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Mt.SAC ATHLETIC TRAINER ORIENTATION 2013-2014 Monday, August 12, 2013 7:00-10:00pm Bldg. 27A, Room106 Michael J. Landas, MA ATC CSCS       Adjunct Professor.

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Presentation on theme: "Mt.SAC ATHLETIC TRAINER ORIENTATION 2013-2014 Monday, August 12, 2013 7:00-10:00pm Bldg. 27A, Room106 Michael J. Landas, MA ATC CSCS       Adjunct Professor."— Presentation transcript:

1 Mt.SAC ATHLETIC TRAINER ORIENTATION Monday, August 12, :00-10:00pm Bldg. 27A, Room106 Michael J. Landas, MA ATC CSCS       Adjunct Professor / Athletic Trainer    Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance Division Kelly Wilson, ATC   Permanent Part-time Athletic Trainer Kinesiology, Athletics & Dance Division Andy Paulin, ATC Bill Ito, MS, ATC NASM-CES, PES

2 INTRODUCTIONS Full-Time ATCs Permanent Part Time ATCs Hourly ATCs
Mt.SAC athletic training students enrolled in Athletic Training Certificate classes. Pre Professional 4-year university athletic training students. ATEP Clinical Rotation ATS Volunteers Guests?

3 2013-2014 Sports Assignments for Andy Paulin/50G ATR:
Football Baseball Softball Men's’ Swimming (spring 2013) Women's’ Swimming (spring 2013) Preceptor CSU Fullerton CSU Long Beach Chapman University Azusa Pacific University University of La Verne MSAC Coordinator: Hourly ATC Coordinate Health Screenings

4 2013-2014 Sports Assignments for Bill Ito/Bldg. 45 ATR:
Men's’ Soccer Women's’ Soccer Men's’ Cross Country Women's’ Cross Country Fall Special Events Women's’ golf Spring Special Events Men's’ Track & Field Women's’ Track & Field Preceptor: Azusa Pacific University CSU Long Beach Chapman University CSU Fullerton University of La Verne MSAC: Athletic Training Budget & Supplies

5 Sports Assignments for Michael J. Landas, MA ATC CSCS
Wrestling Men's’ Water Polo Women's’ Water Polo Women's’ Tennis (spring 2014?) Men's’ Tennis (spring 2014?) Administrates Athletic Trainer Supply Budget MtSAC: Instructor KIN 19 & KIN 92 athletic training classes

6 Sports Assignments for Kelly Wilson, ATC
Women's Volleyball Pep Squad Women's’ Basketball Men's’ Basketball Administrates :Code of Conduct, Calibration, Constitution

7 Hourly ATC New Hire packets Rehire packets
Process Employment forms with Div. Administrative (Obdulia Reynoso)Assistant, including keys: Complete before 1st day Introduce yourself to the Asst. A.D. CPR=Professional Rescuer/AED NATA BOC Need CDL New Hire packets, require a (copy) of social security card.   Need Parking Permit Need keys 50G ATR Bldg. 3 ATR Bldg. 27 Storage Bldg 45 ATR Need to be certified as a MSAC Cart Driver Timesheet MSAC Health Services needs to certify you on the MSAC AEDs: Payment from pink time sheets. HATC Budget Special Events Trust Fund Accounts.

8 HOURLY ATC Roles & Responsibilities
50G A.T.R Off day for full time ATC: football & wrestling tx. & px Wrestling Weight Certification Wrestling Matches Athletic Screenings Special Events Tournaments, Invitationals Bldg. 3 A.T.R. Schedule Bldg. 45 Athletic Schedule Holidays, Weekends, Nights Same as full-time ATC Must have knowledge of all policies & procedures Must assume all supervisory roles & responsibilities. Must possess all necessary skills as indicated for the work setting.

9 Recreational/Non-MSAC
Interaction Athletes: In-season Non-Traditional Out-of-season Kinesiology classes Special Events Recreational/Non-MSAC Full-Time ATC Hourly ATC Athletic Training Students Team Dr.s, P.T.s; Hospital E.R.s Residents’ rotation MSAC Student Health Center Deans, A.D.s. Admin.Asst. Equipment Supervisors Coaches Grounds crew, Campus Security, support staff

10 DEPT. & CAMPUS POLICIES (handouts)
Equal Opportunity/Non-Discrimination policy: Sexual Harassment policy Alcohol & Substance Abuse policy: Parking Regulations:

11 DEPT. & CAMPUS POLICIES (handouts)
Student Misconduct policy: MSAC Emergency Response: Workman's’ Compensation: Check with H.R. & Risk Management: notify Division A.S.A.P if injured!

