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NUS Computer Centre BOSS Business Operations Support System Service Admin & Bill Admin Training.

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1 NUS Computer Centre BOSS Business Operations Support System Service Admin & Bill Admin Training

2 Agenda Overview of BOSS Roles of BOSS Users BOSS Products and Services Price Plan Request Workflow Billing Scenarios Preparation FAQ

3 Overview of BOSS Automate & streamline inter-departmental cost allocation of services offered by NUS – Computer Centre Online Submission of requests by Service Admin, Verification by Bill Admin & Approval by Department Head or Managers Facilitate the Operators to monitor & execute requests Online Email notifications, reminders to Service Admin, Bill Admin & Approvers for effective monitoring of requests Provide detailed monthly billing to departments Facilitate Bill Admin to review, re-distribute & allocate the expenses to the respective WBS, GL Code & Account Nos. Provide data for OFN to charge NUS departments

4 Roles of BOSS Users SERVICE ADMIN Create and Submit Product / Service requests Manage inventory of all IPTel and other products Liaison between Department and BOSS Operator BILL ADMIN Create and Manage dept BOSS account Verify the Account No, WBS & GL Code of requests Verify the Monthly Bills from the BOSS system ** Same staff can be both Service and Bill Admin APPROVER Approve/Reject requests made by Service Admin and verified by Bill admin Should be Senior AO or higher position OPERATOR Verify and execute requests submitted by Service Admins upon approval Manage departmental users in the system– Service/Bill Admins and Approvers Resolve billing disputes

5 BOSS Definitions PRODUCT (Request) Any item that is new to the dept e.g. new phone, new extension, new feature in a phone Charges are mandatory Some may incur monthly subscription charges Product Requests require Bill Admin verification and Approver SERVICE (Request) Any change to an existing subscribed Product e.g. display name, termination, assignment Service Requests does not require verification and Approver Charges may be waived by Operator PACKAGE Combination of two or more Products

6 BOSS Definitions PRODUCT / SERVICE CODE Cat-type-desc IPT-H-7940 IPT/OTH – IPTel or others H (Hardware) A (Application) S (Service) P (Product) Specific description SERVICE NO. 2006-5000019-01 2006-5000019-02 Identification of the specific service offered by Computer Centre e.g. IP Phone, DID extension, service request Two parts – Primary number & secondary number SERVICE NO. / BILLING DESCRIPTION Details of the service subscribed to e.g. name of staff, extension # Also used in bills

7 BOSS Definitions EXTENSION DID number that can be added to a phone or to multiple phones (i.e. shared) Can be assigned to only one staff Separate entity from IP Phones The Primary extension is IPT-P-DIDEXTN (subscription $1) Can be assigned to user (displayed in Campus Directory) Provide voice mail feature The Shared extension is IPT-P-SHAREDEXTN (no subscription) Can be assigned to user (displayed in Campus Directory) No voice mail feature Each IPT-P-SHAREDEXTN depends on a IPT-P-DIDEXTN Easy-to-remember numbers (e.g. 3030, 5554) for dept use can be requested from CC via email to

8 Extension / Feature Relationship



11 Policies 1.Follow NUS IPTel Display Name guidelines 2. All IPTel equipment has a minimum subscription term of 24 months (except those on Short Term Subscription Plan) – Cisco 7940 IP Phone Cisco 7960 IP Phone Cisco 7936 IP Conference Station Cisco 7914 Expansion Module Cisco ATA 188 IP IVR Port 3. ATAs are not assigned to specific staff and are not given voice mail features. Users of ATAs are not listed in Campus Directory. 4. IDD Access is granted according to STAFF NUMBER and not to Extension (BOSS Self-Service)

12 Price Plan To view the details of Product information Price Table Terms and conditions of subscription of services from the Computer Centre can be found in

13 BOSS Product Request Work Flow Service Admin Bill AdminApproverOperator EMAIL TRIGGER Service Admin Creates the BOSS request & submits to the Bill Admin Bill Admin Verifies the Account Code & GL Code & submits to the Approver Bill Admin is allowed to use either the Task List or the email notification hyperlink to view the request EMAIL TRIGGER Approver is allowed to use either the Task List or the email notification hyperlink to view the request Rejected Approved EMAIL TRIGGER will be sent to both Service Admin & list of Operators Task List is removed for the Bill Admin & a new task is created for the Approver EMAIL TRIGGER will be sent to only Service Admin & Task will be deleted EMAIL TRIGGER will be sent to Service Admin when the task is closed Task will be cleared Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5

14 Billing Schedule 1 June SAMPLE Bill will be sent to every Bill Admin for verification NO amount will be deducted from the department 1 July Usage-only Bill Amount will be deducted from the respective department WBS using OFN interface Only local/IDD call charges amount will be billed to department 1 Aug BOSS system will generate the bills from 1 st June 2006 & Bill Admins will be notified through email. Bill Admin to view the bill by clicking on the Hyperlink. Usage will be billed New products added during this period will be prorated. Full Bill 1.Local/IDD call charges for July 2006 2.Prorated subscription & one- time charges for Products applied in July 2006 3.Advance subscription charges for all products used by department 1 Sep Same as Aug Bill

