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Université Monastir Institut Supérieur Informatique Mahdia.

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1 Université Monastir Institut Supérieur Informatique Mahdia

2 General introduction To do List Whats the used solution for the to do List ? The Planing Choised Project interfaces ConclusionPLAN 1.Definition 2. functions 1.General 2.Som Solition For the Free to do list 1.Exemple 2.principe 1.Index Page : Add of login interface 2.Default page 3.Gadget Application 1.MyTinyTodo Development Blog Introdution Installation configuration 1.Open source Software 2.Assembla

3 General Introdution: 1.Open source software : is computer software with its source code made available and licensed with an open source license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open source software is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner. Open source software is the most prominent example of open source development and often compared to (technically defined) user-generated content or (legally defined) open content movements.

4 General Introdution: Assembla:

5 Introduction Générales: Assembla: Buts The purpose is not to advertise on this site, but also allow you to use assembla for your future projects, that I taught you to serve something.

6 Introduction Générales: assembla just made a big update of its services. Unfortunately, it also took the opportunity to make private space charge. So if you want to continue using their services for free, you'll have to make them accessible to public.

7 FREE TO DO LIST The Project

8 Free to do List 1. Definition: FREE-TO-DO-LIST is a open source software that allows the organizer Checklist Spots Make a plan and work...

9 Free to do List Tasks can be displayed in either calendar, either directly within the application. They are then displayed as a list and classified by maturity.? Tasks maturing near exceeded or are put forward to manage priorities more effectively. You can also switch to "Priorities" and list the tasks based on priority status or not you have assigned them during their creation. 1.Fonctionnalites: * Check th list of Tasks

10 Free to do List Finally, you can filter to display tasks based on their type, the group to which they belong, their status or their author. Create and assign a task: Creating / editing a task is done through a simple form you can fill in the title, description, type, due date of the task and the estimated time of completion. You can then report a priority status and assign this task to a member. 1. Fonctionnalites:

11 Whats the solution for to do List ?(Mytinytodo) Good organization starts with good management tasks and therefore priorities. For this, there are several solutions: - The paper (or post-it) + the pencil with the task list to use. - The software of "project management" as the Project (but too complex!). - Solutions To Do List online. 1.General :

12 Whats the solution for to do List ?(Mytinytodo) - Taskii : very nice, easy to use (and French for once!). Free trial 30 days, but pay later. I used it for 1 year with my assistant (very efficient!). - ManyMoon : a solution of collaborative project management free, which allows you to manage a list of tasks themes. A little heavy, but very effective ideas to Rate. Simplify Your Work Life from Manymoon on Vimeo. Some solutions of To do List:

13 Whats the solution for to do List ?(Mytinytodo) - Remember The Milk used this version in the beginning, but I was fairly convinced by the ergonomic... - Evernote : This application is great for taking notes, but it is not at all ergonomic... organize them by priority shame because the iphone / Web / Desktop is really good. - : it is the application of Bascamp To do List... but iphone application so far... Too bad! Some solutions of To do List:

14 The Planning of to do List : Exemple of planning for David Seah: To help you better manage your priorities and define what you will do, David Seah has created for you a mini calendar that allows you to set your priorities! On paper you must define: - Your priority actions of the day - Their progress - Their difficulty

15 Le Planning de Gestion des Tâches: The principle is: - Manage projects in a set - Separate tasks into small actions 15 minutes non-stop for a break Keep track of what you've done (eg if you are freelance) David also offers a monthly calendar on the left with the days of the month, and on the right key dates, which allows him to see just what are the important dates coming up in the schedule. The Principe:

16 The Project MyTinyTodo Development Blog:

17 The Projet : * Introduction: MyTinyTodo : A simple task management This was a locker that I was looking for a simple tool that I can host myself, which is in web and compatible smartphones. myTinyTodo is made for this. To put in place, it is very easy. From : MyTinyTodo Development Blog:

18 The Project : MyTinyTodo Development Blog: * Installation: 0. wget 1. unzip latest.php 2. chown -Rf www-data. mytinytodo 3. rm -f latest.php

19 Le Projet choisi: MyTinyTodo Development Blog: * Configuration: You will have to create a user and a database first, and then start the installation by connecting to your site, for example: Then once the installation is done, remove the setup file:

20 Les modifications a faire : Add of a Login interface < we have Add an interface with login and Password so only allowed users can login for the Application la page Index

21 La page:default on this interface we add « logout » to destroy the session,

22 Application :gadget on Windows Desktop In this interface if you write any subject with a well determined time and click the "Save" button, it ll be registred directly to the database. to activate the gadget ToDoList.gadget u have to put the application under "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets"

23 Conclusion: The word is the forging of metal by work strain, hot or cold, by the use of a tool and a shock bracket. Task Manager: Enter the various tasks that were to be carried out in a suitable part. This is a great way to not only be sure not to forget, but also to clear the mind and since we do not hold all day to go buy mustard back from work.

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