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©2013. The Ophelia Project.. How does CASS affect students? ©2013. The Ophelia Project.

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1 ©2013. The Ophelia Project.

2 How does CASS affect students? ©2013. The Ophelia Project.

3 A CASS School is……Teachers… … Students…. …Friends… … Families… ©2013. The Ophelia Project.

4 LEADERSHIP TEAM LEADERSHIP TEAM Program Manager District Team Superintendent School Board District Personnel Building Administrative Team Principal / Assistant Principal Counselors / Behavioral Support Staff Teacher Team Teacher Leaders Teacher Student / Youth Ambassador Team Ambassador Facilitators Youth Ambassadors Student Leaders Students Parent / Community Team Parent / Community Leaders Parents Community Centers / Organizations Sports Organizations Local Businesses CASS Organization and Roles ©2013. The Ophelia Project.

5 Whos Who in CASS? ©2013. The Ophelia Project.

6 Best Practices for Safe Schools Systemic approach to aggression prevention and intervention Greenberg, et al., 2003; Nation et al., 2003; Nixon and Werner, 2010; Weissberg, Kumpfer, & Seligman, 2003 Balanced approach for changing behavior with conflict resolution, empathy, and pro-social skill development Heydenberk, Heydenberk, Tzenova, 2006 Address students normative beliefs Cross & Peisner, 2009; Nixon & Werner, 2010; Werner & Nion, 2005 Pro-active, student-supported discipline policy and consequences. Gottfredson, Gottfredson, Payne, & Gottfredson, 2005; Skiba & Peterson, 2000 ©2013. The Ophelia Project.

7 We treat everyone with respect and civility. We can get help from others to talk about aggression. We know how to tell if our behaviors have crossed the line into aggression. We are each accountable for our actions and when we make a mistake, we make it right. We protect each other. CASS Normative Beliefs ©2013. The Ophelia Project.

8 How do we get started? Pre-implementation Task Lists: – Set a Due date for task list items with Program Manager. – Look over list to see if you have any questions. – Delegate tasks to members of your team. – Schedule regular follow-up sessions with Program Manager to track progress and/or trouble shoot. ©2013. The Ophelia Project.

9 Our vision for a safe school… TOGETHER WE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! ©2013. The Ophelia Project.

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