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Telecom Services Review. Slash telecom expenses without reducing service.

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1 Telecom Services Review

2 Slash telecom expenses without reducing service.

3 Benefits Increased Profits Lowered Costs Maintains Service No Client Workload Free No Risk Service

4 Methods Vendor Bills Used to Create Inventory of Vendor Services paired with Costs Discover and Terminate Unused Services Discover and Fix Billing Errors Discover and Obtain Better Rates

5 Requirements Client permission to review bills and speak with vendors. Client's time to review and approve proposed changes to rates and services.

6 Results for Client Reviewed NY bills ~$26,000 of $55,000 Monthly Spend for 550 Nationwide Employees Found ~$16,000 a Month in Savings, ~$192,000 annual savings ~62% Monthly Spend Reduction

7 Projected Monthly Savings

8 Paetec $542.78 a Month in Savings Removing call forwarding service by porting #s to T1s. Possible additional savings through reduction of call forwarding minutes used, unused phone lines, etc. Waiting for Paetec to clarify contractual obligations.

9 Infohighway Saving $2,842.29 a month Found 81 lines at 35.09 a pop that werent needed Inventoried the remaining lines Done! Received confirmation e-mail, and will double check next bill.

10 Infohighway Main # Saves $545.44 a month Moving over main # to underused MCI T1. Eliminated the 16 POTS lines in the hunt group. Frees up room on the PBX for additional lines. Waiting for PBX Vendor

11 MCI TOTAL Present Spend is ~$19,905.00 The same level of service will cost ~$7,731.01 This will save~$12,173.99 a month Following slides detail cost savings

12 MCI HQ LD Will save $ 4,830.99 a month in Long Distance by bringing in a new LD T1 Waiting for approval by Client.

13 MCI Local Calling Will eliminate the $1,816.68 a month spent on local calls. Client signed new MCI contract, implementing the savings.

14 MCI Main 800 # Will reduce rates saving $1,629.05. 800 # will be transferred to new LD T1. Waiting for Client approval to install new LD T1

15 MCI E 53rd LD Will save $1,610.58 a month. Installing new LD T1 at E 53 rd will allow us to move the LD going over more expensive POTS lines LD. Possible opportunity to eliminate POTS lines. Waiting for Client approval.

16 Other 800 #s Will save $2,286.69 a month. Large reduction in rates from MCI to new vendor. MCI charges ~$25 a month per 800#. Client has 26 of these. This charge will be reduced and probably eliminated. Waiting for Client approval.

17 Next Steps Approve Cost Saving Measures and sign paperwork. Ensure PBX Vendor does necessary work. Begin Phase Two – Review of the rest of the other offices bills.

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