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Delivering quality customer service thinking like a customer

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1 Delivering quality customer service thinking like a customer
The Power is Mine Delivering quality customer service by thinking like a customer acting like an owner Presented by: Cynthia Hamlet

2 Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it
Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. ~PETER DRUCKER

3 We will not create a set of rules
Goal Engage in interactive dialogue to create systems that make customer service less of a reaction but an action that is defined by circumstances!!! We will not create a set of rules Why??? They don’t work Excellent service starts with the attitude of the individual service provider

4 Good Customer Service … is more than personal courtesy and a quality product. However, it cannot exist without these traits We must go beyond traits and attributes and address customer service as a process, almost as if it were alive

5 Foundational Questions
What business are we in? Why do our individual positions/we as employees exist?

6 BCPS Mission To provide a quality education that develops the content knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable all students to reach their maximum potential as responsible, life-long learners and productive citizens.

7 Blueprint for Progress
Mission supports vision Goals – how we accomplish the mission Indicators – explains how we will meet the goal Strategies – what we will do to accomplish this

8 … possess excellent human relations skills …
Job Description … possess excellent human relations skills …

9 History of Customer Service in Schools
Community Support Demanding policy climate Parents Passive acceptance Advocate for specific programs; scrutinize data Demanding consumers; high standards; paid helpers

10 Activity Customer services means…
Begin with a verb; use each card once; all have at least four words

11 Customer Service Means…
Doing ordinary things extraordinarily well Going beyond what’s expected Adding value and integrity to every interaction Being at your best with every customer Discovering new ways to serve Surprising yourself with how much you can do Taking care of the customer like you would take care of your family member

12 One Common Definition…NO…
Why isn’t there one common definition? All put energy and enthusiasm into interactions Webster; assistance and other resources company provides to people who buy or use services.

13 Activity: Apples Challenges Distractions Issues Concerns

Think like a customer…. Act like an owner Past month -excellent service? How did you feel? Poor service- How did you feel? How did you feel? Think about the past month and a time you received poor service?

15 What do customers want? Customers want… You to pay attention to them
You to listen carefully to them Fast service Ignore ( talk with Colleague, complete tasks, catch up) Listen (what person wants) Fast (everyone busy want solutions and keep promise)

16 How do owners act? Owners…
show excitement about their product and services know that everyone is in sales strive to become a resource for their customers value their customers know when to be flexible Believe in products/service Get excited- read literature Expert in field

17 BCPS Reality Check Circumstances dictate our actions
Mission – to deliver consistent, outstanding customer service

18 Angry customer on phone or in person
Let customer vent Show empathy Ask questions Resolve problem to the best of your ability

19 Disappoint a customer Apologize first, then deliver news
End on upbeat note Requires tact and skill- thank you!

20 Giving an estimate to a customer
Be conservative Make sure you understand the question Don’t be overly optimistic Think like customer- rely on what’s said I don’t know but..

21 When a mistake was made Don’t look to blame; look for solutions
Acknowledge mistake and apologize Give personal attention Take ownership of the problem When a mistake is made customer doesn’t care who- wants solutions

22 Deadly statements I’m having a terrible day We are short staffed today
I am only working half day today This job is really hard The last parent was really a pain This is the third time this week that we’ve had system problems My co-worker messed up! Turn into something that will satisfy.

23 In sync with your administrator
Is there one set of rules that will work in all schools/offices No Why Title I vs Affluent

24 Link KISS METHOD What do you want me to keep doing?
What do you want me to improve? What do you want me to start doing? What do you want me to stop doing?

25 Who, what, where, when, why, how
Why should I care? Why should I help? What should I improve? Why is this important? When should I do this - now or at all? Why does my performance matter? Why should I continue to work here or do my best? Who does my performance impact? How do I contribute to this office’s/schools success? Where do we go from here?

26 Power Who has the power to make a difference in the quality of service I deliver? What is the most important change I can make based on what we discussed? What steps will I take to achieve this change? Affirmation w/o action is delusion.

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