is a marked difference in the level of achievement between some Senior teams and their Juniors The best Junior sides are not competing against each other. Allows no pathway for aspiring Clubs that concentrate on Juniors. Puts more pressure on Seniors to perform. Registration fees from Clubs are a lot higher. Emphasis does not need to be placed on Junior development. JUNIORS AT FOOTBALL BRISBANE TOP LEVEL

13 Resolved – From season 2015 there is to be a Super Youth League and Divisional Competitions. Resolved – The name of the current BPL Juniors to be changed to Super Youth League from 2015. Resolved - The age groups for the Super Youth League commencing 2015 are U12, U13, U14, U15. Resolved - The top 10 U12,U13 & U14 teams in BPL from 2014, will form the first 10 places in U13, U14 & U15 of the Super Youth League for 2015. Resolved - The top 2 BJL teams of 2014 (U12,U13,U14,) will form the 11 th and 12 th spots respectively of the U13, U14 and U15 Super Youth League for 2015. JUNIORS AT FOOTBALL BRISBANE TOP LEVEL

14 Resolved – There be an Under 12 BJL competition commencing 2014. Resolved – That there be, from 2014 onwards, a pre season competition for teams who played in the previous years Under 11 Komodo Dragons leagues. (Only 1 team per club) Resolved – In 2014 nominations be taken for entry into the new Under 12 BJL competition. (BPL Clubs are not eligible) Resolved – In 2015 nominations be taken for entry into the new Under 12 SYL competition. (all Clubs are eligible) Resolved – That the top twelve teams from the above pre season competition will form the Under 12 BJL for 2014 and the U12 Super Youth League teams from 2015 onwards. Resolutions

15 Brisbane Premier League

16 Resolved: That from season 2015, the Brisbane Premier League consist of *First grade *Reserve grade *Under 18s *Under 16s Brisbane Premier League Resolutions

17 Promotion and Relegation

18 Resolved: Promotion and Relegation from and to the Super Youth League is by way of 2 up 2 down Promotion and Relegation

19 Resolved – To earn Promotion from Capital League 1 to the BPL, Clubs must demonstrate that they meet the grounds / facilities criteria for the BPL Competition. Resolved – To earn Promotion from Capital League 1 into the BPL, Clubs must demonstrate that they have Under 16 and Under 18 squads for the BPL. Resolved – Promotion from Capital League 1 will be on the basis of 1st grade results for the season. Resolved – Promotion and Relegation into the BPL and Capital Leagues will be by way of 2 up and 2 down from season 2015. Resolution

20 Emerging Competitions

21 Implementation of the Champion of Champions Season 2014 Resolved – Tentative Eligibility Premiers of U12 BJL & Division 1 up to Womens City 1 & Mens Capital League 1 in season 2014 may nominate into the Champion of Champions competition. (This competition is made up of all zones within Football Queensland and will be run in the September school holidays) Resolved - Subject to final agreement with FQ, a Cup type format will be conducted and comprised of our BPL clubs and NPL clubs. The winners (up to 4 spots) will be eligible to compete in FFAs, FA Cup style competition in July 2014. Emerging Competitions

22 Venues and Facilities

23 Resolved - The existing criteria for BPL, with the exception of the car parking requirements, be adopted. Resolved - A survey of current Club infrastructure and facilities be undertaken. Resolved - Assess where viable the opportunity of sharing grounds and the use of school facilities. Resolution


25 Resolved – From 2014 U/10 and U/11 Komodo Dragon teams will be allowed to play outside of their hubs within Football Brisbane. (Where there is a viable league) Resolved - That the U10 and U11 Girls competitions will continue in 2014. Resolution

26 Womens Competitions

27 Resolved - From 2014, the SEQ Diamond League be re named to Brisbane Womens Premier League. Resolved – From 2014, the FB Sapphire League be re named to Brisbane Womens City League Division 1 Resolution

28 In consideration of the resolutions above FB Competition Structures


30 Resolved - The Football Brisbane competition structure for 2015 be adopted. Resolution

31 Competition Rules

32 Resolved - To endorse the current four (4) team play off format for Juniors in all competitions in respect of the Final Series. Resolved – That a four (4) team play off format for Seniors for all competitions in 2015 be adopted as follows: 1 v 2 & 3 v 4 – (Semi Finals) Winner of 1 v 2 go into Grand Final Loser of 3 v 4 is out of the Final Series Winner of 3 v 4 plays loser of 1 v 2. (Preliminary Final) The Winner of the Preliminary Final goes to the Grand Final Resolved – That from 2014 once a player has attained the age of 16 years, they may play in the U18 and or Senior Competitions Resolved – That from 2014 all juniors may play one year above their age and; two years above their age for those in female only competitions. Resolved – To endorse the current rule of age restriction relating to 50% plus 1 for all teams. Resolution

33 Club Support

34 Resolutions Resolved – Football Brisbane plan to undertake Grant Writing and Green-keeping workshops for Clubs and in association with FQ engage a professional Grant Writing Organisation. Resolved – Hold workshops with prospective and emerging Clubs as to the financial risks associated in competing in the BPL / emerging competitions.

35 Questions ?

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