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© 2006 Globus TechnologiesGlobus Technologies Globus Technologies NV presents the.

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1 © 2006 Globus TechnologiesGlobus Technologies Globus Technologies NV presents the

2 © 2006 Globus Technologies Topics The Integration Landscape Today Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) vision gloobusservicebus –Transportation –Integration Beyond Integration

3 © 2006 Globus Technologies Accidental Architecture Proprietary technologies and skill sets Multiple communication infrastructures High cost of license, consulting and ownership Complexity of inter-organizational collaboration Islands of integration

4 © 2006 Globus Technologies Processes are fragmented Applications deployed in different departments and agencies become silos of data and process. How can I flexibly incorporate data and process from across the enterprise?

5 © 2006 Globus Technologies Enterprise SOA Vision APPLICATION SERVER USER-DEFINED SERVICE LEGACY APPLICATION APPLICATION SERVER (BEA, IBM, JBoss, Oracle, etc) RELATIONAL DATABASE PORTAL SERVICE Idealized world where data and process flows naturally

6 © 2006 Globus Technologies Implement Service-oriented Architecture Eliminates fixed formats Makes files self-describing Can be extended without breaking Universally understood

7 © 2006 Globus Technologies Implement Service-oriented Architecture Add New Standards-based (Web) Services Provides standards-based services interface Follows Client-Server paradigm Hides implementation details Enables reuse

8 © 2006 Globus Technologies Implement Service-oriented Architecture But have we solved the whole problem? How do you change business process? Is it reliable, scalable and secure? How do you manage and monitor distributed services?

9 © 2006 Globus Technologies Implement Service-Oriented Architecture Provides standards-based services interface Designed for distributed functionality Hides implementation details Enables reuse Add New Standards-based (Web) Services

10 © 2006 Globus Technologies Deploy an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – gloobusservicebus Reliably Connect and Coordinate Interaction of Services Reliable communications backbone Service-oriented architecture (SOA) Intelligent routing XML transformation Extensible network

11 © 2006 Globus Technologies Transportation : SonicMQ Industry-standard messaging specification –Developed by Sun and other leading vendors –Required component in J2EE 1.3 Common set of APIs and semantics –Publish and Subscribe –Point-to-Point –Synchronous and Asynchronous message delivery Message delivery Quality of Service (QoS) –Guaranteed –Once-and-only-once –At-most-once Deployment architecture not addressed –Vendor implementations not created equal Java Message Service (JMS)

12 © 2006 Globus Technologies Messaging Domains Reservations Ticketing Order fulfillment Online trading Point to PointSenderSender PotentialReceiverPotentialReceiver PotentialReceiverPotentialReceiver QueueQueue Stock ticker Price changes Catalog updates Data replication Publish and SubscribePublisherPublisherTopicTopic SubscriberSubscriber SubscriberSubscriber

13 © 2006 Globus Technologies Beyond JMS, Enterprise Messaging Security Requires… ConnectivityAvailabilityReliabilityScalabilityManagement

14 © 2006 Globus Technologies SonicMQ, Enterprise Grade Messaging Backbone Reliability –Once and only once –2-phase transactions –High connection availability Scalability –Multi-threaded architecture –Clusters –Dynamic Routing Architecture –Connection Management Manageability –Manage and configure centrally –Pluggable security –Extensive connectivity gloobusservicebus Infrastructure Messaging Architected for high capacity* – Connections > 2000 – Destinations > 80,000 – Messages > 8,000/s (persistent) – Latency < 10ms Actual figures depend on environment Encryption –Built-in payload encryption Secure messaging without performance cost of SSL –Channel encryption SSL with up to 168-bit keys Authentication –Built-in username/password authentication –Supports digital certificates for user authentication Authorization –Specify rights of authenticated users –Exploit destination hierarchies and groups of users to simplify administration Firewall-friendly –HTTP, SSL, HTTPS, TCP Range of deployment options –Hardened for deployment in DMZ –Deploy internally in conjunction with proxy servers SonicMQ JMS Client APIs –Java/J2EE, COM/.Net, C/C++ and Progress 4GL DRA –Connection will be established when needed –Flexible Security Scheme –Not only for WAN but also inter-department

