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2013-2014. WOTD #36 Perpetuate (v)- to cause to be continued or to be remembered for a long time Ex.- This statue was built to perpetuate the memory of.

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1 2013-2014

2 WOTD #36 Perpetuate (v)- to cause to be continued or to be remembered for a long time Ex.- This statue was built to perpetuate the memory of the war hero.

3 WOTD #37 Vivid (adj)- clear, vibrant, colorful Ex.- The vivid night showed hundreds of stars overhead.

4 WOTD #38 Appall (v)- to shock; to dismay; to horrify Ex.- Didnt the newspaper editor realize that a picture of the crime victim would appall many readers?

5 WOTD #39 Dissembling (v)- disguising the truth about something Ex.- Abigail was obviously dissembling when Parris questioned her about her antics in the woods.

6 WOTD #40 Vindictive (adj)- vengeful; eager to get revenge when wronged Ex.- The vindictive ex-girlfriend found great satisfaction in spreading rumors about her former boyfriend.

7 WOTD #41 Ascertain (v)- to find out Ex.- He could not ascertain what the problem was from the hysterical girl.

8 WOTD#42 Prodigious (adj)- extraordinary in size; wonderful; monstrous Ex.- When I look at my student loan bills, I wonder if I will ever pay off the prodigious debts.

9 WOTD #43 Indignant (adj)- filled with anger caused by something unjust or mean Ex.- Rachels indignant response to her mother resulted in a weeks grounding.

10 WOTD #44 Deadpan (adj)- showing no feeling; expressionless The deadpan look on the comedians face made his jokes seem even funnier.

11 WOTD #45 Excel (v)- to do better than others; to surpass If you want to excel at something, you will probably have to work very hard and make sacrifices.

12 WOTD #46 Paradox (n)- any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature. Ex.- The paradox of the Salem community is that one would expect the Puritans to exemplify Christian behavior, but instead they sought revenge and murder.

13 WOTD #47 Ordeal (n)- harsh or trying experience; severe test; nightmare Ex.- The ordeal of battle created strong bonds of affection and loyalty among the soldiers.

14 WOTD #48 Stolid (adj)- unemotional, unexcitable, impassive Ex.- Orrin is so stolid that sometimes I feel I should take his pulse to make sure hes alive.

15 WOTD #49 Licentious (adj)- lacking moral restraint In The Crucible, the people of Salem thought they had many licentious people lurking around their village.

16 WOTD #50 Blanched (v)- to turn pale with shock or fear Parris blanched when Abigail said Tituba called the devil.

17 WOTD #51 Whim (n)- sudden notion; fancy; impulse The Worthingtons are very wealthy and often take off for Europe on a whim.

18 WOTD #52 Ameliorate (v)- to improve His attempt to ameliorate the situation between the fighting friends resulted in a punch in the face.

19 WOTD #53 Monstrous (adj)- tremendous She came back from the dessert bar with a monstrous amount of ice cream.

20 WOTD #54 Subtle (adj)- delicate; difficult to understand or distinguish Ex.- The best friend made the subtle comment that the girls outfit was not flattering.

21 WOTD #55 Daft (adj)- crazy; mad They thought he was quite daft when he suggested they pick up and leave on an unplanned vacation.

22 WOTD #56 Inaudibly (adv)- unable to be heard clearly The inaudibly spoken speech caused the class to fall asleep.

23 WOTD #57 Tyranny (n)- a cruel use of authority; oppressive power Ex.- The tyranny of many dictators and kings proves that power can corrupt people.

24 WOTD #58 Hypocrisy (n)- an expression of feelings or beliefs not actually possessed or held Varied forms include hypocrite and hypocritical Ex.- The cliché actions speak louder than words reveals a nature of hypocrisy in humans.

25 WOTD #59 Unintelligible (adj)- incomprehensible; unable to understand Ex.- The unintelligible writing caused the student to earn a zero on the assigned essay.

26 WOTD #60 Indictment (n)- accusation Ex.- The indictment that she had cheated on her test caused the girl to yell in outrage.

27 WOTD #61 Dauntless (adj)- fearless Ex.- The mans dauntless struggle with cancer made all the doctors admire him.

28 WOTD #62 Beguiling (adj)- charming or delighting Ex.- His beguiling smiles caused her to instantly fall in love.

29 WOTD #63 Craven (adj)- cowardly person Mitchells craven behavior of blaming someone else for his disrupting the class caused the teacher to completely lose respect for him.

30 WOTD #64 Deficiency (n)- a lack Ex.- He had a deficiency when it came to math.

31 WOTD #65 Composed (adj)- calm; cool and collected Ex.- He stayed completely composed when the lawyer questioned him.

32 WOTD #66 Strife (n)- a bitter conflict Ex.- Longfellow tells readers to Be a hero in the strife!

33 WOTD #67 Solemn (adj)- sacred; formal; serious; somber Ex.- We gathered in a solemn assembly to honor the fallen men and women in our military.

34 WOTD #68 Eloquence (n)- articulate; powerfully and effectively persuasive Ex.- The politicians eloquence made up for his dismal voting record.

35 WOTD #69 Patriarch (n)- a man who is a father or founder; generally refers to the Old Testament and the father of the human race Hes not just a patriarch; hes a mentor and role model.

36 WOTD #70 Morose (adj)- gloomy and ill-tempered Ex.- The cantankerous old man stayed morose all the time.

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