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2 What is Flexibag? a package that is used for storage and
transportation of non-hazardous liquids products. is intended for installation in 20ft containers. is a foldable tank which is made of various materials selected to match product type and customer requirement.

3 BENEFITS Reduce packaging, storage and
transportation costs by a sizable margin. Easy to handle. Environment friendly constructed. Loads up to 24,000litres equivalent. Zero contamination. Zero leasing cost. Zero repositioning cost.

4 FLEXIBAG The standard Flexibag is composed
of 4 inner layers of food-type Polyethylene (PE) and 1 outer layer of woven Polypropylene fabric (PP). Sizes ranging from 18CBM-24CBM in order to maximize the capability of a heavyweight 20ft depending on SG of the product to be carried. Is Manufactured according to ISO 9002 standard/FDA/EC.

Vegetable Oils, Wine, Corn Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Animal Oils, Water, Sugar Syrup, Sorbitol, Glucose, Flat Beer, Beer Syrup Concentrate, Jam, Egg-Liquid, Fruit Juice Concentrate, Malt Extract, Milk, Sauces, Fish Sauce. INDUSTRIAL / CHEMICALS Lube Oils, Base Oils, Glycerine, Glycol, Silicate Binder, Natural Latex, Synthetic Latex, Glue, Emulsions,Water Based Paints, Transformer Oils, White Oil, Detergents, Adhesive, Hair Shampoos/Conditioner, Mineral Oils, Lanolin, Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Optical Brightener, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Ti-Pure Rutile Paper Slurry.

6 Fitting & Loading Supervision
SCOPE OF WORK Fitting & Loading Supervision Container Inspection Providing the accessories i.e. Metal Bulkhead, Corrugated paper Export Custom Clearance & Transportation service Sea freight service and cooperation

7 TYPE OF FLEXIBAG Top Loading / Bottom Discharge 4 layers (1PP+3PE)
3 inch valve Bottom Loading / Bottom Discharge 4 layers (1PP+3PE) 3 inch valve Top Loading / Top Discharge 4 layers (1PP+3PE) 3 inch valve

8 Key contact person Handle Inter Services Co.,Ltd.
Pranee Petchwong : Mobile no / Patsaya Petch-iam : Mobile no / Handle Inter Services Co.,Ltd. 1 Handle Inter Group Building, Bangna-Trad Soi 21 (Yeak 11) Bangna-Trad Road, Bangna, Bangkok 10260 Tel : Ext no. 2130, 2131 Fax :

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