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flect/flex (Latin root) to bend

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1 flect/flex (Latin root) to bend
Vocabulary List #28 flect/flex (Latin root) to bend

2 1. deflect Example: The stealth technology used on some of our bombers and fighter planes works by deflecting radar technology. Part of speech: verb Definition: to turn aside, especially from a straight or fixed course

3 2. flexible Example: Her work schedule was flexible, which was helpful when enrolling for college classes. Part of speech: adjective Definition: easily bent; adaptable

4 3. genuflect Example: Pilgrims in China not only genuflect before religious shrines but also may lay themselves flat on the ground and light incense as well. Part of speech: verb Definition: To kneel on one knee and then rise as an act of respect

5 4. inflection Example: She couldn’t understand her grandfather’s words, but she knew from his inflection that he was asking a question. Part of speech noun Definition: a change in the pitch, tone, or loudness of the voice

6 5. reflect Example: The CST reflects well on your abilities. Part of speech: verb Definition: to give back or show an image of; to reproduce; show

7 Academic Vocabulary #28

8 1. infer Example: I inferred from his behavior that he was no longer interested in setting a good example. Part of speech verb Definition: To come to a conclusion or form an opinion about something based on evidence or reasoning

9 2. formulate Example 1: He formulated his plan carefully.
Example 2: In math class, we formulate our answers using the quadratic formula. Part of speech verb Definition 1: to draw something up or create something carefully and in detail Definition 2: to express something using a formula or as a formula (math and science)

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