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PIAA FOOTBALL CONCERNS The following slides depict areas of concern that have surfaced from the last couple of seasons.

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1 PIAA FOOTBALL CONCERNS The following slides depict areas of concern that have surfaced from the last couple of seasons.

2 PROPER UNIFORM The proper uniform for PIAA Registered Football Officials is clearly defined in the Annual PIAA Pre-Season Football Bulletin. Shoes must be SOLID BLACK AND SHINED. SHIRTS AND PANTS MUST BE CLEAN PRESSED AND NEAT!!

3 PROPER UNIFORM Cold weather pants (black) should be tailored to give a more custom made appearance. These are now available for purchase through vendors such as POS-Pittsburgh. They may be worn in COLD weather. Chain crews may wear them as well.

4 PIAA SPORTSMANSHIP MESSAGE Must be read or recited VERBATIM to Head Coaches and Captains. Head Coaches MUST certify their team is legally equipped by NFHS Football Rules and PIAA Adoptions. Failure to do so indicates the officials will promote selective enforcement of rules.

5 SELECTIVE ENFORCEMENT OF RULES Officials MUST enforce all rules as adopted by the PIAA Board of Directors. If officials do not agree with rules, they still must enforce them as written. Official SHALL NOT have selective enforcement of what they think the rules should be. There is a formalized process for changing Rules; please follow it.

6 RULES CHANGE PROCESS Request a NFHS rules change proposal from the PIAA Office. Complete the NFHS rules change proposal form and submit to Dr. Robert A. Lombardi, Associate Executive Director Acceptable rules proposals will be submitted to NFHS.

7 DISQUALIFICATION PROCESS If you have to eject a player/coach or bench personnel from a contest, You MUST: Submit a DQ form to the PIAA Office within 24 hours citing the rule and actions under which the ejection occurred. Do not editorialize!! Submit as many details as possible. Forms are available on-line.

8 DISQUALIFICATION PROCESS CONTINUED Failure to submit report in timely fashion may cause problems for schools; officials; PIAA and you. Failure to adhere may result in your probation or suspension. Cannot make ejection go away with no report. If eject; must report. No exceptions.

9 DISQUALIFICATION PROCESS CONTINUED Each schools AD and Principal MUST meet with the ejected coach or contestant and detail in a report what corrective action has been taken. This report MUST be signed by all parties and sent to their respective, district football chairman.

10 PIAA ADOPTIONS Listed in Annual Pre-Season Football Bulletin. Cannot change; just enforce. Includes PIAA adopted mechanics for 6 and 7 officials. DO NOT MODIFY – if desire change follow process as previously stated.

11 SIGNALS All PIAA football officials are to utilize proper NFHS Football signals without exception. Practice them; use them; critique fellow chapter officials. DO NOT use homemade or chapter adopted signals/mechanics.

12 VISORS No longer need school principal authorization. Legal by NFHS football rules provided it is not constructed of; a molded, rigid material or is not clear, it must be without the presence of any tint.

13 Extended Quarters Officials are not authorized to remain on the field in an officiating capacity if schools agree to play extended quarters. This is contrary to proper playing time for junior high and senior high competition. May place officials in liability jeopardy.

14 Junior High Reminder The first three (3) days of mandatory football practice for junior high participants shall be nonphysical contact. Players may wear only helmets, shoulder pads and football shoes during the first 3 days of practice.

15 Coin Toss Mechanics Same procedure to start contest Second half – get choice from teams – communicate information to Referee Meet in center of field to mark cards Line up teams Kickoff No need for 2 nd half ceremonial toss

16 CHECK PIAA WEB SITE During the season, we often put together an updated rules bulletin on calls, or questions, that have occurred. Please check the football page, or the officials section, of the PIAA web site for updated in-season information. We are attempting to place more items of interest on the site to assist officials.

17 GOOD LUCK – BEST WISHES Enjoy interscholastic athletics at its best. Enjoy the camaraderie of brother and sister officials. Promote participation in the interscholastic sports arena. Encourage others to get involved with interscholastic athletics – The Best Game in Town.

18 THANK YOU Charles Buss Carr PIAA Statewide Football Rules Interpreter 160 Mill Road Selinsgrove, PA 17870 570/743-1419 Dr. Robert A. Lombardi Assoc. Executive Director PIAA 550 Gettysburg Road P.O. Box 2008 Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 800/382-1392 717/697-0374

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