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Student Education Service Update December 2012 Vivien Jones.

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1 Student Education Service Update December 2012 Vivien Jones

2 Student Education Service vision Progress so far: o Faculties and Schools o Central teams o Service configuration Priorities and next steps Update

3 Vision and mission To ensure the delivery of an exceptional student experience through the provision of a sector leading, cross-university Student Education Service. Our strategic commitment to deliver an exceptional student experience is centred on inspirational learning and teaching and recognises the necessary complementarities between excellent academic provision and co-curricular provision for students, crucial to which is high-quality support. Service principles – Quality, Equity, Consistency, Opportunity Partnership and Teamwork.

4 Progress Faculties and Schools Appointment of the Faculty Education Service Managers from January 2012 o Dual line reporting to Dean / Pro Dean and Professional Service lead. Appointment of FESM management team o School Education Service Managers o Functional Managers – Admissions, Exams and Assessment, Student Support, Programme support, Quality Assurance. o FESMs and their management teams, with academic leaders, beginning to develop faculty service strategy and priorities, aligned to their functions.

5 Progress Cross-Institutional Functional Teams FESMs and central colleagues (Convenors) are planning the setting up, in the New Year, of cross-institutional functional teams for each functional area. Each group will build on the work of the Process Analysis Teams: o Discuss practice, plan the operational implications of policy implementation, discuss, consult and make recommendations for improvement to practices and processes within their function. o Address operational challenges, looking for resolutions. o Identify training needs and development opportunities for staff. A training pilot is already underway for Student Support staff.

6 Progress Central Services Including - Student Administration, Counselling, Careers, Disability, LTS, AQST, parts of International and ACE Consultation sessions held earlier this year – to help develop the configuration of an integrated Service – supporting greater team work. Now - firming up of the configuration in light of our most immediate external challenges: o Greater strategic focus and leadership supporting Recruitment and Admissions. o Recognising financial constraints and that the size and scale of the University may change.

7 Consultation feedback 12 Sessions with over 180 staff. Efficiency and consistency across the Service. Improved staff development and career opportunities. Greater team work with less unit boundaries A better understanding of what other teams deliver to students and where our activities fit and contribute. For students - a more seamless set of support services based on equity and consistency. Improved communication and a shared sense of identity. Greater opportunities for partnership working with other teams to solve common problems A Service designed around the needs of students.




11 Priorities and next steps Strategic leadership for Recruitment and Admissions. Finalising the Service configuration and progressing the appointment of the Leadership team. Progressing the business case for SES establishment, Admissions and CRM. FESMs and Faculty teams developing their Service strategy and strategic priorities o Supporting their teams, particularly where there have been changes in team membership. Setting up of the Cross-Institutional Functional Teams. Ensuring academic engagement.

12 Priorities and next steps Student Education Service - Staff update 18th December 3 - 4.30pm Stage@Leeds 16th January 9.30 – 11am Edward Boyle Conference Room

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