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AP World History 2006 How to teach the Document-Based Question C.S.I. Bartram Trail or.

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2 AP World History 2006 How to teach the Document-Based Question C.S.I. Bartram Trail or

3 We are trying to catch a moving train. - Anton Striegl

4 Write an essay that: Has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with evidence from the documents. Uses all of the documents. Analyses the documents by grouping them in as many ways as possible. Does not simply summarize the documents individually. Takes into account the sources of the documents and analyses the authors point of view. Explains the need for at least one additional document. You may refer to relevant historical information not mentioned in the documents.

5 There are no shortcuts or magic formulas. Teach the rubric. The documents drive the essay.

6 2006 DBQ Scoring Guide (Operational Rubric) Has an acceptable thesis. Understands the basic meaning of the documents. (may misrepresent one document) Supports thesis with appropriate evidence from all or all but one of the documents. Analyzes point of view in at least two documents. Analyzes documents by grouping them, in two or three ways. Identifies and explains the need for one type of appropriate additional document or source. Score (1 point) (1-2 points) (1 point) Total 7 points (1-2 points) Max score 9 BASIC CORE (competence) EXPANDED CORE (excellence) Expands beyond the basic core of 1-7 points. A student must earn 7 points in the basic core before earning points in the expanded core.


8 Basic Core (competence) The thesis must be explicitly stated in the introduction or conclusion of the essay. It may appear as one or two connected sentences. A split thesis or a mere restatement of the question is not acceptable. The thesis must address the social and economic effects of the global flow of silver as indicated in the documents. 1. Thesis Students MUST Take a Stand - Sigrid Reynolds

9 2. Understands the basic meaning of the documents There are eight documents. Students must address all documents and demonstrate understanding of basic meaning in at least seven documents. Listing the documents separately or listing the documents as part of a group does not sufficiently demonstrate an understanding of the basic meaning.

10 3. Supports thesis with appropriate evidence from all or all but one of the documents. For 2 points: Evidence must be drawn from seven or eight documents and must be connected to thesis. For 1 point: Evidence must be drawn from six documents and connected to thesis.

11 4. Analyzes point of view in at least two documents. POV explains why this particular person might have this particular opinion OR what particular feature informs the authors POV. Students must move beyond mere description of that individual by considering and explaining the tone, the characteristics of the author, the intended audience, and/or how outcome may have influenced the authors opinion. Mere attribution is not sufficient. Attribution is copying or repeating information verbatim from the source line of the document.


13 P. O. V. The key to being successful in AP begins with reading the text. Dont worry about the text. All you need to read is the Princeton Review. Now for the Football DBQ

14 SITUATION DESCRIPTION: The annual Mandarin Mustangs versus Bartram Bears football game was played Friday night. Due to family commitments I was unable to attend the game. The game was decided when Ryan Mole caught a touchdown pass on the last play of the 4th quarter giving Mandarin a 14-10 victory.

15 Monday morning when I arrived at school "everyone" was talking about the "catch" and the victory. What I want to know is what REALLY happened and just how great of a play this catch actually was.

16 Throughout the day I spoke to the following people in an attempt to obtain the truth. As I review each source I must constantly ask myself what is the validity of each person's comment and what is their particular expertise in the area of high school football.

17 DOCUMENT 1 Tom Robard, Newspaper Reporter, The Florida Times Union The annual Mandarin-Bartram Trail football game ended in dramatic fashion when Ryan Mole caught the game winning touchdown pass as time expired. Mole made a leaping catch and landed safely in the end zone capping an improbable come from behind win for the Mustangs. (Note: most high school game results are phoned into the newspaper sports desk)

18 DOCUMENT 2 Ryan Mole, Mandarin receiver who caught the winning pass Did you see that catch?! I mean it was great! Man I knew I had it! That D-back was nothing! I ran right by him and just reached out and pulled it in. Focus, real focus!! We're number 1!!

