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Innovative Broadband Services C hanging the way we compute: Virtual-Office : Business from anywhere Nikolaos Desypris, Chief Executive Officer BROnet Hellas.

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1 Innovative Broadband Services C hanging the way we compute: Virtual-Office : Business from anywhere Nikolaos Desypris, Chief Executive Officer BROnet Hellas S.A.

2 About BROnet Hellas S.A. is a broadband services provider Currently develops and offers: BROnet Virtual Office: Utility computing – access your computer from anywhere BROnet e-BU: the intuitive Remote Backup/DR service BROnet Digital Signage: new age advertising and promotion service Services are offered through broadband internet connection to corporate customers, SMEs and professionals. ΒROnet has been partly funded by Operational Programme Information Society (ΚτΠ) development of broadband services in the Regional Areas of Greece

3 The Virtual Office (VO) Service Users Employees of Company A BROnet, provider of VO Service Customer (Company A), subscribed to VO service Internet VO Terminals

4 How Virtual Office works User Employee of Company A Virtual Office Terminal any pc thin client mobile appliance Internet

5 Running Remote Desktop Application

6 Entering name & password

7 Login to the virtual machine Full virtual computing environment with corresponding applications

8 Basic Model of VO Service Outsourcing companys IT infrastructure by using scalable technology based on Virtualization, hosted in a data center. Keywords: Outsourcing & Scalable Technology

9 Outsourcing Whole infrastructure out of the company (PCs, Servers, Applications) Immediate employment of a new Virtual Machine (workstation) tailored to the employers needs (OS, applications) No need for operating system upgrades No need for buying & replacing PCs No hardware crashes and no lost data (if back up service option is in use).

10 Service benefits Complete Office IT functionality Accessible from any place Available all the time Local Office network speeds Cost savings Centralised administration

11 Service benefits Security Enterprise class performance Protection from outages Flexibility High level support Scalability

12 Scalable Technology Server Virtualization Anatomy of a Virtual Machine Data Center Virtualization

13 Server Virtualization Physical Server Virtual Machines ESX Server Deploy multiple virtual machines on a single physical server Benefits Increase hardware utilization by sharing hardware resources across a large number of virtual machines.

14 Anatomy of a Virtual Machine Unmodified Application Unmodified OS Virtual Hardware Each Virtual Machine is a complete system encapsulated in a set of software files

15 Data Center Virtualization Server Virtual Machines ESX Server Server Farm ESX Server ESX Server ESX Server ESX Server ESX Server ESX Server Virtual Machines Enterprise Virtualization VMware Infrastructure ESX Server Network Storage

16 Why using the Virtual Office Service Fast ROI by eliminating the need for purchasing and maintaining local IT infrastructure. No need for expensive IT skills. Reduction in help desk costs (for large enterprises). Affordable solution, small monthly fee (for SMEs, individual users). Ensuring continuous availability and accessibility and protection of the Workstations and Servers. Workstations and Servers are accessible from anywhere, in the user-friendliest manner.

17 The Virtual Office Service Service Name: Virtual Office Service supplier: BRONET Hellas S.A. Potential Users: Small/medium companies wanting to outsource (all or part of) their IT infrastructure and applications. Employees of a company (especially mobile and remote workers). Enterprises wanting to outsource IT services (indicatively call/support centres services, specialised IT applications) Scheduled events (trade shows, exhibitions, conferences).

18 Service Description The Virtual Office (VO) service: Facilitates a complete office IT infrastructure, that is accessible from any location at any time. Allows users to connect with their own dedicated Virtual Workstation and operate exactly as if it was physically located in their premises. Features full IT functionality at local office network speeds.

19 VO Services offered The following services (or combinations of services) can be offered: Virtual Workstation / Server hosting Virtual Workstation administration outsourcing Virtual Server administration outsourcing Virtual Server applications administration outsourcing SLA are possible (under conditions).

20 VO Workstations and Servers VO Workstations are the 24x7 from anywhere available Workstations that allow remote users connect to them using a thin client, pc, laptop or mobile device through an RDP client, over a broadband line. Once logged in their Virtual Workstation, the remote users may execute their daily IT tasks using the applications and files stored in the Virtual Workstation, and the services provided by the other Virtual Servers in this Virtual Office. VO Servers are Virtual Servers inside the Virtual Office that provided services to the Virtual Workstations. Such services may be: e-mail, file sharing, CRM, etc.

21 What next? Service on trial period from Sept. to Dec. 2008. We are looking for Providers, Companies, Users. who would like to try and asses the technology for their needs. Full commercial launch from the beginning of 2009.

22 BROnet Digital Signage Service Service Name: BROnet Digital Signage Service supplier: BROnet Hellas S.A. Potential Users: Companies / organizations that will benefit from continuous presentation of digital content (advertisements and promotions) rather than only rely on static advs, billboards and printed material prefer to buy the service instead of investing significant resources to establish internally DS provision (i.e. buying equipment, software, hiring technical staff to run it etc)

23 Bronet Digital Signage The Digital Signage Service allows the management and presentation of static & dynamic information, pictures, sound and video on large digital display screens. The user of the service will be presenting his/her own programme (potentially different for each presentation point) to the public/viewers at locations where there is broadband connection to the internet. Offered under the SaaS concept (S/w As A Service)

24 The e-BU (remote backup) Service Service Name: e-backup ; remote backup Service supplier: BRONET Hellas S.A. Use: by company workers (especially mobile and remote workers) by individuals wanting to backup safely their data for automatic backup and restoration service for data residing on Company servers

25 Service description e-BU safeguards the large amounts of business-critical data residing on mobile devices, remote PCs, and network desktop systems. Backups are initiated without user intervention and enable users to recover a single file or perform a complete system recovery using a simple "Do-It-Yourself" process. e-BU solution consists of three main service elements: e-BU servers e-BU console e-BU client

26 Acknowledgement The project has been partially supported by the Operational Programme Information Society of the 3rd Community Support Framework (CSF). The 3 rd CSF is co-funded at 70% by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRD) and at 30% by national funds.

27 Thank you! Nikolaos Desypris, Chief Executive Officer BROnet Hellas S.A.,

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