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Hosted Communications Product Brochure. Voice Applications as a Service Our hosted voice applications, delivered from highly-resilient, telephony- grade.

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1 Hosted Communications Product Brochure

2 Voice Applications as a Service Our hosted voice applications, delivered from highly-resilient, telephony- grade data centres, can add value to any existing on-site PBX infrastructure or hosted voice service, including IP Centrex services provided from the TeleWare Intelligent eXchange platform. Applications can be delivered to your site(s) over a variety of connections, including SIP Trunking, broadband and leased lines. Deploying the Complete Solution The telephony applications are delivered as a fully managed service, removing all support issues and can be scaled to ensure you have a solution that meets changing business requirements and maintains pace with new developments. Resilience and service continuity are critical to your business and so all applications are provided from our redundant and resilience data centres. Where we are providing you with IP Centrex services for your call switching, we also provide a free DDI redirection capability, routing your calls automatically to alternative numbers such as your home or mobile number if your network connection should fail. Pay for what you need Not all users have the same telephony requirements. Therefore, our solution allows you to pick and mix to meet your business requirements on a per user basis. We are in the unique position in the hosted telephony market of owning, operating and developing all applications for our own system. This ensures the system is maintained at a high standard and remains evergreen with support for new developments in the market. Hosted Telephony Applications Flexibility and scalability to suit current and future requirements Cost efficiency – only pay for what you use Access to state-of-the-art voice services and applications Hosted Applications delivered over both IP Centrex Services and an existing PBX infrastructure Try IP telephony applications with no capital outlay, risk or commitment Worry-free telephony applications with our fully managed service

3 Per user services for new and existing voice systems Mobile Office Call Recording Instant Conferencing Voice Messaging Intelligent Assistant Intelligent Number Hosted Telephony Applications Web Assistant Fax to Email Intelligent Number Increase the number of calls answered first time with a single virtual number Fax to Email Faxes received on your voice number and collected through your email inbox Mobile Office PBX features such as conferencing and call recording plus cost saving from low cost routing on mobile calls Intelligent Assistant Ensure all your calls are answered when you are unavailable with alternative contacts and dynamic team working Instant Conferencing Run impromptu virtual meetings, no pre booking required Voice Messaging Notification and retrieval of messages from phone or email inbox with access from any location Web Assistant Reduce administration delays and manage your own voice services online Call Recording Selective or blanket recording of calls from any phone, including the mobile

4 Improving Communications with Hosted Applications Business Services For 80% of customers, the telephone is the first point of contact with your business. So, its important your phone system handles calls efficiently and cost effectively and gives a professional image for your business living up to your callers expectations. With our Communications as a Service model you can put all your communications needs in our hands and concentrate on your business. Connectivity IP Centrex Telephone Services over your broadband connections SIP Trunking Converged services to reduce costs Wireless Extensions Connecting your mobile phones to your IP Centrex system to create a wireless office and reducing mobile call costs Inbound Call Management Auto Attendant Direct incoming calls to someone who can help IVR Automated handing of inbound calls to optimise use of resources Voice Forms Capture structured information from callers Voice Services Mobile Office Business telephony features on the mobile including conferencing, call recording and other call handling services Call Recording Selective or blanket recording of calls from any phone, including the mobile Instant Conferencing On demand conference calls where you only get charged for the cost of the call Broadcast Conferencing Conferencing in listen only mode for large volumes of attendees Team Working Team Number Share calls between team members based on skills Queuing Team ACD-like functionality with queuing in the cloud freeing resources by reducing demand on PBX ports Agent Management A tool for team supervisors to manage agents Wall boards Real-time statistics display on calls answered Virtual Call Centre Small location independent teams with contact centre type monitoring and control Call Handling Business Mailbox Centralised mailboxes for voicemail with SMS and email notification options Fax Mailbox A secure and versatile alternative to centralised fax machines Announcement Mailbox Updates and announcement distributed as a secure recorded messages