12 Association, Dept. & Campus POLICIES
MRSA & Blood Borne pathogens: Athletic Event Sideline, Classroom Visitors : Lightening policy: Lightning Safety for Athletics and Recreation (March 2013) Safe beverage handling: (see handout)

13 DEPT. & CAMPUS POLICIES: Cart Driving
Cart Driving Instructor Cart Driving tests & certificate CDL on file KIN92 or volunteers MAY NOT drive the carts without having all of the appropriate documents on file. Observe all vehicle codes MUST USE COMMON SENSE!

14 Transportation & Personal Vehicle
MSAC Student Transportation Policy: College Transportation: Mt.SAC & Rental Vans Buses Emergency medical facilities Athletes & Team Physician appointments “Road trips”: traveling with a team vs. attendance as a spectator. off-campus supply purchases

15 Habits of Personal Cleanliness “High Standards Are Essential to Good Business”
Wash Your Hands often and thoroughly with soap and warm water before beginning work and after: Each visit to the toilet Using a handkerchief Sneezing or coughing Touching your face, sores, pimples, etc. Arranging hair or clothing Handling money or any soiled articles Eating A special sink should be provided for washing hands. Do not use food preparation or dishwashing sinks. Good Grooming Will Gain Good Will and Respect Avoid body odor; bathe often Keep teeth clean, breath free from offensive odors Wear low-heeled shoes kept in good condition Keep hair clean and groomed; wear protector (hair net, cap, or hair spray) Use of jewelry should be limited Keep fingernails trimmed and clean Do not keep pencils behind ears Wear clean clothes; Check your Personal Habits Comb hair and groom yourself in rest room only—not in the ATR Keep personal belongings such as purse, coats, etc., in the place provided for them Take breaks away from the ATR Eat all foods in the dining area—never while on duty

16 Daily Personal Tasks & Activities
When using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer: Apply product to the palm of one hand Rub hands together Rub the product over all surfaces of hands and fingers until hands are dry.  When should you wash your hands? Before preparing or eating food After going to the bathroom After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has gone to the bathroom Before and after   tending to someone who is sick After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing After handling an animal or animal waste After handling garbage Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. It is best to wash your hands with soap and clean running water for 20 seconds.  However, if soap and clean water are not available, use an alcohol-based product to clean your hands. Alcohol-based hand rubs significantly reduce the number of germs on skin and are fast acting.  When washing hands with soap and water: Wet your hands with clean running water and apply soap. Use warm water if it is available. Rub hands together to make a lather and scrub all surfaces. Continue rubbing hands for 20 seconds. Need a timer? Imagine singing "Happy Birthday" twice through to a friend! Rinse hands well under running water Dry your hands using a paper towel or air dryer. If possible, use your paper towel to turn off the faucet  Remember: If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based gel to clean hands.

17 Generating an Insurance Claim (see handouts)
Claim Form-signed by a staff ATC HIPAA form (from Student Insurance) MSAC Referral form Map to medical facility Student Insurance Brochure

18 FORMS & TASKS TO BE COMPLETED BY Pre-Professional Students & Volunteers
Campus Volunteer form w/ Hep. B series (see form); on file before 1st day. CPR: Professional Rescuer & First Aid certification: copies of cards. Complete Cart Training & bring CDL before driving carts. MSAC Students must be enrolled in Athletic Trainer Certificate classes Upon Arrival to ATR: Secure a Mailbox Secure a timecard Post your schedule Prepare your first response supplies

Upon Arrival to ATR: Secure a Mailbox Secure a timecard Post your schedule Prepare your first response supplies Meet with your Preceptor regarding your ATEP Clinical Rotation documents i.e. Clinical Education Site Orientation Checklist Prepare Competency Checklist for daily use Campus Volunteer form w/ Hep. B series (see form); on file before 1st day. CPR: Professional Rescuer & First Aid certification: copies of cards. Complete Cart Training & bring CDL before driving carts.

