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Football Frenzy Trivia

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1 Football Frenzy Trivia
Story Game Directions Game Preparation Game Pieces Football Frenzy Trivia Football Frenzy Trivia Play the game A Homemade PowerPoint Game By Max Wilder Taylor Jordan Cedar Shoals High School Objectives Credits Copyright Notice

2 The Story of the “Football Frenzy Trivia”
Write story here. The NFL owner has decided that the National Football League will take the season off, but fans are outraged by this and will not let it happen. So the NFL put out a trivia survey to see if people are still interested and know the history of the NFL. You must answer questions about the history of the NFL and current events happening in the NFL and get them right so the National Football League will play. Home Page

3 Game Directions The game will contain 30 NFL questions that you will answer. If you answer 20 out of 30 questions right, you win and the NFL will play and not take the season off. But, if you get below 20 answers right, you lose and the NFL will not play for the season. Return

4 Game Preparation You may need a coin to flip to see who goes first.
You may need a sheet of paper to keep score. Home Page

5 Credits All teachers and students at non-profit schools can use, revise, or adapt this game at will at no cost on the condition that all prior designers are cited. Originally designed by Max Wilder and Taylor Jordan, Cedar Shoals High School, November 29, 2004, “Football Frenzy Trivia. Home Page

6 Educational Objectives
This game is for people of all ages You may need to know some things about the National Football League (NFL). This game can teach and give you a better understanding about the NFL. Home Page

7 Copyright Copyright 2004 Max Wilder and Taylor Jordan
Permission to copy this game at no cost is granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools. Permission is also granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools to make revisions to this game for their own purposes, on the condition that this copyright page and the credits page remain part of the game. Teachers and students who adapt the game should add their names and affiliations to the credits page without deleting any names already there. Home Page

8 Time to play “Football Frenzy Trivia”!
Use this slide as the “headquarters” for players when they play the game. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 25 27 28 29 30 Home Page Game Directions

9 Questions Who was the first Denver Bronco to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame? John Elway Terrell Davis Rod Smith Garrison Hearst

10 Correct Touchdown! Questions

11 Incorrect Incomplete! Try Again! Questions

12 Questions Who was the first person to surpass Walter Payton’s 16,726 career rushing yards? Barry Sanders Marcus Allen Emmitt Smith Curtis Martin

13 Questions Who is the current Atlanta Falcons All- Pro tight end?
Tony Gonzalez Jeremy Shockey Algernon Crumpler Ben Watson

14 Incorrect Incomplete! Try Again! Questions

15 Questions What year was the NFL created?

16 Questions How many players are allowed on the field for one team at a time? 22 11 7 14

17 Questions How many referees are on the field officiating?

18 Questions Who is the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons?
Dante Culpepper Michael Vick Chris Chandler Donavon McNabb

19 Questions What year was the Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick drafted? 2004 2001 2000 1999

20 Questions What are the players that deal with kickoffs and punts called?

21 Questions Who was the first player ever drafted by an NFL team?
Jay Berwanger Johnny Unitas Bart Starr Howie Long

22 Questions When was the first Super Bowl played?

23 Questions How many teams are in the NFL? 32 16 40 17

24 Questions What are the two divisions that divide up the NFL teams?

25 Questions How many dub-divisions are the two large divisions divided up into? 2 12 6 24

26 Questions What day are most NFL games played on? Monday Tuesday
Saturday Sunday

27 Questions What other day in the week do two of the teams play each other? Wednesday Sunday Thursday Monday

28 Questions What holiday do two games take place on every year?
Christmas Day Easter April Fool’s Thanksgiving

29 Questions Who is the quarterback whose record of the most NCAA Division I wins was broken this year by Georgia quarterback David Greene, and this player happens to be the Indianapolis Colts quarterback? Peyton Manning Eli Manning Edgerrin James Dan Marino

30 Questions What team won Super Bowl XXXVIII? Philadelphia Eagles
New England Patriots Carolina Panthers Atlanta Falcons

31 Questions What team has won the NFL Super Bowl the most times?
San Fransisco 49ers Miami Dolphins Green Bay Packers Cincinnati Bengal's

32 Questions Who holds the record for the most touchdowns in a season?
Dan Marino Jerry Rice Randy Moss Priest Holmes

33 Questions How many regular season weeks are in a season? 24 17 13 4

34 Questions How many weeks of pre-season games are there before the season starts? 5 4 3 7

35 Questions Where was the Pro Bowl played the last 5 years Hawaii
Philadelphia Atlanta Alaska

36 Questions What was the highest point total for a NFL game? 113 106 65

37 Questions Which player had the record for the most career touchdowns?
Jerry Rice Dan Marino Randy Moss Michael Vick

38 Questions What team was the only team to go undefeated the entire season, and then went on to win the Super Bowl? Pittsburgh Steelers Miami Dolphins Washington Redskins Baltimore Colts

39 Questions Which defensive player had the most interceptions in a career? Paul Krause

40 Questions What team had the most sacks in a season?
1989 Minnesota Vikings 1987 Chicago Bears 2003 Philadelphia Eagles 1984 Chicago Bears

41 Questions What kicker had the most field goals in a career?
Morten Anderson Gary Anderson Orlando Pace Jay Feely

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