15 © 2006 Globus Technologies Continuous Availability Architecture (CAA) SP SHARED STORAGE CONVENTIONAL FAILOVER Gloobusservicebus CAA HARDWARE CLUSTER SP CLIENT REAL-TIME REPLICATION Minutes to rebuild and recover Client rolls back failed TXN Expensive 3 rd -party SW & HW High cost to build and admin Seconds to resume Transparent to client No 3 rd -party HA products needed Simple and flexible CLIENT CLIENTS

16 © 2006 Globus Technologies Enterprise Grade Messaging Backbone Head Office Regional Office Partner Business Application Business Application Business Application Business Application Business Application Business Application Business Application Regional Office Business Application Business Application Business Application Cluster PS PS Broker Cluster PS PS PS A way to reliably connect services across domains

17 © 2006 Globus Technologies Merged together to form a Bus Used to reliably connect service containers Secure, Scalable Clustering, Continuous Availability

18 © 2006 Globus Technologies Connecting to Sonic ESB HTTP File Drop GenericProtocolAPIBridgesAdaptersFile Drop AppServer Connectors Java/J2EE COM/.NET, C/C++ 4GL HTTP WebSphereMQ Tibco/RV Siebel SAP CICS etc.

19 © 2006 Globus Technologies Adapters for gloobus ® servicebus Legacy Connectivity Integration Packaged Apps Ariba Baan BroadVision Clarify Commerce One Hogan Financials I2 Technologies Integral Systems J.D. Edwards OneWorld Lawson Manugistics Millennium Oracle Financials PeopleSoft 7&8 SAP, MySAP Siebel Vantive Walker Interactive B2B Adapters BizTalk Framework EDI-ANSI X12 EDI-EDIFACT FIX, FIXML HIPPA, HL7 ISO 15022 SWIFT, SWIFTML Transaction Bull, Unisys CICS IBM OTMA IMS/TM Tuxedo ClearPath CORBA Adapters Orbix, Visibroker Any INS or IFR-compliant ORB XML Adapters XML, XBRL, XCBL OAGIS, OAG BOD Messaging Adapters Microsoft MSMQ Candle Roma Oracle AQ E-mail Adapters cc:mail Lotus Notes Microsoft Exchange Communication APPC, DECNet LU 0, LU 2, LU 6.2 NetBIOS, WAP, XCF Online & Terminal 3270, 5250 COBOL,FOCUS FORTRAN, Pascal Perl, Python, RPG Data, Mainframe, Legacy Adabas, Adabas/C ALLBASE/SQL, ALL-IN-1 Btrieve, CA-Datacom C-ISAM (Informix, Microfocus) Cloudscape, D-ISAM DB2, Delimited Files ENSCRIBE, Essbase, Excel FOCUS, NOMAD, Foxpro IDMS/R, IDMS/SQL, IMS, ISAM, VSAM InfoMan, Informix, Ingres Lotus Notes, Microsoft Access Microsoft SQL Server, OLAP Model 204, SUPRA MUMPS, Pick, NonStop SQL Oracle 7, 8i, 9i Rdb, Red Brick, RMS SQL MP Nonstop, SQL/DS Sybase, Sybase/IQ Teradata, TOTAL, Unisys DMS …and more

20 © 2006 Globus Technologies A Sample Process Entry Exit Rejected Fault

21 © 2006 Globus Technologies Extended Enterprise Direction

22 © 2006 Globus Technologies SOA Maturity Model BUSINESS BENEFITS Optimization Transformation Responsiveness Cost Effectiveness Functionality 5 Optimized Business Services 4 Measured Business Services 2 Architected Services 3 Business Services Collaborative Services a b 1 Initial Services SOA MATURITY LEVEL gloobusservicebus Here… BAM/ESP Here…

23 © 2006 Globus Technologies Business Activity Monitoring Legacy.NETJ2EE OracleSAP gloobusservicebus Detects and responds to changing business conditions gloobusservicebus creates visibility across business systems BAM Multi processing Server Event Stream Processing ll lllll l

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