Campus Volunteer form w/ Hep. B series (see form); on file before 1st day. NOTE: Volunteer form is only valid when Fall & Spring semester KIN92 is not in session CPR: Professional Rescuer & First Aid certification: copies of cards. CDL: on file before driving carts. Upon Arrival to ATR: Meet with KIN 92 Instructor; receive ATR/ATC assignment Secure a Mailbox Secure a timecard Post your schedule Prepare your first response supplies

21 Daily Accountability & Responsibility
Tardiness & Absenteeism = phone call immediately. Staff Dress Code, Name Badges. Know the Clinical Site Schedule. Know your schedule (syllabi= no surprise exams/quizzes). Clinical Hours Reporting forms 24 hour minimum “Heads up” for Preceptor regarding documents to be signed off Evaluations: Mid semester & End of Semester Mail in Mailboxes Bulletin Boards Smart phones, I pads, ear buds Storage of personal items Parking for Non-MSAC students. Parking lots & Citations. Food & Drinks in the A.T.R. Fund-Raising: Gatorade, Workshops YOU represent your institution, your supervising ATC and your profession on and OFF campus

22 Uniforms, Equipment & Dress Code
Separate handout “Shirts & blouses are to be clean, not in disrepair and protect the modesty of the staff member. Shirts and blouses should not have words & pictures, which are offensive to any member of the athletic training room. The garments should reflect good taste, modesty, professionalism and a high standard that is consistent with the health care professions. No tank tops, No bare abdominal areas. Brassieres should be worn, but not be visible. It is recommended that shirts and blouses remain tucked inside of the pants. On occasion it is acceptable to wear a shirt or blouse untucked. At no time is it acceptable to expose any part of the bare skin or undergarments. Keep your appearance consistent with all allied health care professions. “ “ You are a member of the Health Care Community. You represent the MSAC ATCs, and the athletic training profession ” Daily workday Competition days Equipment & Supplies >”fanny pack”/first response supplies > personal protection >ATCs will need facemask cutters when covering football practice and games

23 Uniforms, Equipment & Dress Code
NO “Bs” No Yoga pants No shorts shorter than the pockets attached to them. Do not dress as you would To clean out the garage To do yard work To go to the “club” Follow your universitys’ dress code Wear your athletic training log shirts daily for at least the 1st 2 weeks of attendance. Wear your athletic training name tag daily for at least the 1st 2 weeks of attendance if your ATEP provides you with one. “ you are a representative of the health care profession, but you actively participate in the athletic environment. Be professional but practical.”

24 Daily ATR Forms (see handouts)
Tx. Journal Injury Report (form) Concussion & Graded Symptom Checklist Referring an athlete off campus for advanced medical care (see insurance/referral off campus) School athletic Insurance Claim form (see insurance/referral off campus) HIPAA form (see insurance/referral off campus) Physicians’ Report to ATC (see insurance/referral off campus) Maps to medical facilities Home treatment Instructions

25 Rehabilitation Charts
Daily ATR Forms OTC dispensing: Rehabilitation Charts Maps to on-Campus services

26 Accurate records Treatment Journal:
Correct terminology i.e. MTSS, Not “Shin Splints”, Quad. Contusion, not “Charlie horse” Mistakes Draw a single line through incorrect entries; Initial the error (with your initials) Injury Reports Same as above Add today's date; Make a note in the margin that the entry was made in error, and note what the correct entry should be; Never erase or use white-out liquid; Yes, spelling counts Enter athletes’ documentation on SPORTSWARE program S.O.A.P. notes on SPORTSWARE Rehabilitation plans These will meet Competencies & Clinical Education Rotation Objectives & Evaluations

27 Daily ATR Tasks & Activities
ATEP ATS EXPECTATIONS!!! Competencies & Clinical Education Rotation Objectives & Evaluations Try & complete multiple tasks. Clinical Hours/Timecards WHEN? Daily? Practice time? Post Px.? NOT THE NIGHT BEFORE THEY ARE DUE!!!! Pre-game In-service? KIN92 : Competencies Clinical Hours/Timecards Pre-Professionals & Volunteers EXPECTATIONS Timecards

28 Mt.SAC ATR General Rules
No one is to be in the ATR without an Athletic Training staff member present. No coaches or administrators will allow student-athletes into the ATR without permission from a MSAC ATC. No equipment from the ATR will be utilized by any sports team without permission from Athletic Training staff members. The Athletic Training Room is an equitable access facility; injured IN-SEASON student-athletes will be treated on a first come, first serve basis (except for emergencies).                       Abusive, derogatory, profane language in the ATR will not be tolerated. Please be respectful and courteous to one another and to the ATR staff. The ATR is a coeducational facility; please wear appropriate apparel to protect modesty. Lounging, horseplay, loitering, socializing will not be allowed in the ATR; this can lead to injury or damage to equipment. Please do not wear cleats, spikes, or muddy shoes in the ATR No athlete will be allowed to self-treat. Treatments are only to be given by the Athletic Training staff. All forms of tobacco are banned in the ATR.

