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Master of Science in Service Management Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY and PUCMM Santo Domingo, DR 2006/2007 A C M T.

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1 Master of Science in Service Management Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY and PUCMM Santo Domingo, DR 2006/2007 A C M T

2 Vision RIT will lead higher education in preparing students for successful career development over their lifetimes. Founded in 1829 A privately endowed co-educational university 15 th largest private university in the US 15,000+ students 8 Colleges – 179 undergraduate & 69 graduate degrees Internationally recognized global connection Over 95 countries represented Over 1340 international students US News & World Reports ranks RIT among top Masters schools Chartered by the legislature of New York State Accreditation by Middle States Rochester Institute of Technology

3 Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra International cooperation model - Rochester Institute of Technology, Tompkins-Cortland Comm. College & PUCMM Effective communication, contact, and partnering with business, alumni, industry, government, and the community. Programs began in 1997.

4 Driving Forces In Todays Competitive Environment Evolving service sector scale and scope Affluent consumer Technology Implications Changing markets – networked, customized, flexible Competitive architecture today: a need for… Leadership Innovation and creativity Transformation

5 The Organization The Customer Zone of Engagement Create Immediate Satisfaction Drive Customer Revenue Build Loyalty Sustain Long Term Value The Master of Science in Service Management

6 Service Management Degree – Major Content Areas Change to service environments Service Strategy – Relationship building Human Capital Development Service Systems and Process Mapping Performance Metrics- evaluation of service systems

7 Course Titles and Highlights 0625-844 Breakthrough Thinking, Creativity & Innovation4cr Creating and implementing organizations that learn Building effective service teams Breakthrough Thinking by Nadler and Hibino The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook by P. Senge Breakthrough Thinking, Harvard Business School Building Excellence Self Assessment 0625-750 Elements of Service Management: A Systems Approach 4cr Service Leadership and change in service environments Elements in service practice Systems thinking and mapping service systems Performance systems, value delivery systems and value propositions Service Management by J.A. Fitzsimmons Blur by S. Davis Future Perfect by S. Davis Delivering Profitable Values by M. Lanning 0625 Workforce Development 4cr Organizations share many fundamental issues; of critical importance is how to ensure that their employees are adequately prepared, organized, and managed to support common goals with flexibility. Workforce Development examines human capital development issues from strategic, managerial, and learning perspectives. Students will examine various readings, analyze case studies and reflect on personal work experience in order to identify the myriad forces affecting global work environments. Small group discussion will serve as a forum for comments and feedback for students and the instructor.

8 Course Titles and Highlights 0624-825 Strategic Process of Service Firms4cr Developing and transforming the service organization Building strategic processes and metrics Relationship management as a service concept Experience economy The Experience Economy by Pine and Gilmore Strategy and Enterprise Value in the Relationship Economy by B. Morgan 0625-849 Service Performance Metrics4cr Service performance measurement and improvement Evaluation and measurement tools & techniques Innovation tools and techniques Various Handouts 625-846 Service Leadership Futures4cr Use scenario Planning as a strategic tool Simulate current & future service environments Develop several plausible service futures Learning from the Future by L. Fahey

9 Course Titles and Highlights 0625-842 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 4cr CRM business models Life cycle customer management tools and models Designing and implementing CRM systems Customer Revolution by P. Seybold Accelerating Customer Relationships: Using CRM and Relationship Technologies by R. Swift 0624-770 Service Leadership: Examining & Implementing Change 4cr Principle-centered leaders and organizations Change in service organizations and systems Current lessons in leadership Lessons from the Top by T. Neff Dance of Change by P. Senge Synchronicity by J. Jaworski Who Moved My Cheese by S. Johnson

10 Program Highlights Executive Leader Delivery In-depth discussion of content Applied team work and projects Industry partnering Executive Leader Format – Total Degree 48 credits 1 course per week every other 2 months approx. 8 courses (32 credits) plus applied project (4 credits) Credit for Life Experience (12 credits) Schedule: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 6:00PM- 10:00PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 8:00 AM-5:00PM

11 Service Management: Leadership, Transition and Recovery Examples of projects Free Agency and the Organization Gregg Chalmers * A Transformation Framework for Services in the Hospitality Industry Guillermo J. Graglia * Quest for Survival: What Comprises an Effective Team? Kathleen M. Brayer * Managing in a Post-merger/Post-acquisition Period in Service Industry: Focus on Bank Industry in the Rochester Area Dilyara B. Daminova The Impact of Socio-economic Strategies on Crime and Service in Developing Countries: A Focus on South Africa Marna van Deventer Achieving Customer Delight through Employee Driven Teams Phil Guarno * The Influences of Customer Attitudes and Perceptions about Pesticides and Produce Quality on Technology Transfer William M. Pool*

12 Service Management: Leadership, Transition and Recovery * Executive Leader Technology Delivery: Are We Doing All We Can? Scott V. Greene * Employee Surveys: A Case Study Tina Elwood Meyers * Benchmarking Cross-Functional Teams in the Car Rental Industry Iris C. Wolfson Temporary Labor: Issues of Training, Motivating and Retraining a Temporary Workforce Kerry Beadle * Designing a Service Recovery Training Program Hector J. Garcia Post Service Customer Satisfaction Measures Jason H. Karr

13 Service Management: Leadership, Transition and Recovery * Executive Leader Team Learning in an Undergraduate Setting in Croatia Marvin Deitz * Leadership Characteristics in an Organizational Transformation Edward W. Keyes * Corporate Universities: Partnering with Higher Education Stacy A. Siegel Researching Potential Partners for an Equestrian Leaning Center in Frankenmuth, MI Tracey A. Weber * Ontario Superhost: What is the Value to Service Providers? Susan E. Hamer * A Model: An Organization that Fosters Internal Motivation: A Systems Perspective Sheila A. Barber An Examination of Service Quality: An Internal Study Andrea Wolak *

14 Program Benefits High relevance to evolving global, regional & local service economies Future-focused content and application examples Valuable expertise from faculty, group of colleagues, and industry partners Intensive and focused schedule – 15 months Team learning cohort

15 Program Requirements Costs - $11,500 USD (including books, coffee breaks and Graduation dinner) 5 years of experience upon admission evaluation Admissions application Bachelor's degree transcript in English Interview, resume, and 2 letters of recommendation (in English) Michigan Test of English or Interview in English


17 Contact List Guillermo Graglia PUCMM Email: James W. Jacobs, Jr. Rochester Institute of Technology 585 475 6017 Email:

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