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Comparison of existing “Agriculture Advisory Services”

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1 Comparison of existing “Agriculture Advisory Services”
to requirements for FAS (Poland) Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów Branch in Radom dr Henryk Skórnicki

2 Presentation scheme Short introduction on Polish advisory service
Organisation of advisory services Farm Advisory System (FAS) Conclusion

3 Short introduction on Polish advisory service
In the former Eastern block only Poland had got strong, public agricultural advisory services and extension services. Polish system of agricultural advisory service shows close affinity to services in other countries, especially to these with public advisory. In Poland, advisory service reforms based on experience of West European countries which had public advisory service as Denmark, Germany, Holland, Austria.

4 Organisation of advisory services
Changes of public advisory model were accompanied by new orientation in programmes of advisory services. Since 1991, advisory programmes of economy, agricultural markets and information has became the most important. In next years, programmes of market and agribusiness development, leaderships of local societies, development of local societies, multifunctional rural development, diversification of farmers incomes and organic production were realized by advisory institutions.

5 Organisation of advisory services
Reorientation of agribusiness advisory services resulted due to two kinds of impacts: firstly, farmers started to cuts the cost of production because of market mechanisms, secondly, banks begun to demand business plans from farmers who would like to receive credit.

6 Organisation of advisory services
The advisory structures were adjusted to new administration (voievodships) structures Agricultural Advisory Centre in Brwinow and its branches in Kraków, Poznań and Radom, came under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Sixteen new Voievodship’s Advisory Service Centers came under voievod in each Voievodships

7 Organisation of advisory services

8 Organisation of advisory services
Public advisory plays the most important role in agricultural services which is founded mainly (85%) by government and this advisory is available for all farmers: approximately 5600 persons are employed in advisory service institutions, which of; 2 950 agriculture advisors are available for about 1,85 million agricultural enterprises, resulting in one advisor for 470 holdings (in: Denmark – 20, Austria – 300).

9 Organisation of advisory services
Majority of UE members used public or mixed advisory system (parts are financed nationally, and parts by farmers). The research done by DEFRA (Great Britain) in September of 2005: 13 6 3

10 Advantages of public advisory service system:
Organisation of advisory services Advantages of public advisory service system: harmonized services offered all over the country, services are available for small farms, which are not attractive for private advisors. Advantages of private advisory service system: more innovative and flexible to find new solutions and methods of cooperation with farmers, more efficient in using new CAP measures.

11 Farm Advisory System (FAS)
Regulation (EC) 1782/2003 article 13 By 1 January of 2007 Members States are obligated to set up system of advising farmers on land and farm management (FAS) operated by one or more designated authorities or private bodies. This measure has to provide statutory management requirements (SMR) and good agricultural and environmental conditions (GAECS). In Poland, according to project of “Rural Development Programme ” advisory services (FAS) shall be provided by public and private bodies. Costs of services parts will be financed nationally and parts via Rural Development Fund

12 Farm Advisory System (FAS)
Ministry of Agriculture will prepare package of advisory products. Package will content price list of each advisory service connected to Cross Compliance. Ministry of Agriculture will set up accreditation system for institution and rules of certification for advisors. Register of accredited institution and certified advisors shall be provided by Advisory Service Centre in Brwinow.

13 Methods of advisory works:
Farm Advisory System (FAS) Methods of advisory works: Farmers shall be informed on Cross Compliance through information sheets at the Advisory Centres, via agricultural print media and on-line at Internet platforms Mentioned above package of advisory service shall content also several check lists, which help farmer to assess level of farm’s adjustment to Cross Compliance requirements and on the next stage to draw up “Plan of adjustments” Mainly individual advice will be offering, others methods (group advice, advice via Internet) will be complement

14 12 8 3 2 Farm Advisory System (FAS)
Funding of the agricultural advisory in EU The research done by DEFRA (Great Britain) confirmed, that 17 Member States went to adjust old system to Regulation (EC) 1782/2003 requirements but 3 coutries have not decided yet. 12 8 3 2

15 Conclusion To implement FAS due to Regulation (EC) 1782/2003 should be: taken decision on set up FAS by state’s authorities, made change of organisation and methods of advisor’s work, increased number of advisors, prepared new advisory tools and equipped advisors. Farms Advisory Service (FAS) ought to fulfill two main functions: statutory – supporting to meet Cross Compliance requirements, additionally – beyond the Cross Compliance requirements - offering advisory products of financial management of holdings and rural development. An intensive exchange of experience among the countries allows to choose the best solutions and avoid to make many mistakes.

16 Thanks for your attention
Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów Branch in Radom Henryk Skórnicki Thanks for your attention

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