5 from our Data Centre to your Business A Managed Service Fully Managed Service Worry-free communications at a fixed cost per month Services when and where you want them Flexibility to support different work styles including mobile and distributed workers Data Centre Services Resilient services provided from our redundant multi-location data centres Per DDI Resilience Reduce risk of downtime and minimise disruption PSTN Minutes Competitive call rates both local and international Free On-net Calls Reduced costs of communications Cloud-based Service Options Reduce or remove impact on on-site hardware SIP Trunking Lease Lines Broadband Scalable Size up or down to meet your current & future requirements Secure Layers 3 & 4 based security for protection against attack

6 Hosted Communications Benefits Hosted Communications solutions provide you with a high level of future proofing. Services and numbers of users can be varied at any time to suit changing business needs. Our platform is based on the SIP protocol, an industry-standard that has gained widespread adoption, combined with a network infrastructure that enables extremely high data rates. Future Proofing With a Hosted Communications solution, upkeep becomes more cost-efficient as companies are not required to employ specialist engineers to maintain proprietary equipment. Instead, all support for your applications is provided as a managed service. A Hosted Communications solution can make it easier for companies to offer staff the option of remote working. Staff can be located anywhere, whether at home or at a remote site, and still have full access to their network and to the full business telephony services. Call Cost Savings Savings on Maintenance Flexible Working Deliver IP Telephony applications without any additional servers to support or engineer training needed. Operational Savings As a Virtual Network Operator (VNO), Hosted Communications uses a number of partner carriers to deliver best-of-breed, high quality and cost effective networking services throughout the UK. National Coverage We offer an end-to-end service and provide a totally managed service including the on-site hardware. Provided as a Managed Service Hosted Communications can be used to provide a common set of applications across dispersed sites and multiple existing PBXs as well as over IP Centrex connections for home workers and to a mobile workforce. User Acceptance/ Consistent Access Telephone as a Strategic Asset Simple to Use Free inter site calls between users – via internal IP telephony network. Save money on existing telephony costs. (applies to customers taking our IP Centrex service) Use of Reports can move the telephone from a practical locally acquired service to a centrally specified and supplied strategic operational, marketing and management tool set with the ability to monitor telephone performance standards Hosted Communications services are designed to be a simple and worry-free offering of consistent and easy to use services with maximum flexibility to meet the differing needs of your employees. The applications enhance employee telephone-based productivity and the services are business, not technology, led services which anyone can administer. The benefits above are those provided by the use of our Hosted Communications services. The applications themselves also provide strategic benefits to the business and these are detailed in our Intelligent Office and Intelligent Connect brochures. There are also platform benefits regarding resilience, security, reliability and cost savings which are covered in our Intelligent eXchange Brochure.

7 Communications In Safe Hands We have been providing managed and hosted communications services to business customers in the UK since 1997, and IP Telephony based services since 2001. A key consideration when putting your communications in the hands of a third party is to ensure they have the experience and reliability and flexibility to deliver the service your business needs. We provide a wide choice of business applications, the ability to utilise your existing assets and options for survivability, scalability, network convergence and fixed mobile integration. Please see relevant Vertical Brochures for more information on specific industry applications. EnterpriseSmall BusinessHomeworker PolicePublic SectorRetail StadiaManufacturing & LogisticsFinance

8 Online: Sales: +44 (0) 1845 52 11 14 Email: Hosted Communications provide voice services and telephony applications as a scalable managed voice solution that will reduce operation costs and benefit from low rental and highly competitive call costs. We do not own the network and therefore have the ability to deploy over a wide variety of networks to meet business needs. Connectivity options include SIP Trunking, IP Centrex voice switching, with a full features PBX with Class 5 switch capabilities, and deployment of applications over your existing PBX or mixture of PBXs. This document is provided for information only. In line with company policy of continued improvement of products and services, TeleWare reserves the right to alter product specification without notice. TeleWare is a registered trademark. Copyright © 2010 TeleWare plc pb100601

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