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United States Currency

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1 United States Currency
‘Supernote’ Overview

2 Briefing Topics: Background on genuine U.S. currency
What is “Supernote”? Production Similarities to Genuine U.S. currency Defects associated with Supernote Investigative/Suppression Strategy Investigative Concerns, Issues and BGS support

3 Genuine U.S. Currency

4 Genuine U.S. Currency $870 billion banknotes (genuine) in circulation worldwide 2/3 of all U.S. banknotes (genuine) circulate overseas 3/4 of all $100 banknotes circulate overseas

5 Intaglio Press at US Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving & Printing (BEP)

6 Typographic Press at B E P

7 US Banknote Security Features
Paper – pure cotton, texture/synthetic mix Crane & Company exclusive security paper supplier since 1879 Optical variable ink w/colors Fluorescent fibers Magnetic threads Intaglio printing press Holographic labels/threads Mould watermarks/color pigment/artwork Multi-color security lines, micro threads

8 What is “Supernote”?

9 What is Supernote? First Detected in 1989 – Philippines
“Supernote” is a family of superior quality counterfeit notes First Detected in 1989 – Philippines $63 Million in worldwide activity to date (4/09) Average: $3.2 Million per year The USSS refers to Supernote as the C & C families Older style “small heads” Newer style “big heads” The family is composed of 20 forensically and/or investigatively allied counterfeit notes

10 Supernote: Production & Similarities to Genuine

11 How is Supernote Printed?
The manufacturers of Supernote use the same printing methods as the U.S. Bureau of Engraving & Printing in the printing of genuine U.S. currency. Printed on reverse engineered paper: Similar in composition to genuine U.S. currency paper Security features within paper: Red & blue security fibers, Embeded security thread (red under UV) Watermark is present within Inks & design difference?

12 Supernote: Via Transmitted Light
Security Strip Red & Blue Security Fibers Security Watermark


14 Genuine Security Thread Counterfeit Security Thread

15 Genuine Security Thread Counterfeit Security Thread

16 Genuine Watermark Counterfeit Watermark

17 Supernote: Forensic Design/Ink Defects

18 Supernote Defects The “N” Defect C-21555, C-22485, C-22500, C-22865

19 Genuine Counterfeit

20 The “Cellar Door” Defect
Supernote Defects C-21555, C-22485, C-22500, C-22865 The “Cellar Door” Defect

21 Genuine (very faint) Counterfeit (very defined)

22 USSS forensic website BGS HK/FRA/UK

23 Smuggling methods for $100 Supernote

24 Methods to Import Counterfeit

25 Methods to Import Counterfeit
1 2 4 3

26 Methods to Import Counterfeit
1 2 3

27 Methods to Import Counterfeit
1 2 4 3

28 Investigative Initiatives & Concerns…

29 Initiatives & Concerns:
Quality vs. Quantity Detection Challenges Investigative Challenges / State Sponsorship

30 Questions/ Discussion…

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