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Centralized Remote Monitoring of Renewable Power Plants

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1 Centralized Remote Monitoring of Renewable Power Plants
Abhinav Jain Domain Consultant

2 Wipro Technologies - Overview
Sustained Growth Partner to Industry Leaders Attracts the Best Talent Leaders Global Presence US $ Billion in Revenues (28% CAGR over 6 years) $ 5.2* Active Global Clients (150+ fortune 500 customers) 953* Employees 136734* Top 25 Countries 54 Company for Leaders, globally** (*Figures for Q – 12 for Global IT Business) Includes Global IT Services Business and Products **List announced by Aon Hewitt, The RBL Group and Fortune (Products revenue - as per Indian GAAP converted to USD based on realized exchange rate of IT Services business)

3 Wipro: Integrated Service Offerings
Industry verticals Wipro: Integrated Service Offerings Financial Services Retail, CPG, Transportation & Government Manufacturing & Hi-Tech Pharma & HLS ENU Telecom & Media Generation & Renewable Service lines Consulting (700+) Business Application Services ( ) Smart Grid Utilities & retail Technology Infrastructure Services (15000+) Transmission & Distribution Business Process Outsourcing ( ) Product Engineering Services (18000+) HSSE Analytics and Information Management (5000+) Oil & Gas Upstream & Downstream Mining & Metals CEO (ETRM)

4 Agenda Renewable Business Functions Approach to Solution
1 Current Automation State and Challenges 2 Approach to Solution 3 Demo Dashboard and Roadmap 4

5 Renewable Business Functions
IT and Automation Scenarios

6 Renewable Value Chain Engineering & Construction
Generation and Operations Plant Maintenance Grid Integration Design and Build Technology agnostic engineering Plant life cycle Management Design services SCADA and Plant monitoring Production forecasting Generation Control Alarms and Notifications Report generation Substation management Asset Management GIS integration Workforce Automation PPA management (Settlements) Back-office Integration KPIs and Reports dashboard Overall Production forecasting Delta forecasting Dispatch control and Scheduling Substation monitoring Grid Monitoring Commercial management Congestion & curtailment Situational intelligence

7 Current automation state and challenges
IT and Automation Scenarios

8 Current IT and Automation Practices

9 Business Challenges High Operational Cost Restrained Growth
More number of plants and labor Dispersed plants at remote locations Restrained Growth Huge number of plant with diverse set of data Plants are monitored and controlled locally System Hardware Dependency Multiple plants using multiple technologies Huge cost of hardware agnostic technologies Plant Production Reliability Intermittent nature of renewable resources Real time updates in production planning

10 IT and Automation Scenarios
Approach to Solution IT and Automation Scenarios

11 Monitoring: The Context
Who Wind/Solar plant IPPs Wind/Solar plant utilities Plant Owners/Operators What Operational Monitoring Performance Monitoring Business KPIs How Technical Considerations Architecture for Monitoring Good Practices

12 Monitoring Architecture - Field
Considerations How to collate data at a central place? How to handle link failure and data loss? What is the right device for data management – logger, RTU, SCADA? What is the right frequency of data collection? Good Practices Use Modbus for rooftop and small plants. Use wireless for plants spread across Attach a local PC for data buffering. Rooftop – data logger, small plants – RTU, larger plants – SCADA for local control Rooftop – 5 mins, small plants – 1 min, substations – 10 sec.

13 Enterprise Integration
Monitoring Architecture - Center Considerations How to integrate plants with different technologies and vendors? How to ensure real time data acquisition at very high rates? How to combine real time and enterprise data for reports and dashboard? OPC XML DNP3 IEC 104 Modbus Device Integration SCADA Good Practices Protocol independent device layer to integrate with any field situation Use SCADA for data acquisition and real time screen definition, including control actions Use collaboration tools for information exchange with field crew Integrate the solution with enterprise applications to gain efficiency Use portal mashup to bring together real time and analytic information. Historian Enterprise Integration Collaboration Real Time Dashboard Enterprise Apps Enterprise Apps Enterprise Apps Enterprise Apps Enterprise Security

14 Common Considerations
Wired, Wireless, VSAT – assess suitability Implement CIP standards from NERC Technology Areas Scalability Reliability Network Choice Cyber Security Accessibility Mobility Handle link fails, data losses Must be web accessible. Share data with Stakeholders Dashboard on handheld. Crew enablement Seamless scaling with increase in plants

15 Deployment Approach Scalability Security Accessibility Pay per use
Confidential © 2009 Wipro Ltd

16 Demo Dashboard and Roadmap
IT and Automation Scenarios

17 Demo Dashboard Confidential © 2009 Wipro Ltd

18 The Maturity Curve Passive Viewing Operations Monitoring
Delayed Plant data Alerts Offline actions Operations Monitoring Near real time Control actions Prediction and tracking Long term analytics Performance monitoring Dedicated team Integrated Operations Cause and action Integrated maintenance and inventory Manage commercial performance As an Utility Integrated operation and back-office Utilize KPIs from utilities

19 Abhinav Jain Domain Consultant Power Generation and Renewable

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