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The List Written by: Siobhan Vivian

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1 The List Written by: Siobhan Vivian
Published in April 1st 2012 Published by PUSH This PowerPoint is provided by: Alivia Moore

2 Introduction The list is a novel that takes place at Mount Washington High School, where a list written stating the most prettiest and ugliest girl of each grade. There are different stories of multiple girls on how they take the news of their place on the list as their popularity changes.

3 1. Abby - Protagonist 8. Danielle-protagonist
2. Fern Lauren-protagonist 3. Candace- antagonist 4. Bridget- protagonist 5. Sarah- antagonist 6. Margo- 7. Jennifer- antagonist

4 Conflicts The conflict in this story is that the list makes girls at Mount Washington High feel insecure or arrogant. If this was present in your school what are some suggestions to help stop this tradition? Tell the principal Try to find who is making the list



7 In my Own Words…..

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