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Children and Families – Financial Overview Budget & Finance Overview & Scrutiny Committee 13 th September 2011.

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1 Children and Families – Financial Overview Budget & Finance Overview & Scrutiny Committee 13 th September 2011


3 2. SCHOOLS BUDGET - ISSUES Schools Budget has to be set each year in March based on estimated DSG as DSG is not confirmed until June/July 2011/12 DSG had a brought-forward deficit of £5.7m due to SEN pressures Major DfE consultation ongoing at the moment looking at radically changing Schools Funding: possibility of a national funding formula now dropped radical changes in funding methodology inevitably leads to winners and losers 2011/12 Settlement for Schools was Cash-Flat i.e. Schools in general received the same cash as 2010/11 - i.e. a real terms cut

4 3. SCHOOLS BUDGET - 2011/12 Schools Budget (£236.5m) Individual Schools Budget (£215.4m) School CSchool BSchool A Central Element of Schools Budget (£21.1m): SEN (£9.9m) PRUs (£5.6m) Early Years (£4.5m) Admissions (£0.3m) FSM, Licences etc (£0.5m) Teachers maternity, redundancy (£0.3m) Dedicated Schools Grant (£238m) Formula Distribution: Pupil Nos, Floor Area, SEN, Deprivation etc



7 6. BUDGET PRESSURES 2010/11 Overspends £k Social Care Placements 1,466 Social Care Legal Fees 736 Children with Disabilities 300 School Expansion costs 398 2,900 LESS: In-Year Savings-2,524 Outturn 376 (overspend)

8 7. 2011/12 SAVINGS Children and Families Budget Reductions for 2011/12 £000 2011/12 Base Budget + Grants to be ceased 69,721 LESS: Departmental Savings 10,372 One council Savings etc 1,569 Loss of Grants 2,049 13,99020.1% 55,731 ADD growth (Social Care+CWD) 2,100 Net Savings11,890 2011/12 Final Budget 57,83117.1%

9 8. 2011/12 SAVINGS UnitItem£'000 Schools Traded Services and charging to the schools budget Over the last three years C&F have reviewed charges to the schools budget rather than the general fund achieving £2.5m additional charges. Recent reviews have indicated that a further £1m can be charged mainly covering 3 children centres £860k. Further savings are still being reviewed for future years. 1,000 Children's CentresRestructuring of the children centre teams £550k and a review of centrally commissioned services £450k. A further £700k from Sure Start central expenditure and £255k from the development of a child based funding formula for ongoing allocations to centres. In addition a further £190k from not starting the Sudbury, Cricklewood and Kingsbury centre and £105k from various schools taking responsibility for all maintenance and revenue costs of buildings. 2,250 Social Care Transformation A number of areas have been identified for reducing costs foster placements, children in residential homes, semi independent living, payments for children that have been adopted and other arrangements as well as families with recourse to public funds and the Youth Offending Service. 1,800 Children's Social Care Restructuring Rationalisation of the fostering and adoption service including their panels. Income will be generated through the sale of approved adopters. A rationalisation of the safeguarding service t In addition there will be a reduction to commitments against the care matters grant with a cessation of the support to the Young Carers Centre, reductions in the Youth Offending Service and limited reductions in the Crisis Intervention Service and in unqualified staff in the localities social work teams. 1,300 Children with Disabilities and SEN Restructuring of short break provision (£190k), cease Easter holiday play schemes (£20k), implementation of new continuing care framework awarding additional financial responsibility on health services(£50k), reduction in SEN early years support (£63k). Decrease in core staffing for the Education Psychology Service and increased charging of non statutory services (£108k). 431 School Improvement Service Increase in charges for the Music Service (£50k) and £483k from reduction of consultancy support and post deletions within the School Improvement Service. 533 Youth & ConnexionsRestructuring and reduced service offering for the Youth Service including staff loses of £153k). For Connexions staff savings of £34k with £80k reduction to PA delivery contracts and reduced careers guidance contract (£200k). 546 VariousCeasing a number of ABG funded activities that ceased or become un-ringfenced, e.g. extended schools, YOF, PAYP, Early Years Workforce, School Travel Advisers, Choice Advisers, Childrens Fund 2,512 TOTAL10,372

10 9. 2011/12 Forecast Outturn 2011/12 Forecast Overspend £000 SEN1,500 Schools Budget General Fund 2011/12 Forecast Overspend £000 Social Care Legal Fees130 Social care Placements230 Total360

11 10. SEN Pressures


13 Past actions aimed at reducing the number of statutory assessments and statements: Individual Pupil Support Agreements (IPSA) - lower level needs, an alternative to statementing, September 2010. new mainstream banding descriptors + increase in the threshold for which new statements/IPSAs will be provided, April 2011. Will reduce spend in the medium/long term but not in the short term. Current Actions - SEN Project Phase 1 (April 2011 to July 2011) Expand local specialist provision to meet immediate demand and reduce out-Borough costs : +41 places - Village School/Queens Park Community, Granville nursery and Alperton Community School - October 2011-Sept 2012 proposal to redesignate Vernon House Special School to accommodate children on the autistic spectrum Develop single SEN database, improve management information and data to inform future planning Develop strategy on commissioning and monitoring of out-borough places – data analysis completed and priorities identified for joint work with West London Alliance 11. Measures to Reduce SEN Spend

14 Planned Actions - SEN Project Phase 2 (August 2011 – August 2012) Review and re-launch of SEN and Inclusion Strategy Undertake end to end review, develop and embed new ways of working) (August 2011 – August 2012) Continue to develop in-Borough specialist provision reducing reliance on out- Borough provision. Put in place new commissioning processes in collaboration with the West London Alliance. Implement re-structure of SEN and Inclusion Services to better align service to support the SEN Strategy. 11. Measures to Reduce SEN Spend

15 12. CHILDRENS SOCIAL CARE PRESSURES Over recent years pressure from increasing LAC numbers has been the main cause of overspends in Children and Families. This pressure has been widespread across most local authorities and through the Social Care Transformation Programme, Children and Families have maintained LAC numbers well below that of statistical neighbours Over last 2 years referrals have gone up by 25% and number of children with a child protection plan has increased by 50% Expenditure on expensive placements such as residential and IFAs has steadily been reducing as illustrated in the following graphs:


17 WORKSTREAMS Residential Placements-to reduce unit costs of residential units through cost and volume and advance payments reductions Semi-independent accommodation-To reduce costs by increasing Brent shared houses from 6 to 12 units. Fostering-To reduce overall costs by increasing the number of in-house foster carers (45 more by 2014) and reducing the reliance on expensive independent providers No recourse to public funds-To reduce the number of families with no recourse to funds that are supported by the department Post looked after children resources-To reduce the money paid out in support to families who are caring for children who are no longer looked after Crisis Intervention and Support team- To review the work of the team to ensure a renewed focus on preventing children becoming looked after. 13. Measures to Reduce Childrens Social Care Pressures

18 Currently insufficient capacity in Brent primary schools resulting in 388 pupils without a school place as at July 2011. Latest GLA projections: upward trend in the demand for primary places is expected to continue beyond 2014-15. Potentially creating a requirement for 4,224 reception places by 2020 leading to a shortage of 692 reception places (or 23 new forms of entry) over the entire period. Creating significant Capital and Revenue Financial Pressure YearDeficit No. of Reception Classes Form of Entry based on Demand for Reception Classes Total No. of R-Y6 classes Required 2011-12 -2214 2012-13 -121284 2013-14 -141498 2014-15 -1515105 Summary of Forecast Deficit of Primary School Places 2011-12 to 2014-15 14. School Places Pressures

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