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What is IB? & What is not IB?

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2 What is IB? & What is not IB?
Two Questions . . . What is IB? & What is not IB?

3 Interdisciplinary & Service
What is IB? Holistic learning Interdisciplinary & Service Understanding International Mindedness

4 Holistic Learning = Teaching the whole child

5 The IB Learner Profile

6 Learner Profile Inquirer Knowledgeable Thinker Communicator Reflective
Cognitive Inquirer Knowledgeable Thinker Communicator Reflective Attitude Principled Open Minded Balanced Caring Risk Taker

7 Interdisciplinary Understanding
Learning between subjects: Areas of Interaction & The “Octagon”

8 Areas of Interaction

9 8 subject areas

10 International Mindedness
What do you know about the world? What languages to you speak? Are you going to take what you know and use it to make the world better?

11 What does IB look like when you put it all together?

12 Walker Middle Magnet Mission And Vision
Empowering students to take what they have learned and use it to make the world a better place. Mission: Equipping internationally minded students through rigorous, service based learning in an atmosphere of creativity, inquiry, and fun.

13 What is NOT IB? #1 IB is only for smart kids #2 All IB kids do is study . . .

14 Our Motto . . . RIGOR SERVICE PLAY

15 So how do I join the Walker Wolves Nation?

16 Advantages at Walker MYP in Hillsborough County offers greatest likelihood of your child having the IB experience. Earlier hours – 7:35 to 2:55pm – AM & PM H.O.S.T. Added points on high school magnet applications and selection index Highly specialized, IB and internationally trained faculty Access to a global learning community

17 How do I get in? Middle School: Lottery Scores do NOT affect results
High School Competitive Attending a magnet middle school gives an advantage on magnet high school application

18 List serve Go to Under ‘5th grade families’ click on
‘Sign up for updates’

19 Walker’s website

20 How do I apply? Go to: Click on ‘Choice options’

21 Under “Application Center” Click on “Click here”


23 How do I get to Walker? Car
Local routes for historic Walker attendance area Magnet transportation using HUB system available all other students Free and available when you need it Extensive car pool matching available

24 When can I apply??? January 9, 2012
Middle School Magnet Application Period: December 4, 2011- January 9, 2012

25 So what can I now tell the world about IB?

26 Holistic Learning

27 Interdisciplinary Service Learning

28 International Mindedness

29 Overview International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program
A program for year olds not just smart kids who only study Student centered learning International Mindedness Academically rigorous Interdisciplinary – Focus on learning between subjects Designed and reviewed by experienced, practicing educators

30 What if I have additional questions about applying?
Choice information line

31 The only way to limit your options is to not apply by January 9th . . .
Applying does not limit your options. If your child is selected in the lottery, you can accept or decline. Applying is FREE and takes about 5 minutes.

32 Tour the campus and experience all things Walker.
Don’t forget . . . Walker 5th Grade Open House Thursday, January 5, 2012 Tour the campus and experience all things Walker.


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