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EXcellence in eReference Heather Lausten, Dana Shreve, Dave Wildermuth Grand Canyon University Nov. 15, 2013.

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1 eXcellence in eReference Heather Lausten, Dana Shreve, Dave Wildermuth Grand Canyon University Nov. 15, 2013

2 Introductions Heather Lausten ~Curriculum Librarian Responsible for integrating library resources into the online classroom

3 Introductions Dave Wildermuth ~ Reference Librarian Responsible for answering reference inquiries via e-mail, phone, chat and in-person

4 Introductions Dana Shreve ~Reference Manager Responsible for overseeing reference inquiries 8 Reference Librarians 4 Library Supervisors 40 Student Workers

5 Grand Canyon University 40,000 online students 8,000 ground students Expanding ground campus (additional location)

6 GCU Library Open 99 hours (expanding to 113) Hours: Mon-Fri 7a-10p, Sat-Sun 10a-10p (expanding to midnight Sun-Thur.) Services Phone – incoming calls all open hours Email – answered within 24 hours and during open hours Chat – M-F 9a-4p (up to 2 chats at a time) In-person – all open hours, on demand Library instruction

7 Turnaround time

8 2013

9 2013


11 2013

12 Number of interactions (all modalities) January – June - 23,357 July – September - 14,858

13 How do we do it? Weekly meetings Training Practice Teamwork Exceptional customer service

14 Customer Service in eReference

15 Three Truths about Customer Service

16 Good Customer Service is the Expectation. If their experience is good, they might tell someone. If their experience is bad, they will tell everyone.

17 The Customer is Not Always Right. However… The Customer is Always the Customer.

18 Every Customer Deserves Your Best. Treat every customer as though they are the most important person you will serve that day.

19 How to Make Every Reference Experience the Best It Can be

20 When you need help/dont have an answer are you likely to: Give up Work at it until I figure it out, even if it takes years Push myself until Im frustrated enough to call for help Ask for help immediately Quick Survey

21 Who Are You Talking To? Assumptions: Someone with a need (embarrassed, state of need is volatile, always comes with emotional baggage) Someone frustrated (It doesnt exist- this system sucks) Has tried already (tried for FIVE DAYS!)

22 Who are you? What They See Assumptions: Blocking the Way The Enemy/Culprit An Expert Savior

23 What is in the way? Lack of information Lack of resources Lack of skill/knowledge Another party (person, group, thing) Themselves (emotions, bias, stubbornness)

24 How to Help Identify the need How? They tell you You know from experience You perceive it Eliminate barriers to the need Some tips

25 Aggravation, Frustration, and Tears Dont let these be yours! A person in need is already in a heightened emotional state

26 Bring it Down- Controlling Emotions Set the Stage Good attitude Listen Affirmative language A promise of good customer service Develop rapport

27 Fulfilling the Need Deal with the most obvious problem first Evaluate how to help Give it to them Teachable moment Redirect

28 But Theyre Still: CryingYellingMean

29 Black Belt Librarian says follow your ABCCs: A= Anxious: Not abusive but clearly upset B= Belligerent: Increasingly hostile. May be cursing the situation, but not you personally. May be calling you fairly innocuous names. C= Control, Out of: Yelling, Disruptive, Cursing you Directly C= Calm What is their state?

30 Solving in the Electronic medium Language! Never say Calm Down Positive language Tone Dont Give them Rope Emphasize dont Agree Redirect/Focus on solving issue

31 The Challenge: Hot Calls

32 10% instruction, 90% therapy Irate Therapy calls Distracted Discouraged Impeded Confused

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