29 STUDENT TO DO LIST: Post Your Schedule Complete MSAC Volunteer form
Copy Professional Rescuer CPR & First Aid Card Complete MSAC Cart Training Gather your personal equipment Prepare ATEP documents to review with your Preceptor i.e. Clinical Education Site Orientation Checklist

30 Breakout Meetings Football (Equipment Intensive Environment) ATS remain in front of PowerPoint; football specific review w/ Andy. ATEP Students assigned to Bill Ito, report to Andy. Mt.SAC Students: report to Mike Landas Hourly ATCs:meet with Kelly.

31 “What do I need on me?" REQUIRED Blunt tipped scissors Penlight
CPR Face shield Gauze pads Protective gloves Tape (small quantity) Pen & paper Watch with a sweep hand ATCs: FACEMASK CUTTERS FOR SPORTS w/ FACEMASKS Recommended Swiss Army knife Phone Hand wash Concussion Evaluation card Device to hold supplies OTHER: Cart Keys Walkie Talkie radios

32 MSAC 50G ATR Sport Specific Rules
All individuals must check in with an athletic trainer upon entering. No individual may administer treatment to themselves or to anyone else. Supplies and equipment are not to be removed from the athletic training room without permission from a Staff Athletic Trainer. (i.e. tape, scissors, medications, exercise equip., etc...) This is a co-ed facility. Proper dress is required. (well-fit t-shirts, shorts, etc...) Please leave equipment and personal bags outside of the athletic training room. It is also your responsibility to wear any required protective equipment such as mouth guards, shin guards, pads, or helmets properly fitted to you. Taping and treatment will be on a 1st come, 1st serve order, regardless of gender or sport. In-season sports will receive priority. Arrive early before practice.  It will be your responsibility to get to practice on time. Do not use the athletic trainers as an excuse for late arrival to practice. Allow ample time for therapy and athletic trainer services; The ATR will CLOSE 15 minutes before practice begins All athletes requiring taping will perform therapeutic exercises; it is strongly recommended that all body parts needing tape should be free of hair, lotion, and dirt; taping procedures may be applied directly to the skin. The staff and students are committed to providing athletes with the best possible health care.  Please treat our staff and student workers in a professional, courteous, and respectful manner. Failure to do so will revoke training room privileges. **Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in your removal from the athletic training room.**

33 Daily ATR Tasks & Activities
Safe handling of water & beverages (previous gandout Daily Opening Duties (handout) Football Equipment prep(handout) Practice Time tasks(handout) Weekly, monthly duties (handout) Closing Duties (handout)

34 Football athletic trainers’ equipment & supplies: “EQUIPMENT INTENSIVE”
Protective Equipment issue & repair Mouthpieces: Helmet Fitting: air inflation, tools: Helmet Repair Shoulder Pad Fitting Shoulder Pad Repair Prophylactic Bracing Prophylactic Taping w/ exercise program Orientation Workshop

35 Daily & Weekly Tasks & Activities: FOOTBALL PRACTICE
Emergency (Action) Plan (EAP) Include Wrestling practice in EAP Hydration & Fluids: daily & high risk: High -risk vs. Low-risk practices Prophylactic taping & exercise. Injury, treatment & Coaches reports Release of Information For Wrestling Practice while at football practice: must have separate response team, with radio, cart and equipment. Know wrestling room telephone number Share ATC cell phone number with Wrestling Coach May get support from Bldg. 45 or Gym ATC

36 Football Practice field athletic trainers’ equipment & supplies: 50G Southwest Lower Field, South Field house and Stadium AED ATC Medical Bag Biohazard Box Black Supply Bag Black Stretcher Bag Electric Golf Cart Emergency Notebook FB Athletic Trainer Medical Bag FB Equipment Repair tools & Materials Ice Chest for Hydration Ice Chest for Injuries John Deere Cart Treatment Tables Spine Board with CID Tarp Vacuum Splints Walkie-Talkie (FB/50G) Walkie-Talkie (Wrestling) Water Boys w/ Scaffolds Water Hose & Spigot Key Wrestling Notebook OTHER: Slush Buckets with Sponges Water Bottles

37 Field signals (see handout)
“Bring the (Emergency) Notebook” Give a signal of writing in a notebook with a pen. “Bring the Doctor” Raise your hand in the air with a clenched fist. “Bring the ambulance” Raise your hand and index finger in the air and make large circles. Note: probably will activate emergency plan and you will need the emergency notebook.