15 Billing Example Example – Department with 50 IP Phones and 45 extensions as at 30 June (Incl. request for one new IP Phone with new extension on 15 June) - Bill on July only include call charges incurred during June by all extensions - Requests for one new IP Phone with new extension on 5 July - Requests for one new IP Phone sharing existing extension on 21 July - Bill on 1 Aug will include: Call Charges incurred by all extensions for the month of July Subscription charges of 52 IP Phones and 46 extensions (52 x $12.50 + 46 x $1) for the month of August One-time charges for two new Phones (2 x $67) Prorated subscription for first new IP Phone/Ext (1 x $13.50 x 25/30) and second new IP Phone (1 x $12.50 x 9/30)

16 Billing Disputes BOSS System notifies Bill Admin of new bill on 1 st day of month EMAIL TRIGGER Dispute Bill Admin follows hyperlink to view and download/print bill for verification and filing No Dispute BOSS System sends data to OFN for deduction on 7 th day of the month Bill Admin indicate disputed item online while viewing bill EMAIL TRIGGER Operator BOSS Operator investigate and resolve dispute BOSS Operator to credit disputed amount to department; system to deducted credited amount from next months bill Bill Admin

17 BOSS System Walk-thru To Launch the BOSS application, either Go to the IPTel Web Portal Customer Service->E-services->BOSS Or Enter URL -> Note that you can only access the BOSS system after logging into the NUS network

18 Scenarios Example 1: Request for new Account Number and assigning Phones to new Account Number Step 1.Request for new Account Number (no Approver required) Step 2. Assign WBS to Account Number (self-service) Step 3. Assign Services to Account Number (self-service) Example 2: Request for new Cisco 7940 IP Phone and new Extension Number Step 1.Request for IPT-PKG-7940 (IPT-H-7940 and IPT-P-DIDEXTN) – select an Entity Phone if staff number is not available; re- assign later Step 2. Submit to Bill Admin Step 3. Submit to Approver

19 Scenarios Example 3: Request for new IP Phone but using an existing Extension (may already been shared) Step 1.Request for new package Cisco 7940 IP Phone and Shared Extension (IPT-H-7940SHARED) Step 2. Enter the extension number in the next page Example 4: Adding a new Shared Extension to an existing IP Phone Step 1.Request for new IPT-P-SHAREDEXTN Step 2. Specify Add to Existing Service and select Service No. of the existing IP Phone (IPT-H-7940) where the extension is to be added Step 3. Enter the extension number in the next page

20 Example 5: Changing ownership of an Cisco 7960 Boss Phone Step 1. Service Request – Terminate Direct IDD (if applicable) Step 2. Service Request – Terminate Private Extn (if applicable) Step 3. Un-assign or Re-assign Public Extn (select the Service No. with IPT-P-DIDEXTN) Scenarios Example 6: Transfering IP Phone between depts Step 1. Miscellaneous Request – OTH-MISC Specify Service No., Receiving Dept. and effective date in the Remarks

21 BOSS Issue Escalation Contact for the BOSS Operator -Tel # 6516 7440 -Email: Email notification will be sent out prior to general launch Please brief your department colleagues esp. Approvers of the new system

22 Role of ITCare For Users Faults and Usage issues Phone Breakdown Network & Power point provisioning

23 Preparation for Launch 1.Service/Bill admins login to the BOSS system & ensure that you have the right access permission 2.Verify with department BOSS list (Service Admins, Bill Admins, Approvers) confirm that they can logon to the application. 3.Perform all neccessary bill set up (Request A/C, Assign WBS, Assign Phones to A/C, Change A/C Description) 4.From 17 July, check the IPTel inventory of your department – > Product Enquiry > Extension Enquiry > BOSS Users Enquiry Please perform the above by 21 July. The next bill will be sent on 23 July for final verification.

24 FAQ Q1. If there is a change in Service/Bill Admins and Approvers, who do I inform? Q2. After I have sent a request am I able to reroute the request to another Bill Admin/Approver? Q3. Can I cancel/resubmit a request after sending it? Q4. How will CC bill organisations which does not have a WBS with OFN? Q5. Can I terminate an IP phone subscription within two years? If so, how will the dept be charged? Q6. How will Campus Directory be updated? Does the Phone/Service Admin need to update it manually? Q7. Is every request for product/service routed to a Bill Admin / Approver? Q8. Can the Service Admin grant IDD access without submitting a request? Q9. My dept is very small and the only Approver may not be around when I submit a request. Can the system bypass the need for an Approver? Q10. What are Visitor Smartcards and who requires these?

25 Thank You

26 BOSS Products / Services IPTel Products IP Phones (7940/7960) IP Communicator IP Conference Station (7936) IP Phone Exp Mod (7914) ATA 188 Analog Adaptor DID Extension IP IVR Ports Add Direct IDD Add Call Pickup Group Add Hunting Line Add Intercom IPTel Services Removal of Direct IDD Deactivate - Voice Mail Change Shared Line set up Change Conditional Call Forwarding Change of Extn Assignment Change of Display Name Change to Block Outgoing External Calls Replacement of IP Phone/ATA/ Power adaptor Change Call Pickup Group setup Change Boss/Secretary intercom Change Hunting Line set up Termination of equipment/feature Miscellaneous Products NUS Temp Card Internet Bandwidth Software Product License Phone Wiring Continue to use the current method to request for network and power points via or

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