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Service to the University, Discipline and Community Academic Promotions Briefing Session Chair, Academic Board Peter McCallum.

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1 Service to the University, Discipline and Community Academic Promotions Briefing Session Chair, Academic Board Peter McCallum

2 University of Sydney Act 1989 (as amended) 6 Object and functions of University (1) The object of the University is the promotion, within the limits of the University's resources, of scholarship, research, free inquiry, the interaction of research and teaching, and academic excellence. (2) The University has the following principal functions for the promotion of its object: -(b) the encouragement of the dissemination, advancement, development and application of knowledge informed by free inquiry, -(d) the participation in public discourse, (3) The University has other functions as follows: -(b) the University may develop and provide cultural, sporting, professional, technical and vocational services to the community,

3 What does Service include? The University considers teaching and research/scholarship/creative/professional work as its core activities Other elements of the objects of the University (e.g., public discourse, application of knowledge) may be service to the community and your discipline; The contribution that all staff are expected to make towards the overall work of their Faculty, Department/School is also service.

4 Your Service Portfolio A brief statement of 500 to 1000 words that highlights areas of greatest strength and supports applicant's claims regarding performance assessed in terms of amount of activity, degree of responsibility carried, and quality of the service rendered

5 Your Service Portfolio (contd) evidence of sustained efforts – individually or as member of team constructive achievements in useful (and possibly innovative) directions continuity of involvement, the result of sustained efforts over some considerable period of time major responsibility for the outcome of some of the achievements

6 Definitions Service to the University refers to contributions to institutional planning, governance, line management or contributions to the University community. Service to the Discipline refers to service to the relevant profession or academic discipline, including clinical work, consultancy activities, service on local and national professional/discipline bodies. Service to the Community refers to discipline/profession related contributions to the wider community which enhance the reputation of the University.

7 Service to the University Department / School / Faculty / University policy committees (eg, Head of School Advisory, Dean's Advisory, Faculty Executive, Library Advisory, Academic Board, Senate) Committees of the Academic Board and/or working parties (eg, Undergraduate Studies Committee, Assessment Working Party), etc. Administrative service of substantial significance to the governance of the University and its units (eg. Head of Department, Head of School, School Grievance Officer, Higher Degrees Committee, Faculty Promotions Committee, Central Promotions Committee, Research Committee, Coordinator of First-Year Classes in large schools, etc.)

8 Service to the Discipline Editor, associate editor, advisory board member or referee of a scholarly journal Service on ARC, NH&MRC and similar reviewing and funding panels Responsibility as organiser of national and/or international conferences Office-bearer of, or other actively-involved contributor to, a professional society Membership of professional accreditation panel Liaison service on committees of related professional groups, etc.

9 Consultancy Listed in Service to the Discipline but may also be considered as service to the community Must be University consulting, with appropriate approvals Several Schools have explicit consulting operations, eg, CASE Should place your University expertise at the service of the discipline or community

10 Service to the Community Explicit statement at UQ: Community Service Policy Community service can take the form of intellectual, educational, cultural, scientific and other services, and contributes to the social progress, economic growth or cultural development of individuals, groups or organisations, or the community as a whole.

11 Some Examples of Service to the Community Service on, or on behalf of, Government Statutory Authorities or Commissions of Inquiry Liaison between secondary and tertiary education institutions (eg. HSC syllabus committee, resource person for school visits to talk with senior students, etc.) Liaison between academia and industry (eg, technical standards committee, consortium steering committee) Honorary professional work (eg. Community centre, state council, national advisory council) Public advocacy in your professional area

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