19 DOCUMENT 3 Pat Brickey, Offensive Coach, Mandarin High School Great catch! Unbelievable! Ryan has heart and no quit in him. When it mattered I knew he would come through. He's tough, a real gamer! I had the team focused. We were ready to play. Never a doubt!

20 DOCUMENT 4 Breanna Jones, Mandarin Cheerleader Captain It was a totally awesome catch! We won the game and, like totally disgraced that other team. I knew we would win after our half-time show, and we did! We rock! Go MHS! Those Bartram guys had no chance. And you should have seen those Bartram Trail girls! Their cheers were sloppy and screechy. No wonder we won!!! We're number 1!!

21 DOCUMENT 5 Laurie Graack, Mandarin teacher who attended the game to watch her son play Mandarin played real hard. The boys were great. It was a great catch that won a hard fought game. The noise in the stands after the game was unbelievable. Everyone was hugging each other and screaming.

22 DOCUMENT 6 Demetrius Johnson, Defensive back who covered Ryan, Bartram Trail High School We were robbed. That guy never caught the ball, he was lying there on the ground and the ball fell in his hands. He pushed me and the ref never saw nothing. Mandarin is nothing, but a bunch of cheaters!

23 DOCUMENT 7 Sean Ramirez, Bartram Trail High School What can I say? Demetrius played him real tight. Mandarin ended up on the ground with the ball and the touchdown. Some nights you just aren't lucky, some you are.

24 DOCUMENT 8 Owen Dyson, Football Referee, excerpt from his game report to the Florida High School Athletic Association It was a clean and simple catch resulting in a touchdown. No penalty was involved.

25 DOCUMENT 9 Robert Benson, Assistant Football Coach, University of Florida. Excerpt from his scouting report. #83 Ryan Mole, Senior. Position: Wide Receiver. Height: 5'6". Weight: 155. Comment: Has poor hands and only average speed.

26 Source: Robert Southey, English Romantic poet, after visiting Manchester in 1807, Colloquies on the Progress and Prospects of Society,1829. A place more destitute than Manchester is not easy to conceive. In size and population it is the second city of the kingdom. Imagine this multitude crowded together in narrow streets, the hoses build of brick and blackened with smoke: frequent buildings among them as large as convents, without their antiquity, without their beauty, without their holiness, where you hear from within, the everlasting din of machinery; and where, when the bell rings, it is to call the wretches to their work instead of their prayers. 2002 AP Euro, Manchester DBQ

27 Source: Thomas B. Macauley, liberal Member of Parliament and historian, essay, "Southey's Colloquies," 1830's. People live longer because they are better fed, better lodged, better clothed and better attended in sickness, and these improvements are owing to the increase in national wealth which the manufacturing system has produced. Mr. [Robert] Southey has found a way, he tells us, in which the effects of manufactures and agriculture may be compared. And what is this way? To stand on a hill, to look at a cottage and a factory, and to see which is prettier. Does Mr. Southey think that the English peasantry live, or ever lived, in substantial and ornamented cottages, with box hedges, flower gardens, beehives and orchards? 2002 AP Euro, Manchester DBQ

28 5. Grouping Analyzes documents by grouping them, in two or three ways, depending on the question. Shoe grouping Stuffed animal grouping

29 6. Identifies and explains the need for one type of appropriate additional document or source. Students must identify an appropriate additional document or source and explain how the document or source will contribute to an analysis of the effects of the silver trade.

30 Expanded Core (excellence) Expanded thesis Careful and insightful analysis of documents Analyzes P.O.V. in more than two documents Brings in relevant outside historical evidence Identifies more than one additional document or provides a particularly sophisticated explanation of why the additional document is necessary.

31 DBQ Essential Tools List: 1. Manchester DBQ (2002 AP Euro Exam) 2. Football DBQ (PowerPoint) on POV 3. Parental DBQ 4. AP College Central(most recent DBQ and info) 5. My email

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