38 Field signals(see handout)
“Bring the John Deere cart” Make a steering wheel/driving motion. “Bring the scoop stretcher” With two hands, make a motion as if you were separating the scoop (or trimming a bush with hedge clippers). “Bring the Vacuum Splints” Make a pumping motion with both hands as if you were working the vacuum splint pump.

39 Field signals(see handout)
“Bring the AED” Make a CPR motion over your chest. “Bring the spine board” Extend (abduct) both arms at shoulder level. Note: make sure the cervical immobilization device is attached to the spine board.

40 Field signals(see handout)
“Bring the electric (flatbed) cart” Make a plug in and steering motion “Bring the Cordless Drill” make a hand motion like you are drilling

41 Football EAP @ Football Practice

42 EAP for Wrestling Practice during Football Practice
ATC ATS Football Staff

43 Mt.SAC 2013 Football Game Schedule
Date Opponent Time September Sat Sep. 7 Saddleback 1:00 PM Sep. 14 at Bakersfield 7:00 PM Sep. 21 Cerritos Sep. 28 Citrus 6:00 PM October Oct. 5 at Desert Oct. 12 at Grossmont Oct. 19 LA Harbor November Nov. 2 at Long Beach Nov. 9 El Camino Nov. 16 at Riverside American Championship Bowl Nov 23 Beach Bowl Nov 23 Golden State Bowl Nov 23 National Bowl Nov 23 Patriotic Bowl Nov 23 Southern California Bowl Nov 23 Western State Bowl Nov 23 SCFA highest remaining seed Nov 30 State NCFA Champion Dec 14

44 Football Game Week ATR Tasks & Activities: packing for competition
Competition Scheduling & Bulletin Boards Weekly Criteria & Timecard due on Thursday(see handout) Timecards: due weekly Mailboxes: clear daily Know other Mt.SAC activities: Bill Ito schedule Kelly Wilson schedule Mike Landas schedule HATC assignments Football practice staff responsible for keeping daily gear in stocked, working order Football packing conducted 2 days prior to competition(see handout) 1 day prior used to make up packing deficiencies ATS will not pack if they are not working

45 Football Game day (see handouts)
Home game staffing vs. Away game staffing/travel(see handout) Chain of Command Pre-game Meeting: Uniform Peer In-service? With game day agenda Meals A.T.R. vs. Sideline setup Game stations & responsibilities Ambulance & Hospital Halftime responsibilities Post-game responsibilities

46 Football Game Day Chain of Command
Team Physician Permanent Part Time or Hourly ATC 5th Semester University Student Ambulance EMTs 4th Semester University Student 3rd Semester University Student Mt.SAC Student Full-Time ATC

47 Daily ATR Tasks & Activities: Chain of Command; among students.
Full-time ATC 5th Semester University Student 4th Semester University Student 3rd Semester University Student Mt.SAC Student Hourly & Permanent Part Time ATC

48 Athletic Trainer Staff In-service @50G ATR
Tuesday Aug. 13, 2013 MSAC WORKSHOP #1 9:00am-1:00pm Cart Training Heat Illness: EAP: Spine Management: FB Helmet/Facemask Removal:

49 Tuesday, August 13 MSAC WORKSHOP #1 : EAP Spine Management FB Helmet/Facemask Removal

50 Athletic Trainer Staff In-service @50G ATR
Wednesday, August 14, 2014 : MSAC WORKSHOP #1 12:30pm-4:00pm: Equipment In-service ATR (& Football) practice preparations Concussion:

51 Football Athletic Trainer Staff In-service @50G ATR
FIRST DAY OF FOOTBALL practice: Thursday AUGUST A.T. staff on duty: 7:30am ATR opens:8:00am Practice begins 10:00 a.m. Same for Friday Aug.16 Saturday, August 17= 2 practices;10am and 3pm; 2nd practice in FULL PADS!

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