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Department of History Course Choices for Students entering Year 2 in 2012-13.

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1 Department of History Course Choices for Students entering Year 2 in 2012-13

2 Sources of Information Make sure you have the Choice Form for your specific degree programme Information for current students History Course Directory (RHUL) Information about intercollegiate and interdepartmental courses Degree structure

3 Where to Get Advice 1.Tutors of subjects which interest you 2.Your personal tutor 3.Course Allocation Officer (Dr David Gwynn, McCrea 335) Use staff members office hours to communicate with them – dont bombard them with emails!

4 Types of Second Year History Course Group 2 course - 1 unit; all year; 2-hour seminar/week; class size = 20 students Group 1 courses - 1/2 unit each; one term; 1 lecture & 1 seminar (class size about 15 students) each week

5 Second Year History courses… HS2301: Research Skills – 1/2 unit; term1 HS2300 Independent Essay – 1/2 unit; term 2 Meet with research group/choose title in summer term; skills programme in term 1; research & write 5,000 word essay in term 2

6 Choosing HS2300 Independent Essay groups Important information about the HS2300 Independent Essay and how to register for a research group will be given in the final session of HS1008 Doing History on Thursday, 22 March 2012. Watch out later this term for emails on this topic from Dr Alex Windscheffel.

7 Latin for Historians HS1111 or HS2111 Latin for Historians - 1/2 unit; all year; for those especially interested in ancient & medieval history (replaces a Group 1 in term 2)

8 Joint and Combined Degrees Partner departments for joint history degrees (International Relations; French; Spanish; German; Music) organise their course choices separately. Exception: BA Modern History and Politics - contact Dr Gwynn before Tuesday 6 March if you wish to take a unit in PIR.

9 Subjects in other RHUL Departments You may substitute a half or full unit from another department in place of up to two Group 1 half- units. If these subjects are from the lists for PIR or Classics, please see Dr Gwynn as soon as possible, and definitely before Tuesday 6 March. If you wish to take a course in another department (e.g. Music, English, Geography, a Language), contact the relevant department first, and then see Dr Gwynn, before 6 March.

10 Choosing Group 2 Courses List of Group 2s: Information for current students N.B. Not all 2011-12 courses will run in 2012-13.

11 Intercollegiate Group 2 courses BA History & BA History with an International Year : You may take a Group 2 at another London college. Only courses on the list on the website are available in 2012-13. Intercollegiate courses may only be chosen as your 1st or 2nd preference. The Department contributes to train fares, but commuting to central London takes time and organisation.

12 Choosing Group 2 courses - practicalities Register Group 2 preferences on the form for your degree. Please read the notes on the front page. You must give the number of preferences requested; or your form will be dealt with last. You must fill out all the personal details. Note that some Group 2 courses may only be selected as a 1 st or 2 nd preference.

13 Group 2 choices - deadlines Tuesday 6 March, 1pm - if you hope to take an intercollegiate course. Tuesday 13 March, 1pm - if you are only interested in RHUL courses. Submit your form to the box outside McCrea 318 Allocations to Group 2 courses will be posted in the History Department at the start of the summer term.

14 Choosing Group 1 courses Group 1 subjects listed on website: Information for current students Take note of the following: In which term is the Group 1 running? How many Group 1 subjects do you need to take in each term for your degree? Do you need to take Group 1 subjects from Basket A and/or Basket B?

15 IMPORTANT Compulsory start-up meetings for Group 2s, Group 1s and the HS2300 Independent Essay. Held at the end of summer term ( May 28-June 8 ). If you do not attend, your place on any oversubscribed course will be jeopardised. Do not assume that once your exams are over, your summer term commitments have finished!

16 BA History Register for Group 1 subjects in person : Thursday 24 May 2012 McCrea, Room 336 Please bring: list of preferred Group 1s list of back-up choices pen, spare paper, & student card

17 BA Modern History and Politics Compulsory subjects: Choose Group 2 from either HS2271 Modern Political Ideas or HS2280: The Devil's Decade: Britain, America and the Great Slump, 1929-41 HS2300 Independent Essay. Only Modern History (i.e. post 1789) PIR subjects: See Dr Gwynn before Tuesday 6 March if interested. Register preference for Group 1 subjects by returning the form before 1pm, 13 March to the box outside McCrea 318.

18 All Other Degree Options Compulsory History subjects listed on your course choice forms. Register preference for optional history subjects by returning the form: by 1pm, Tuesday 13 March to box outside McCrea 318. Check with Partner Departments for this course choice arrangements.

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