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Unified Communications as-a-service

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1 Unified Communications as-a-service
Presented by: Wu Soong Woon UCC Cloud Director, APAC Orange Business Services presentation title 1

2 Seeing Evil. Speaking Evil. Hearing Evil.
“The Transparent Leader” “..era of hiding in Ivory Towers to one of open access, chat rooms, and message boards. In this new environment, ideas and opinions are shared, no holds barred, and there’s nowhere to hide!” 2

3 Seeing Evil. Speaking Evil. Hearing Evil
“In an old corporate landscape ..what you didn’t hear or didn’t see didn’t exist, and what you didn’t say couldn’t get you in trouble….Today its all about seeing, saying and hearing” “By the time some figured out value of transparency, employees investigated, documents subpoenaed and even companies shut down.” unified communications – tools for transparency in today’s competitive and ever-networked environment 3

4 unified communications - concepts
partition peering avoid “pinball” moments iconimation identity and presence consumerisation “insanity is hereditary……. you get it from your kids” clarity in communications what you see is warts and all… (# of comms tools) x (# ways to comm) = communications overload 4

5 common business challenges
… unable to reach coworkers on first try … daily 36% # of communication tools and applications growing … 6.4 types of devices … results in delays and missed deadlines monthly 22% … have to use multiple methods of reaching coworkers … daily 52% employees increasingly mobile … 27% traveling 1x month avg. …because employees are unreachable, sales and business processes stop waiting for a person to respond or act impact on the business lost productivity lost sales and revenue customer satisfaction issues inefficiency 5

6 unified communications
single user interface showing real-time and non-real time communications, across multiple devices and media types suite of integrated communications tools: IM, messaging, telephony, mobile phone integration and conferencing presence-enabled to quickly find a colleague and determine his/her availability to communicate, even before you start a session customer benefits ease-of-use - allow colleagues to quickly find each other, exchange IM, share documents, and launch a call or conference effortlessly productivity – speed-up business processes by unifying communications tools employees need for effective collaboration cost savings – reduce telephony costs, travel and save time telephony telephony enrichment presence file & app sharing instant messaging unified communications collaboration calendar directory voice messaging conferencing unified messaging 6

7 Unified Communication as-a-service UCaaS Business Together as a Service
UC as a Service linked to our Cloud Computing strategy built upon Flexible 4 Business partnership business agility and flexibility rapid provisioning, scale up/down based on business needs virtualization, server consolidation pay as you go, no CapEx accelerate adoption of Unified Communication services differentiate from traditional integrators of UC services 3. complexity in the cloud, predefined user profiles, on demand services

8 Business Together as-a-service
UC made simple & accessible on any user device pay only for what users need no CapEx attractive prices flexibility transform at your own pace scale up/down based on needs self-provision based on portal end-to-end SLA with network UCaaS unified messaging IM & presence telephony mobility audio, web conferencing contact center web portal video

9 self-provisioning portal for customer’s administrator create and manage your users profile
telephony IM & presence unified messaging mobility audio, web conferencing video contact center web portal visualize manage user rights create user profiles modify user profiles activate the profile administrator

10 case study in France drivers status next step Orange Labs
Alcatel PBX replacement price flexibility status from a successful pilot in 2010 to first users in operations standard, business, contact center profiles next step scope extension Orange Labs (5000 users, 9 countries) drivers renewal of Cisco tel. (EoS) new UC features managed solution with no CAPEX status from successful pilot in 2010 to first users in operations standard, business, inc. audio conf and pt-pt video (video phone) next step scope extension, collaborative everywhere, features upgrade 1000 users, then 6000 users Orange Labs 5000 users 9 countries 9971 video phone) Next steps users,200 std light, 680 business, 15 collaborative, 5 collaborative everywhere, afterwards 6000 users

11 Orange Business Services snapshot
Cloud Infrastructure >31,000 servers – 10,000 virtual machines >18 PetaBytes of storage >150 cloud computing R&D experts Largest IPVPN Network > 150 Countries > 1,500 PoP > 25,000 Customers > 300,000 Connections World Communication Awards Best Global Operator Best Managed Service 2009 2010 Certifications ISO for service management ISO 9001 quality management ISO for security management system ISO common criteria security certification SAS 70 type 2 audit 11

12 “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” Henry Ford the sound of a busy signal on the other end of a phone line is becoming obsolete and no longer tolerated… users expect all services, anywhere, anytime, any device! thank you thank you 12

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