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Making decisions: a modern referee for modern football Pierluigi Collina Vienna, 23 October 2008.

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1 Making decisions: a modern referee for modern football Pierluigi Collina Vienna, 23 October 2008

2 Origin of modern football: United Kingdom, at the beginning of the XIX Century Football was a game played by students at Public Schools and Universities.

3 At that time, gentlemen as players and few rules… …sometimes very different At Uppingham University, football was played by 15 players per team…

4 ...while at Rugby University… …players could carry on the ball by hands.

5 … a person who the decisions were referred to … … the referee. Only when the number of the rules increased and the importance of the result became more important, the presence of a third person was felt as needed… At that time decisions were taken by the two captains.

6 Football has changed a lot : have a look at the difference between ……

7 ….. and …..

8 … seems impossible, but…. ….during three World Cups, 1930, 1934 and 1938, players wore shirts without numbers.

9 Football has changed a lot on the field of play ….. The game is now faster, stronger and more intensive. Speed is the main factor in modern football. Theres no time to think.

10 ….. and off the field of play, as football is a real business today In 2006, Media Pro committed itself to pay 1.1 billion euro for Real Madrids TV rights for seven years (Champions League excluded).

11 UEFA Euro 2008 economic impact The 2008 European Championship generated a record income of around 1.3 billion, according to European footballs governing body, Uefa.

12 Emirates Stadium, gunners new home… 840 million euros the cost Arsenal paid. Emirates will sponsor the Stadium during the next 15 years (naming right) investing 150 million euros.

13 Football has changed for referees as well… Dress code: very similar for the players…. very different for the referees team. John Langenus, referee of the first World Cup Final, Uruguay 1930

14 To be appointed as the referee of a World Cup Final is a great honour. Only 18 Finals have been played in the history of football.

15 WC 1930 Final: Uruguay vs Argentina Langenus accepted only after having received: an insurance covering the life risk; a boat ready to leave from Montevideo harbour straight after the match.

16 Three characteristic for a top referee At the very top level, on the field of play, a referee has to be: –a decision maker –a communicator –a leader

17 A decision maker … The referee has to make the final choice The decisions are to be taken: –very quickly, less than half a second; –under pressure; –facing difficult and unclear situations to be assessed.

18 … a communicator … As very often a well communicated decision is better accepted. The referee has to make his decisions understood by everybody: – players – managers and coaches – spectators at the ground – TV viewers

19 What does it mean to be a leader? Certainly you received many answer from people much more expert than me… so I dont want to bother you. Being very direct, the word leader simply means the one who leads.

20 Alexander the Great at the age of 23 years led thousands of soldiers from Macedon and other Greek cities through Asia.

21 Mahatma Gandhi was a major political and spiritual leader for millions of people in India.

22 A conductor like Leonard Bernstein was definitely a leader, as he led the most important orchestras worldwide.

23 In football, long term German National Team captain Franz Beckenbauer, der Kaiser, was a leader on and off the pitch….

24 ….as well as italian coach Marcello Lippi, who led his team to win a World Cup.

25 Also referees are leaders, as they lead the teams not only entering the field of play… …but also ensuring that the match is played according to the rules.

26 As a leader, the ultimate goal for a referee is to be accepted The goal is reached when: the decisions are accepted even if not agreed; the decisions are accepted even if wrongly taken. The referee is accepted as players trust in him.

27 Refereeing is a very difficult job today Referees have heavy responsibilities on their shoulders, as a decision could mean a lot in terms of: clubs sport results clubs future, due to the economic impact the decision could have on it

28 Dealing with his job, a referee …. has not to be afraid to take on responsibilities; has to know himself, his strenghts and his weaknesses; has to know that he doesnt know everything; has to be open to change.

29 … and finally… has to be courageous and decide even when it would be normal to abstain from it.

30 The courage to decide, always Delay is preferable to error Thomas Jefferson, principal author of the Declaration of Independence and third US President from 1801 till 1809 said:

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