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We make every call count for you !. Ansaphone Service and Home Health Care A Partnership for Success.

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1 We make every call count for you !

2 Ansaphone Service and Home Health Care A Partnership for Success

3 Who We Are Family owned and operated since 1945, Ansaphone was founded to provide skilled, efficient telephone answering services to the medical and business community of Cambridge. For over sixty years, Ansaphone has endeavored to provide the best quality service possible. Adhering to this simple principle has enabled our company to grow from its modest beginnings to become a leader in our industry.

4 Who We Are Ansaphone follows stringent ethical and performance codes, ensuring the proper level of service for every one of our more than 300 clients. Ansaphone belongs to several industry associations, including the Associated Telemessaging Services International. Ansaphone is a six-time winner of the ATSI Award of Excellence, which stands as a testament to our dedication, experience and innovation. Ansaphone is the preferred vendor for answering service for The Home and Health Care Association of Massachusetts Contact: Timothy Burgers(617)482-8830

5 What Ansaphone Can Do For Home Health Care Agencies Consistent and reliable service level Specialized Instructions for: –Referrals, Urgent calls, Out Sick Calls, Service Cancellations, Absent Visits and more. Pre-Programmed On Call Rotation by day or week or month and Emergency Call Escalation Message Report Delivery –Scheduled delivery of messages by Fax or Password protected E-mail –Customized reporting also available Customizable instructions including patching referrals to on call personnel, appointment confirmation calls and more

6 Why Ansaphone? Training –Specialized industry-specific training Our operators are trained to understand and appreciate the differences between the many services our Home and Health Care clients provide. –Continuous training program From their initial orientation to ongoing client-specific training, our operators are constantly learning and developing new skills –HIPAA training Our staff underwent rigorous HIPAA training before the 4/14/03 deadline, and receives follow-up training every six months.

7 Why Ansaphone? Reliability & Accountability –Pro-active Customer Service Program –Guaranteed Satisfaction –Commitment to Excellence –Flexibility –On-site certified technician –Relationships with telephone companies –Remote access –Interactive database capabilities –Web access

8 Message Taking Above is an example of a standard VNA/HHA account Our staff will complete the message ticket and confirm the information collected. We can also customize your message ticket to ask for more information. I.E. Date of Birth etc. Thank you for calling Home Care and VNA Inc., how may I help you ? (800)555-8888

9 Message Taking The call flow is enhanced by having choices readily available to our staff either through a pick list or database function. Thank you for calling Home Care and VNA Inc., how may I help you ? (800)555-8888

10 Message Taking Our staff select from the service type and call type options. These options then trigger the population of an instruction field. This increases the accuracy and efficiency of each call as well as eliminated the need to memorize instructions for each account (800)555-8888 Thank you for calling Home Care and VNA Inc., how may I help you ?

11 Urgent Message Dispatch On Call information can be programmed weeks or months in advance. Only the information that is current is presented to our staff when the proper key strokes are pressed. On call can be listed by specialty and/or coverage area. (800)555-8888 Thank you for calling Home Care and VNA Inc., how may I help you ?

12 Urgent Message Dispatch Dispatch attempts are documented and time stamped (800)555-8888 Thank you for calling Home Care and VNA Inc., how may I help you ?

13 Urgent Message Delivery Messages are tagged with a unique message number for easy tracking Messages are time stamped in military time when the call is initially received and when the call is delivered Who the call is delivered to is also documented (800)555-8888 Thank you for calling Home Care and VNA Inc., how may I help you ?

14 Interactive Databases Contact names, numbers and instructions are stored in a database for easy access. Databases can be updated easily through a standard excel file.

15 Interactive Databases Contact number fields are programmed with speed dial capability to ensure accurate and efficient dispatch of calls.

16 What gets Measured gets Managed Ansaphone has the ability to provide information and data in simple database formats. Included are sample reports including: # of calls by day and hour Pie chart of calls received by service type and call type Custom reports are also available as requested and as weekly or monthly recurring reports.

17 Service Area Locally or nationwide, we have the ability to provide excellent service regardless of location or number of offices.

18 Pricing Monthly Base Fee$150.00 Monthly Base Fee includes : Toll Free Number to forward calls to after hours or as needed Customized standard greeting Customized recording for holiday and weather related closings. 100 minutes of usage time $0.97 per minute over allowance Call out charges:$0.31 per call out to pager / residence / cell / fax Patched Call:$0.65 per completed patch call Standard Fees:$19.95 Annual Line Fee $17.00 Late payment fee Programming$65.00 per hour. Discounts:Usage minutes can be purchased in advance at discounted rates. The discount is determined by the number of usage minutes purchased in advance

19 Current Clients Boston VNA Lokita Jackson 617-886-6500Client since 1985 All Care VNA Kelly LeBlanc781-598-2454Client since 1999 VNA Care Network Paula Schultz 888-663-3688 Client since 1997 Suburban HomemakingDonna Ebert 617-232-7650Client since 1995 Partner's Homecare Laurel Butler 781-681-1000Client since 1980 Caritas Home CareLinda Gavin781-551-5600Client since 2004 Nashoba NursingPaula Brodie978-772-3337Client since 2004 Capuano Home HealthFannie Lin413-525-2124Client since 2004 Visiting Nurse & Hospice Deb Casey800-698-6877Client since 2004 Of Southeastern MA Life Care at Home RICarol Cairns401-383-2250Client since 2005 Life Care at Home MASteve Calvin508-238-6878Client since 2006 Community VNA Dawn Sullivan508-222-0118Client since 2006

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