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UNISON Scotland Public Service Reform UNISON Branch discussion.

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1 UNISON Scotland Public Service Reform UNISON Branch discussion

2 UNISON Scotland Context Challenges Public sector finances Demographic change and rising demand Political context Reform as a political distraction from cuts But there are grounds for a debate Role of the state Role of public services and taxation

3 UNISON Scotland Reform Initiatives Christie Commission Future delivery of public services in Scotland Other political party manifesto initiatives Labour: national police force, National Care Service Already developing initiatives Scottish Govt.: Police, fire, social care, shared services,. Civic society manifestos

4 UNISON Scotland UNISON approach Current approach Public service principles Democracy, Fairness, Investment, Excellence, Partnership Challenge Many regard the status quo as no longer viable UNISON has argued for change – Revitalise Manifesto Need to develop the UNISON narrative

5 UNISON Scotland Public service delivery models Design and delivery – not just structures Main models Public choice Command and control Partnership Usually a mix of approaches depending on ideology Developing concepts Public value, systems thinking and co-production

6 UNISON Scotland Democracy and Accountability Relationship between individual and state Targeted or universal services National standards v local innovation (post code lottery) Scrutiny and performance management

7 UNISON Scotland Service delivery Enabling state User choice – personalisation/direct payments model Outsourcing – private or third sector (inc. co-ops) Active state National services, local delivery (reflects Scotlands size) New models of delivery based on needs of service users Public service ethos to underpin Scope for diversity of delivery – third/private sector

8 UNISON Scotland Structures Is Scotland over governed? Is big beautiful? National services and those delivered locally All purpose authorities Shared services - public service factories

9 UNISON Scotland Next Steps Initial UNISON response to Christie Broad principles Democratic accountability, locally including user engagement. Minimum national standards and local innovation Empowering staff and users. Delivery primarily by directly employed staff but with defined role for third and private sectors. Structures to reflect local active state. Not specifying specific model. Role of staff and new partnership deal Develop this position. Views?

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