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Customer Service Dialog Made By: Alicia Richert B.C. 1.

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1 Customer Service Dialog Made By: Alicia Richert B.C. 1

2 Customer Service

3 Control C- Calm, dont lose your temper or roll your eyes. Speak slowly and steadily, always make sure body language shows a calm message. O- Observe, watch your customer closely. N- Needs, ask yourself what the customer needs and the outcome the customer wants in the situation. T- Think, ask yourself if you already know the answer and the best way to handle this situation. R- Reassuring, make sure the customer knows that you are on their side and that they know that their problem is going to be solved. O- Opportunity, dont think of problems think of them as golden opportunities. L- Listen, always listen to your customers and to yourself.

4 Types of Difficult Customers Argumentative Impatient Leave-me-alone Irritable/Moody Insulting Complaining Domineering/Superior Suspicious Slow/Methodical Dishonest

5 Ways To deal with Difficult Customers Argumentative- Ask simple questions, and always be polite. Impatient- Agree first on common points, remind them that their turn will come. Leave-me-alone- Be patient with them and give them space. Irritable/Moody- Always be positive with them! Domineering/Superior- Let them have their say in the conversation, compliment them. Complaining- Respect their thoughts, always listen to them. Insulting- Be neutral with them, control your body language.

6 Continued… Suspicious- Explain and demonstrate good service, dont jump to conclusions to soon. Slow/Methodical- Dont overwhelm them, give them space and choices. Dishonest- Dont jump to conclusions or accusations.

7 Introduction My dad, Daniel works at Burger King. (He is the manager) He sometimes answers the phone and takes orders from the customers. This time when he answered the phone an Impatient/Complaining customer called. Here is his conversation with the customer.

8 Dialogue Dad- Hi, good afternoon, this is Daniel welcome to Burger King, what can I get for you today? Customer- Hi, I would like to order some food today. Dad- OK what would you like to order? Customer- I would like to order 2 whoppers, 3 chicken sandwiches, 2 large fries, 5 large drinks, and some ketchup. Dad- Alright your total will be $25.50, and it will be done in about 20 minutes. Customer- Are you kidding me! $25.50 for all that, that is way too much, Im not paying for all that, and Im not waiting 20 minutes for my food to be ready! I want my food now and the cost needs to go down!

9 Continued… Dad- Well Im sorry sir, but there is nothing I can do, we could try to make the food quicker. We will throw in small fry and a small drink for no cost. Customer- OK well that is a little better, I was going to demand a fry and a drink for free anyways. Now for the food, I will be there in 5-10 minutes to pick it up and it better be done when I get there. Dad- OK sir, we will try our best to suit your needs. Customer- Bye see you in 5-10 minutes and like I said my food better be done when I get there, or Im not going to be happy at all. Dad- Wait before you leave I need to get a name so when you come and pick it up, we will have it ready for you. Customer- My name is Fred, Bye. Dad- Bye, have a nice day, and see you in a little bit.

10 Conclusion The person then hung up the phone, and got his food. He was satisfied with what he got. I think my dad handled this situation very well. He could have done some things better, but for the most part he did it very well. He stayed calm and offered things to the rude customer. He didnt argue back with the customer or be defensive with the customer. The customer was very rude and impatient, and my dad was calm and he listened to the customer the whole time. He even tried to reason with him.

11 My Aunts thoughts on how to deal with a situation. The hardest thing to remember is to keep your cool, dont let your emotions get the best of you. It is really easy to feel like they are attacking you in a sense. When she worked at McDonalds in high school she would get crabby customers all the time. If they are being rude when they come up to the window at the drive thru she would remember to stay calm and smile. When you work in the customer service, you want the person to feel better when they leave then when they came.

12 Continued… Being polite and respectful is a key. If they have a complaint, you need to listen to what they are saying and determine if you are able to help them or if someone else (like a manager) needs to assist. If you argue or get defensive with them, the situation will get much worse and become more difficult to resolve the problem.

13 Citations service.0822.12.jpg service.0822.12.jpg P0PFLWI/AAAAAAAAAVE/a9a5DjBpvDI/s1600/customer%2Bservice%2B1.jpg P0PFLWI/AAAAAAAAAVE/a9a5DjBpvDI/s1600/customer%2Bservice%2B1.jpg article.jpeg article.jpeg

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