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Freytag’s Pyramid Definitions

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2 Freytag’s Pyramid Definitions
Exposition: The characters and setting. Problem: The issue or conflict the main character faces. Rising Action: Events leading to climax. Climax: The most exciting part of the story. Falling Action: The events after the climax. Resolution/Theme: The solution to the problem/ the message the author is trying to send out to the reader.

3 Freytag’s Pyramid Exposition Problem Rising Actions Climax
Falling Actions Resolution

4 Paul Fisher (Main Character 1)
Paul and his family just moved to Tangerine, Florida. He loves to play soccer. His position is goalie. Wears thick glasses for everyday use and special goggles when he plays soccer. His parents told him that the reason he had glasses was because he Stared at an eclipse for too long before he moved to Tangerine. The truth was different.

5 Erik Fisher (Main Character 2)
Erik is a football player. His position is place kicker. Has someone fix his problems for him at school. However at home he will fix his own problems and not get caught. Ex: On page 205 (part 3) Erik smacks Tino across the face. On page 211, Erik has his “friend” Arthur smack Luis (Tino’s brother) with a blackjack.

6 Luis Cruz (Main Character 3)
Played Goalie when he played soccer. Is the brother of Tino and Theresa. He fell out of a tree when he was younger, hurt his knee and stabbed himself accidentally. He couldn’t play soccer anymore. He helps out with the Tangerine Grove on their land.

7 Tino and Theresa (Main Characters 4 and 5)
Brother and sister of Luis Cruz. Tino plays soccer for Tangerine Middle School. Theresa helps out new students at Tangerine Middle and shows them around. They are both friends with Paul Fisher.

8 Arthur Bauer (Main Character 6)
Helps out Erik Fisher. Part of the Lake Windsor High School football team. Does most of Erik’s dirty work. Drives a Land Cruiser and gives Erik rides.

9 Setting Tangerine, FL Present Day

10 Exposition Problem Rising Actions Climax Falling Actions Resolution

11 PROBLEM Paul doesn’t like getting caught in the Erik Fisher Football Dream. Erik always thinks he’s more superior and better than everyone else. He thinks that the world should be his way, only because he is a football player. Paul doesn’t like Erik’s attitude of a football player and the people he hangs around. He also doesn’t like how Erik does that most horrible things and never gets caught by anyone. When Paul wants to tell people about the things Erik does, he can’t get the words out of this mouth. Paul is stuck in the middle of the Erik Fisher Football Dream AND stuck with being a silent kid who knows the truth about Erik and the things he does.

12 Exposition Problem Rising Actions Climax Falling Actions Resolution

13 Rising Action 1 Tino, Theresa, and Victor go to Paul’s house for further work on a project for school. After they work on Paul’s father’s laptop, they go outside to play some soccer and practice for their next game. Erik and Arthur arrive and see them playing. Erik starts making fun of Tino, Theresa, and Victor. With the heat building up on them, Tino starts to talk back to Erik. With furry, Erik extends his arm and punches Tino. Wincing in pain, Tino is on the ground. Erik leaves the scene, not to get caught.

14 Rising Action 2 Luis Cruz, the brother of Tino and Theresa, goes up to Erik after football practice. He stands up to him and says “ You would smack a little kid in the face, right? Why don’t you come over here and try to smack me?” With a blackjack in his hand, Arthur does Erik’s “light work” by hitting him in the head with the blackjack. Blackjack: A small hand weapon consisting of a piece of leather metal with a strap or a springy shaft for a handle. "Blackjack." Merriam Webster Online. 16 Feb <>.

15 Rising Action 3 Luis Cruz dies. The hit in the head with the blackjack caused an aneurysm. (like a blood clot) But no one knows that. No one…except for Paul. Wanting to go to the funeral, he gets a call from Theresa, warning him not to go to the funeral. Paul thinks its because they know what happened to Luis. He thinks that they know about the blackjack across the head.

16 Exposition Problem Rising Actions Climax Falling Actions Resolution

17 Climax Tino and Victor arrive at the football banquet. However they aren’t there to congratulate Erik and Arthur on their hard work. While they are walking up on the stage, Tino and Victor go toward them and start beating on them. Punching, kicking, and making them bleed, the other football players have to try to make sure the angry kids don’t get away before their punishment. Victor safely gets away. However, Tino is stuck in the arms of one of the players. Paul comes to the rescue by jumping the player and letting Tino get away.

18 Exposition Problem Rising Actions Climax Falling Actions Resolution

19 Falling Action At a meeting being held at the Fisher Household, police show up. They put handcuffs on Arthur and tell him that he’s under arrest for the murder of Luis. At the police station the next day, Arthur tells the officers that Erik put him up to it. But the argument still continued on. Erik claimed he didn’t put Arthur up to it and Arthur claims he did and so forth.

20 Exposition Problem Rising Actions Climax Falling Actions Resolution

21 Resolution/ Theme The theme of this novel would be: if you fight fire with fire, you’re only going to get burned. The “sparks of the fire” in this novel happened when Erik hit Tino. Then the “fire” developed once Luis went to Erik and Arthur hit him with the blackjack. The other “fire” is when Tino and Victor attack Erik and Arthur. It causes more conflict between people. The people who got “burned” by the “fires” were Luis, Erik and Arthur. Luis got “burned” because he died when trying to defend Tino. Arthur got “burned” when the police arrested him for killing Luis. Lastly, Erik got “burned” because his “good friend” Arthur Bauer tried to rat him out on convincing him to kill Luis.

22 THE END Project By: Melody B. Book: Tangerine Book By: Edward Bloor

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