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Building trust in a multi-ethnic neighbourhood Chief Superintendent Gillian MacDonald.

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1 Building trust in a multi-ethnic neighbourhood Chief Superintendent Gillian MacDonald

2 Govanhill Location - situated on south side of Glasgow, south of the River Clyde, between Gorbals, Mount Florida and Queens Park Population - 15,000 (approx) History - arrival point for a number of waves of immigration, predominantly from Ireland, Pakistan and more recently from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania

3 Demographics Scotlands most culturally diverse neighbourhood 53 languages spoken 40% (approx) ethnic minority population 3-3,500 (approx) Eastern European/Roma population Highest proportion of private let properties in Scotland Neighbourhoods in bottom 15% SIMD Multiple deprivation factors present

4 Welcoming the new citizens of Europe 2004/06 – enlargement of the EU. New migrants, including Roma, from Slovakia and Czech Republic begin to move to Govanhill 2007/08 - numbers grow to include small numbers of Roman from Romania. Challenges emerge, draw on partner resources increases significantly, increase in complaints related to new community, evidence of emerging community tension

5 Emerging Challenges Environmental conditions Overcrowding in private lets Complaints of Anti Social Behaviour Fear of crime issues Evidence of community tension Organised crime

6 Environmental Conditions - Slovakia

7 Govanhill Backcourts - Before

8 Govanhill Front Gardens - Before

9 Problems and Solutions Partnership Response failing to achieve desired results Unsustainable draw on resources Fear of crime disproportionate to incidence of crime Complaints to all agencies increasing Community tension evident Something needed to change

10 Getting to Grips with the Problem – Govanill Hub (2009/2010) Commitment of partners to try a different approach Govanhill Hub launched (6 April 2010) Located in the heart of the community Statutory service providers and third sector Daily focus and action by partners Elegant solutions Supported by Scottish Government

11 Results Reduction in complaints of ASB and disorder Backcourt improvements New community begin to engage Eastern European Organised Crime Group dismantled Service delivery improvements to new community Increased applications for social housing from new community More children in Education Community active in seeking and supporting positive change

12 Govanhill Front and Back gardens - After

13 From Strength to Strength Govanhill Service Hub – community reception service opens (Jan 12) Sistema - The Big Noise, bringing music to Govanhill Govanhill is EPIC – partnership approach sustained Work to engage the community on development of local policing plans Agencies and community committed to making the area better New community integrating and becoming more stable New communitys engagement with agencies increases Scotland starts to feel like home

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