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BETTER STUDENT HEALTH Finnish Student Health Service FSHS Merja Lusenius, PHN.

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1 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH Finnish Student Health Service FSHS Merja Lusenius, PHN

2 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH New student Our warmest congratulations on your new place of study!

3 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH The Finnish Student Health Service You can use our services if you are a basic degree student of a university and you have paid your student union membership fee to a student union. During your studies, you can use the services provided by the Finnish Student Health Service when you have issues with your health or any illnesses.

4 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH The Finnish Student Health Service FSHS Experts in student health care Provides general, mental and oral health care services Works actively to promote students health and well-being

5 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH FSHS Units 1. Rovaniemi 2. Oulu 3. Vaasa 4. Seinäjoki 5. Kuopio 6. Joensuu 7. Jyväskylä 8. Savonlinna 9. Tampere 10. Rauma 11. Lappeenranta 12. Turku 13. Espoo 14. Helsinki The FSHS operates in all university towns in Finland from Helsinki to Rovaniemi.


7 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH General Health services include health advice and health care We mainly offer appointments with public health nurses, physiotherapists and general practitioners and specialists (gynecologist and dermatologist)

8 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH Physiotherapy Laboratory Laboratory and x-ray examinations on referral by an FSHS doctor

9 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH Oral Health Services Appointments with oral hygienists Appointments with dentists and some dental specialists services X-ray examinations Fresher kisses –webbsite Are you nibbling at your own teeth? The Wisdom Tooth

10 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH Mental Health Our mental health services cover: Preventive mental health work Appointment reservations and advice over phone Mental health advice and examination sessions You can meet with public health nurses, general practitioners, psychiatric nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists

11 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH Services – free of charge and chargeable All appointments at the FSHS general health and mental health services, including appointments with specialists, physiotherapists and groups, will be free of charge for students. The services of oral hygienists will also be free of charge. Clients will be required to pay appointment fees for dentists' appointments only, and even for dentists' appointments, the first check-up (extensive dental examination which is done once during the study time) will remain free of charge for students who have started their studies on 1 September 2005 or later. More information: Services – free of charge and chargeableServices – free of charge and chargeable

12 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH To make an appointment mon-thu 8-15 and fri 8-14 a.m. General Health 046 710 1050 Oral Health 046 710 1047 Mental Health 046 710 1045

13 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH Main Health Service Station (municipal) CONTACT EVENINGS AND WEEKENDS FOR EMERGENCY TREATMENT ADDRESS: Savitehtaankatu 1, Turku Tel. 02 313 8800 In case of serious emercency call number 112

14 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH Start using your Citizens account The Citizen's account allows safe communication between students and the FSHS. After your appointment, you can use the account to discuss matters related to your treatment (test results, treatment fees, care instructions etc.) securely with FSHS staff at any time that suits you. Use your online banking ID or mobile ID to create a personal account code at Enter your phone number and/or your email address to receive automatic notifications every time the FSHS sends you a message. You can give your consent to receiving messages in connection with an FSHS appointment.

15 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH Network Services Health information Health councelling –Online service Health councelling Checking or cancelling an appointment:

16 BETTER STUDENT HEALTH The page also answers some questions frequently asked by international students.questions /ylioppilaidenterveydenhoitosaatio Enjoy your studies! ! Photos: Vanessa Riki, Johanna Erjonsalo, Jami Hellman

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