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Donald Lush Westminster Adult Education Service Successful Teams.

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1 Donald Lush Westminster Adult Education Service Successful Teams

2 Adult education college in London 12,000 part-time students About 50% learning English Large basic skills provision Large programme for employers

3 About me Director - member of senior team Admissions Publicity Learning support Learning resources Student advice Nurseries Equality and diversity

4 What makes a great team? I think someone referred to us as the "dream team". And if you think of football, what is it that has a team winning cups one season and fighting against relegation the next? No easy answer. Judith Fowler, ISSA

5 Context Well-defined set of tasks Clear budget Clear staffing Good allocation of resources Clear management structure

6 Vision and Values European vision Overlap of partners missions and values

7 Motivation Expectancy theory - Victor Vroom Favourable performance will result in a desirable reward The reward will satisfy an important need The desire to satisfy the need is strong enough to make the effort worthwhile.

8 Leaders Set the boundaries Keep everyone safe Allow risks and creativity Have back up plans Take responsibility Appreciate

9 Organic organisation A fluid and flexible network of multi- talented individuals who perform a variety of tasks without being restrained by hierarchy or function

10 Other factors Communication Commitment to excellence Good followership Work to strengths Have fun together Mutual appreciation and praise

11 Conclusions Work from an over-arching vision Common ground in mission and values Team has appropriate resources, skills, experience and knowledge Inspiring, skilled and experienced leaders who can provide a robust framework and plan Administration is effective, fair and transparent Worthwhile professional and personal rewards An organic organisation is particularly suitable to project work Successful teams need good luck

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