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MI Bridges Self Service Expansion

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1 MI Bridges Self Service Expansion
Overview of New Functions

2 How to Take this Training
In order to access the hyperlinks in this PowerPoint, you will need to view it in Slide Show mode. If it opens from within PowerPoint (in Edit mode), please follow these steps to play the slide show: On the bottom status bar, click the Slide Show icon. If you cannot see the bottom status bar, click Slide Show on the top menu, and then click From Current Slide or From Beginning. If you cannot see the PowerPoint interface, you may be viewing the presentation in Slide Show mode already. Note: the survey link at the end off this course is a hyperlink. You must view this presentation in slide show mode to click the hyperlink and take the survey in order to receive credit for taking this course. MiBridges Basics

3 Important Changes The MI Bridges Self-Service Expansion project adds new functionality to allow recipients to Renew My Benefits (RMB) for programs which are up for review using MI Bridges. The DHS-1010 has been updated to show the link for MI Bridges.

4 Redeterminations DHS - 1010
The next slides will show you this text for easy reading.

5 The Message at the Top.
The top of the DHS-1010, below the office mailing address, you will see this message. Save time - go online! Go to To renew your benefits and access your case.

6 Close up of the 1010 The bulleted text of the 1010 reads:
You now have the option to renew your benefits and upload required proofs online at If you renew your benefits online, you DO NOT need to return this form. If you upload required proofs online, you do not need to send them in the mail. What steps should you take? To renew online, you may create an account or log on to your existing MI Bridges account and select the Renew My Benefits option by the due date listed above. Once you have submitted your redetermination, you will be given the option to upload required proofs.

7 MI Bridges
Clients choosing to renew their benefits online will click the “View My Case” then choose “Renew My Benefits”.

8 Bridges Changes The EDM Inbox will display information on a case level, similar to the information presented on the Electronic Case File (ECF). The Inbox screen will display all cases for the specialist that have one or more pending electronic document tasks. All reviews submitted by the client online will be transmitted to Bridges in real-time through the web. New documents will be marked with the ! Icon.

9 Bridge Inbox EDD Specialists will be navigated to the
Electronic Document Details (EDD) page from the Inbox when the Document Title hyperlink is clicked.

10 Mark Complete The checkbox on the left of the electronic document on the EDD page allows specialists to mark a document as complete. Marking the electronic document as complete and clicking the “Complete” button removes the document from the EDM Inbox. Warning:  removing the document from the EDM Inbox does not mean the document has been processed.  Specialists will still need to complete the necessary Logical Units of Work in Bridges Data Collection.

11 Folder Management Changes:
Specialists will have the option to set up folders to manage the electronic documents received.  If a specialist moves an electronic document to a folder then receives a later electronic document associated with the first electronic document, both documents will automatically be moved to the Main Inbox as an “Unfiled” document.

12 Folder Management Example
On 07/03/2012 John electronically submits his DHS-1010, Redetermination Form.  The specialist moved the DHS-1010 to a folder labeled “Redeterminations”.  On 07/07/12 John electronically submits his bank statement for the Redetermination.  John’s DHS-1010 and his bank statement will be automatically moved to the Main Inbox.

13 Reports These reports have been added:
SS-221: MI Bridges Yearly Total RMB Applications Submitted - Daily Report. This report is the daily number of RMB Redeterminations submitted online using the MI Bridges application.  RP-SS211-DLY. SS-212: Cumulative MI Bridges Total RMB Applications Submitted - Monthly Report. This report is the number of RMB Redeterminations submitted online using the MI Bridges application until the reporting period end date.  RP-SS212-MLY.

14 Further Details To locate further details refer to the EDM Training by clicking this link. MI Bridges Self Service Expansion Then click through the pages or use the left navigation to browse the EDM inbox items that have changed.

15 Thanks for Your Time The Office of Workforce Development and Training thanks you for viewing this training.

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