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The First Few Pages By: Jeton Mehmeti Joshi Dibyadhar 07.06.20141.

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2 The First Few Pages By: Jeton Mehmeti Joshi Dibyadhar 07.06.20141

3 Introduction 07.06.20142 Title Abstract List of contents Introduction

4 07.06.20143 Title Page Where is this made? Master Thesis University of Oslo Department of Informatics Spring 2009 Reading Castaneda: A Prologue to the Social Sciences Jeton Mehmeti Joshi Dibyadhar What is it? What is it about? Who made it? When was it delivered? 07.05.2009

5 Abstract Covers the following: Your research problem Why that problem is important and worth studying Your data and methods Your main findings 07.06.20144

6 Abstract Should never start with this research or report…. rather summarise the content. Should be limited to around 100 words 07.06.20145

7 List of contents Your list of contents should allow readers to find their way easily between different parts of the dissertation. To demonstrate that you are a logical thinker, able to write with clear organization. To allow readers to see the content of dissertation at once. Use of double numbering system. e.g.. – 2 Review of the literature – 2.1 The background studies – 2.2 The core readings 07.06.20146

8 The introduction Murcoot (1997:1) says that the point of an introduction is to answer the question: – what is the thesis about? She advise to explain: – Why you have chosen this topic? – Why this topic interests you? – The kind of research approach you will utilize, – Your research questions/problems. 07.06.20147

9 Conclusion The impression you create at the start of your dissertation is very important. Your title, abstract, list of contents and introduction should be appropriate, informative and attention grabbing. 07.06.20148

10 Q & A Thank you for your attention! 07.06.20149

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