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Structure of Probation Service in Poland

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1 Structure of Probation Service in Poland
Magdalena Niewiadomska Ministry of Justice Poland

2 1992 Decision of Government Additional Money for 500 new staff Aim
To change model of Probation Service Base service mostly on professionals

3 1997 New Regulations in Criminal Law Penal Code
Code of Proceedings in Criminal Cases Code of execution of penalties

4 2001 Probation Officers Act Changed Structure of Probation Service
Position of probation officer in the court

5 HISTORY 1919 Probation Officers for juveniles
1929 First professional officers for juveniles 1935 Minister of Justice ended professional probation officers and replaced by volunteers 1959 Professional Officers re-introduced 1965 Probation Service for Adults was introduced 1970 Changes in the Criminal Law

6 Former structure of Probation Service in Poland

7 QUALIFICATIONS 1970-80’s 1980’s Polish Citizen No criminal record
Full citizen rights University degree not required 1980’s University degree required at Master’s level

8 Main duties of a Probation Officer
Adults Supervision of offender for 5 years after prison Supervised release of prisoner released under licence Community Service Supervision of Suspended sentence Families Supervision of juveniles Pre-trial reports for courts Supervision of parents

9 Structure of Probation Service in Poland Today

10 Status of Probation Officers
Appointed officials Good salary Allowances for working in the field sick-leave for maximum 6 months Requirements: Polish citizen Full citizen rights University degree (Law, Pedagogy, sociology, psychology)

11 Number of Probation Officers

12 Probation Measures for Adults
Year 2003 2004 2005 By professional 73,912 80,581 94,507 By volunteer 181,506 198,858 206,671 Community Service 74,755 109,977 116,710 Suspended sentence 116,2920 141,862 167,344 Preparation for Release 455 730 981 Temporary Release From custody 717 666 765 TOTALS 447,725 532,674 587,763

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