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Service Leadership Mr. Baynes Issaquah High School.

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1 Service Leadership Mr. Baynes Issaquah High School

2 The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver We will read the excerpt from Barbara Kingsolvers, The Bean Trees, twice. Read as you feel inspired. Stop when you want to. Someone else will carry on. Connect in three groups of three and one of two. What does this story mean?

3 Icebreaker: Have you met… In your groups of two of three, take a minute to introduce yourselves to one another. Be sure to share: 1.Name 2.Grade 3.Interesting fact, most embarrassing moment, favorite entertainment Introduce partners to group.

4 Service Leadership: So what? Why did you sign up for this class? What do you hope to take away from our time together?

5 Simon Sinek re.html re.html What is your why?

6 Assignment #1: Life Map You lead who you are. What has led you to becoming the individual you are today? For this assignment, you will use one sheet of butcher paper to create a life map of your life journey so far. Your map should be unique and personally significant. Next week, you will share your map, with a 3-5 minute talk about your map in small groups with our class. Every person will hear everyone elses story. Include as little or as much as you like. The goal is simply to get to know each other.

7 Who we are… not who well become by Cameron Strang

8 Derek Sivers re.html re.html What movement do you want to start? What movement is going on that you can join?

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