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FAMILY SERVICE ONTARIO Strong families: Strong Ontario.

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1 FAMILY SERVICE ONTARIO Strong families: Strong Ontario

2 Our highly trained professionals: Help children who are traumatized, neglected, abandoned, bullied or bullying Help adults and kids deal with grief and loss Help adults and kids who are in relationship breakdown Help people who struggle with lack of confidence, poor self image, depression

3 FSO Supports the Community Family Service agencies: Shore up addictions and psychiatric services by supporting people who are under treatment and supporting their families Lead the way in preventing violence against women Provide support and advocacy to newcomers

4 FSO agencies are Accessible Affordable Expert Rich in experience Highly regarded by other service providers and the communities we serve.

5 We serve the whole community Our clients are: Affected by mild to moderate mental - health issues 68%, Of all income groups, but 58% are low income

6 Main issues presented by clients Domestic Violence - 39% Developmental Delay - 26% Addictions - 19% Parenting issues/Family Breakdown - 19%

7 Main Programs Individual/Family Counselling - 95% Partner Assault Response (PAR) - 78% Credit Counselling - 43% Developmental Services - 35%

8 Funding Sources United Way Ministry of Community and Social Services Ministry of Youth Services Ministry of the Attorney General Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Corrections Training Colleges Universities Regional government Other Fund Raising

9 Where You Can find Family Service Agencies 48 agencies throughout Ontario Central - 37% West - 18% North - 16% East - 16% Urban - 84% Rural – 16


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